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The Best Strategies and Tips For Increasing The Odds Of Winning At Roulette

It is possible to win at roulette more often by following a basic guide. Once the player locates what they believe is the right table, they should let the wheel spin a few times before betting. This provides invaluable information about the players and the table and helps ensure the game is not rigged or unfair. Aggressive tables with extremely high bets and excessive alcohol should be avoided.

Online roulette is different because it is harder to gain any significant information simply from watching the spins of the wheel. A good option is freeplay offered by some casinos. This helps beginners understand the betting systems.

American / European Roulette

European roulette should always be chosen over American roulette. The American wheel has a double zero on a second green slot. The games have the same payout but the chances of winning are very different. There are 37 slots on the European wheel meaning the odds of winning are one in 37. The odds of winning on the American wheel are much lower due to the second green slot. There are different European roulette games but the chances of winning are the same. The limit is how much the player can bet and this should match the bankroll.

The best place to begin with online roulette is with the 1-credit games. There are high roller games available for experienced players. It is important to note the strategies and tips described below are meant for the beginner as opposed to the experienced player.

Roulette Bankroll

The size of the bet is dependent on the bankroll. The typical roulette wheel spins forty times per hour. The bankroll should cover eighty spins. When this is combined with experience, strategy, and good betting choices, the bankroll lasts longer. A single number bet has a one in 37 chance of winning but focusing on the outside bets is the best way to make money.

The best options for winning are the high/low, red/black, and odds/even. The winnings are even but the player has a fifty percent chance of winning every bet. It is important to separate any winnings from the bankroll. This enables the player to set aside their winnings.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is a very popular betting pattern worldwide. When a player loses a bet, the same bet should be placed with double the money. The Grand Martingale is a variant of the Martingale. This difference is when the bet is doubled, the amount used for the initial bet is added. The James Bond strategy combines certain bets to increase the odds of winning. Specific bets must be placed on the same spin. These are €50 on the 13-18 box, €140 on the 19-36 box, and €10 on the zero.

The reason this is a top strategy is that the only way the player can lose is if the ball lands between the numbers one and twelve. When this strategy is combined with the Grand Martingale, the odds of the player winning will significantly increase.

Strategies for Playing Roulette for Beginners

Roulette is an easy game to understand, but it has the sophistication that Hollywood has provided. Roulette is a simple game to bet on, unlike other casino games. There are no complicated systems of betting because the general idea is to select the number where you predict the little ball used to play the game will land. The game entails more than numbers, but ideally, it is a simple game to play. As for now, we are going to look at some strategies that can help you play the roulette wheel like a pro.

Roulette Betting Tips

Roulette is a game of chance, but there are strategies that you can use to help you win when you decide what you want to bet on and by how much. Beginners tend to focus on the lucky numbers which can also be a part of a strategy; but to win more than once, you need to use a better plan.

Roulette Basics

For novice players, a roulette wheel is comprised of 37 pockets which are numbered; but if you are playing the American roulette, there are 38 pockets. The first tip you should know is that you should avoid playing American because it decreases your probability of winning.

For the numbers, half are colored black, and the other half are colored red with a green color on the pocket numbered β€˜0’. When the wheel is spinning, a small ball is introduced which spins, and players have to predict where the ball will land.

Chips for betting are positioned on the corresponding number, section, and color on the betting table to give a fixed set of odds for the outcome. Players then play against the house instead of playing against other players.

Roulette at Horus Casino

Roulette strategies

For starters, you should never place a bet that is more than you can accommodate to lose, and you should never chase losses. Don’t bother looking for an every-time guaranteed winning strategy because it does not exist. But when you use some of the strategies we are going to talk about, you will minimize your losses.

The Martingale strategy is among the most popular systems to bet. It is a doubling system that works easily. For instance, if you place a bet of $10 on black and it turns red, double the bet to $20. You will continue to double this until it lands on black and you will have covered the previous losses. What you should be certain of is that you have enough money to keep you in the game until you make your first win.

The Paroli system is another grand strategy that you can use. In this strategy, you can make a $10 bet as the first move, and when you lose, you make the same stake on the next spin. When you win, you double your bet for the next game and so forth. If you manage to win three games consecutively, then you get back to your previous stake.

Many Casinos Now Offering Interesting Variations

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in existence. While many people enjoy this classic game, there are those who are always looking to try something new when they visit a casino. If that’s you, then you’ll be happy to hear that many casinos have now introduced different variations of roulette besides the classic American and European versions.

Here is an overview of some roulette variations you may be interested in playing:

Back to Back

Found at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, this roulette game lets you make an optional side bet on your favorite numbers. If a number comes up twice in a row, you’ll win 1200 to 1 on your bet.


Since 2011, Fitzgerald’s Casino in Las Vegas has been offering a unique version of the roulette game called Alphabet. As you might have guessed, this game replaces the numbers on the wheel and table with the letters of the alphabet. Letters A through X all have their own space, except Y and Z, which share a space on the wheel and table.

Another thing that distinguishes this game from classic roulette is that it has six colors in total, instead of just two. Four letters are assigned to each color, but the YZ space isn’t colored, just like the 0 in a traditional roulette game.

Alphabet Roulette lets you make bets on individual letters, combinations of letters, as well as on colors, columns, or dozens.


Many Atlantic City casinos now offer a variation called Diamond Roulette. Instead of just having red and black colors, this game has six different ones: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, and black. Six numbers on the wheel are assigned to each color. When you bet on a specific color, the payout is 5 to 1.

Prime Time

This game is played just like regular roulette but gives you a chance to make a side bet on the 11 prime numbers found on the wheel. Prime numbers are those that can only be divided by 1 or by themselves.

The payout varies depending on how many consecutive times the ball lands on a prime number, ranging from even money for once, all the way to 299 to 1 if you’re lucky enough to get a prime number seven times in a row.


The Rapid Roulette variation has the same rules as regular American or European. The only difference is the way you place your bets. Instead of placing chips on a table, you use an electronic screen. This speeds up play, which makes the game a good choice for those who want to try a slightly more fast-paced version of roulette.

Best Live Roulette Sites To Enjoy a Fun and an Immersive Game

Roulette always has been one of the most loved casino games around the world. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar casino or a live casino like Horus Casino, the roulette tables are always full. Roulette is usually a game for the high rollers. It is because the game has no skill involved, and it is all about luck. The gameplay of roulette can be summarized as a wheel with a ball. The croupier will spin the ball across the wheel, and it will land on a winning number. Of course, Roulette offers a wide array of wagers, and not just a “one lucky number winner,” although that stake is the highest paying one.

Best Live Roulette Sites

Live Roulette was one of the first games to be adapted into the Live Dealer niche when it was invented. Although Streamed Casino Games made its debut before live casino games, but the streaming was bad, and the quality wasn’t as good. It all changed thanks to the current technology with HD streaming and high-speed internet. Therefore, Live Roulette quickly rose to the top of the wanted live dealer games. If you are looking to play at the best live sites, you should check out the list below. It contains some of the best live casinos that offer an immersive experience along with a detailed review:

How does Live Roulette Work?

Live Roulette features a real dealer, and a real wheel, although, in some variants, there is only a digital wheel. These games are usually multiplayer, which means that you will share the table with other players, which adds to the casino’s social atmosphere and experience. Usually, there are several cameras that stream the action. It is all controlled by the game’s director, who switches between the cameras to convey the action in the best way. The cameras face the table, the dealer, and there is a camera of the overall table.

You will place your bets when it is your turn, and you will wait for others to do the same, then the croupier will start spinning the wheel. You will be able to interact in real time with the dealer via text, and the dealers will reply verbally. Some games allow you to see other players’ messages, while others do not.

Different Variants at Live Roulette Casinos

Gaming developers and some of the best live roulette sites are always racing to create and host new and unique live tables. Therefore, as a player, you will find plenty of options to pick from when you decide to enjoy some live roulette action. Some of the top developers that provide some of the best live sites are Evolution Gaming and Net Entertainment.

Speed Roulette:

It is a game that is built around the concept of speed, hence the name. It provides players the chance to enjoy the highest number of rounds/hour. It gives each player little time to place bets, which results in a faster round and more rounds per hour.

French Live Roulette:

It is one roulette version that you will find at almost all live casino sites. It is also the most recommended one, thanks to its La Partage rule. The rule states that you will get half of the stake if the ball lands on Zero. That rule increases the RTP from 97.3 to 98.5% when compared to European Roulette.

Live Double Ball Roulette:

It is one of the unique niche live roulette wheels that some of the best live sites offer. Instead of one ball, there are two spinning on the wheel at the same time. It is a game that you can find exclusively at Evolution Gaming live casinos. It has a massive reward that pays 1300:1, which is paid when both balls land on the same number.

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