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Betfred Casino Loses High Court Case Against Player for £1.7m

Andrew Green is a fifty-four years old punter at Betfred Casino. He has won an epic High Court case against the casino after it refused to pay him the jackpot payout. His first reaction to the victory is that the judgment felt so unreal. He has won a £1.7 million jackpot at Betfred Casino, but after that great victory, the casino refused payment.

Andrew Green Talks About his Victory Against Betfred Casino

Following the judgment of the High Court in his favor, Mr. Andrew Green stated that he is very pleased that it is finally over and done. He added that it still feels unreal, and he doesn’t know what to say other than that he is very relieved that it is finally over. Mr. Green continued to say that this win is not only for him but also for everyone so that casinos wouldn’t treat people that way. He added that people out there that play on Betfred or other platforms will now know that there is justice out there. Therefore, they will not allow casinos to bully them, and that justice always finds a way.

The punter said that he did nothing wrong; he played the game and won. The casino congratulated him for becoming a millionaire after the £1.7m jackpot. On the other hand, they snatched it away from him after that. After winning the High Court case, he said that the three-year battle was finally a victory, and that means that he will get his payout, in addition to interest for these three days.

Badly Treated by Betfred – But Victory is Sweet

The last three years felt like hell, as described by Mr. Andrew Green. He believes that Betfred treated him abysmally, but he does not care anymore, as he is ecstatic to have won the case eventually. He said that he, as well as his family, went rough some very low times during the course of this 3-year battle. It was not only how he felt, as it affected his physical health as well. He said that it was so bad that he sometimes wished he did not win the money, as it was turning his life miserable.

All of that changed after the victory. He felt that a heavy load was finally lifted off his shoulders. It was great news for him, his family, and the legal team. After that victory, Mr. Green is encouraging everyone to challenge casinos if they have a similar case. He said that his victory proves that justice is possible.

How Did the High Court Case Go?

During a hearing, the lawyers of Mr. Green asked Mrs. Justice Foster to rule in his favor or strike out the defense of Betfred to his claim. On the other hand, the casino’s lawyers contested the case argued that the resolve of the dispute should be after a full trial. Mrs. Justice Foster ruled in favor of Mr. Andrew Green. She said that it is a failure to pay out winnings. She also added that there was no detectable glitch or a programming mistake.


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