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Free Slots Demo Games of the Most Popular Online Slots

The top free slot apps have easy membership requirements. All of the online slots that are located on this page are available for free play from the collections of Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise and only require signing up. Those will be games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Nextgen Gaming, Rabcat, and a few others. The slot apps from NetEnt can be found for free play in the slot casino collection. Those collections that do not require membership do have their limitations, in that not all games are accessible. However, game collections such as those found at Jackpot City require a membership but do not require a deposit to have access to the free casino games.

More About Free Slot Apps

Free slots app games can be played by anyone in any part of the world so long as a player is connected to the internet. The games are available all days of the week, 24 hours a day. So when there is free time to spare, people now know the favorite pastime to think of.

Initially, only a few phones could access these games. Currently, however, most of these devices can be used to get to a favorite game.

An individual with the iOS system and Android phones can play. The same applies to owners of Linux and Windows computers. Tablets and interactive TV owners too can enjoy what others with desktops or laptops have for online games. In brief, the platform seems to have become wider for online gaming enthusiasts.

Unlike other online betting games, free slots games offer players a trial period before deposits are asked from them. One who wishes to find the games on a casino website can take time to look at a demo mode or practice mode icon on a website’s homepage. If they can easily understand the techniques of the game, they are sure to enjoy the thrills of money slots absolutely free.

Free casino games come with free spin features. To begin playing, one does not need to register. There is also no need to download software. In case a player’s money runs out, the browser should be refreshed to allow the game to refresh the free credits. Also, check out our guide for how to play craps or the mobile casino guide.

Popular Slots

Game of Thrones by Microgaming

“Which House do you serve?” Answering that questions correctly could keep you out of trouble when playing the Game of Thrones. This is true in real life and in flash games.

Game of Thrones is a hit fantasy television series based on George R.R. Martin’s hit books in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Microgaming has licensed the rights to the sword-fighting, dragon-fire breathing, and supremely melodramatic series for a really cool online slot game. Play at home or on a mobile device. The choice is yours.

Game Description

Fantasy and memorable characters rule in the novels and television series and they also do so with this flash game. Images from the great Houses in the game (Lannister, Stark, Targaryen, and Baratheon) are all visible on the screen. Based on how the spins turn out, you are given a chance to “serve” a particular house. The backdrop of the game is the fabled land of Westeros and the less tamed lands beyond its gates.

The basic game design focuses on a 5×3 real that presents an impressive 15 lines. When you do the math, the number of ways to win reaches a very impressive number of 243. Wilds are present on every reel.

The ability to serve the legendary Houses arrives when three images of the nefarious Iron Throne turn up on screen. You won’t have to deal with the drama of king and queens when the Iron Throne arrives. Instead, you are offered free spins. The House Baratheon delivers an incredible eight free spins along with a five-times multiplier. House Lannister is notorious for paying people with their ill-gotten gold. Serving this house delivers gold in the form of 10 free spins and four-times multipliers. House Targaryen and House Stark also offer their own generous array of free spins and multipliers.

What players really should look for is the Braavosi coin, as flipping the coin opens the doors to a truly great gamble feature. If the coin turns up good luck, players travel across a map of the bizarre fictitious lands to discover more fortune while avoiding hazards.

Blood Suckers by Microgaming

This is a free slots, no download, no registration, 5 reel, 25 line, slots game app. Its grid is the standard 5×3. The winning combination possibilities are listed on both sides of the slots and can only be won when at least 3 of a kind is matched. The more lines that are paid for, the higher the chance of winning; this consists of multiple combinations that can be achieved by special sorts of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal win lines, depending on what the player pays for.

Game Description

The whole game’s theme is vampire-related. The main characters consist of a vampire count, a vampire-like monster, a feminine vampire-like monster, a charismatic vampire drinking blood from a glass, and an animation of a helpless, young woman getting the blood sucked out of her. This also doubles as the wild-card of the game. In this game, the wild-cards appear quite often and when they do, it keeps things fun and interesting to watch all the animations come to life and seeing the score increase. It dramatically increases your score and it is the only way to win big, save for the bonus game. Other much more common symbols consist of all things that are believed to harm vampires. A crossbow, holy water, and a bible with a crucifix.

One of the most interesting things about this app is that when you get 3 bonus symbols (a bloody stake and hammer) in a winning line (at least 3 in a row), you get to try your luck at opening a coffin and slaying a vampire yourself. This is done by opening a closed coffin in a large series of them and slaying the vampire, or whatever else, lies inside. Some slayings are worth more than others and the undead female vampire is the one with the highest payout. The player keeps opening coffins until they run out of vampires to slay or until they pick a coffin that ends the sequence, this is the way to get the highest payout or the jackpot.

Gunslinger by Play n’ Go

Gunslinger is a slots online game app that utilizes a grid size of 3×5. The reel spins and you attempt to get winning combinations. These combinations consisting of at least three of a kind. The odds of winning are mainly based on the number of unique lines you bet on and each one has a set amount you win if you get the matching symbols. The more unlikely the winning line, the higher the payout. With this, winning combinations do not fall under normal circumstances; instead they are set by the position of the winning line or lines.

Game Description

The main theme is an old western-like atmosphere. The main characters consist of a rogue on a wanted poster, a sultry maiden, and a righteous cowboy wild-card. More common symbols consist mostly of playing cards, crossed guns, bags of gold, and a lot of whiskey bonuses. With wild cards making an appearance every now and then and with a little luck, it allows for a much higher chance of winning if you’re lucky enough to even see it, that is. It does keep things surprisingly interesting, especially with all of the unique winning lines this game app offers.

What is most interesting about this slots game is that in the event that you get 3 or more wanted posters in a row you get to have a showdown with the villain you will choose in the wanted posters, but not before you shoot some barrels for some extra money. Once you face your opponent, you have to guess where he is going to move, and if you guess correctly you shoot him and get a big bonus, and it is definitely worth it. Another one of the greatest aspects of this game is that when you get three of a kind with the playing cards, one of the cards at the top of the game lights up, depending on the card (there are 5), making part of a royal flush. Once you light up all 5, you win the jackpot!

Dragon’s Myth by Rabcat Distributed by Microgaming

Dragon’s Myth is a new video slot game that has been developed by Rabcat under an exclusive certification of Microgaming and falls under the games online category. When playing this game, one is able to join the explorations of a valiant Viking girl who is looking out for dragons. The graphics are designed as 3D animations and has great detail. This game has a number of exceptional features such as; the free spins whose wins are tallied on both directions, dragon bonus as well as an additional bonus free spin which gives a player an opportunity of huge winnings.

Game Description

Dragon’s Myth has a wild icon depicting the Viking girl, and it substitutes other icons which have the winning combinations, although not the icons that activate special features.

Free spins are triggered by not less than 3 scatter icons of a fiery mountain. A player is able to get 10, 15 or even 20 free spins for 3, 4 or 5 free spins icons respectively. Throughout free spins that are on winning combinations, counting is done on both ways, offering the player an opportunity of winning lots of cash. One is able to also activate an additional bonus feature all through free spins.

When a player gets a dragon bonus icon while playing free spins, they will get into Dragon’s Cave. The player will then begin with the 3 free spins as well as 1 fixed wild icon. In case the player gets a Shoot Icon, the counter for free spins is raised by 3, and they will get an extra wild icon, secured on reels throughout the free slots. Due to this, it is likely to win lots of cash in an extremely short duration of time.

The moment the dragon icon lands on the lower right corner, it is caught by the trap. Then the matching light that is on the spin key lights up, showing that the player has caught the dragon. After the player has seized all the 4 distinct dragons, they will scoop the “dragon bounty prize”.

South Park by NetEnt

South Park by NetEnt is a platinum slots game developed on the basis of an adult sitcom animation. This game comprises of bonus features founded on 4 boys including Cartman Bonus aspect where a player is able to win a massive 5000 times their stake if they are lucky. There are moreover 3 mini-features as well that are all founded on wilds.

Game Description

South Park is one of the best games online developed and powered by Net Entertainment. This video slots has 5 reels as well as 25 paylines. The game has been developed on the foundation of adult sitcom animation that is popular for its discourteous language plus dark, surreal humor. The sitcom animations comprises of 4 boys (Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny) and their explorations in the imaginary South Park town. The slot style consists of bonus aspects for every character as well as 3 mini-features. A player is able to play from 25p per spin to 125 sterling pounds a spin.

For the bonus aspects, first there are character specific features. A player is able to get access to 4 character aspects through obtaining 2 steady Bonus icons on reels 3 as well as 4 with 1 character Bonus icon on reel 5. The pertinent character icon is going to activate the correct character bonus option. The player will take a look so as to value.

First of all there is a feature called the Stan Bonus Spins, which actually gives the player the South Park familiarity as Stan spews on Wendy so as to give them sticky wilds. The time the feature starts; a Sticky Wild icon appears at the center of reel 3 and stays for 2 free spins. A player is able to obtain several sticky wilds although the highest gain is a sheer 30 times their stake (up to 3,750 sterling pounds) – so poor indeed. There is also the Kyle Bonus option lets the player to start with 10 spins that are free.

Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger is one of many slot casino games free to play and to win. It has a base grid size of 3×5. This slot game consists of symbols that line up in multiple horizontal, vertical, and diagonal combinations resulting in numerous ways to win. Each active winning line adds to the number that must be bet in order to play, with each active line, the chance of winning increases as well. Wins occur when three or more matching symbols are linked together.

Game Description

The theme is pirate-related material. There aren’t many main character depictions here but there is a lone pirate character and a ship. The Jolly Roger presents its flag as the wild-card. This wild-card can replicate all of the common symbols but not the bonus or scatter symbols. One of the most unique things about this slots game is that the payouts are much larger than many of its counterparts. Any winning combination that uses the wild-card symbol gets doubled, and what’s more, linking a total of 5 wild-card results in the highest payout the game can offer, or the jackpot. At least two scatter symbols can mean a win. More winnings relative to the number of these special symbols.

Another reason that makes this particular slots app different is the sheer amount of bonuses that the player can benefit from simply by playing with high stakes. The first bonus game within this slots app occurs when at least 3 of the treasure chests are linked in a line and this bonus round is a big treasure room filled with treasure chests. The player gets the chance to choose 2-3 chests and can collect the treasure from each one and those spoils are added to the total prize. The second bonus game occurs when the 3 pieces of the treasure map come together. The player gets a chance to dig for treasure by picking 3 places to dig marked on the map. All of the uncovered treasure gets added to overall winnings.

Titan Storm by Next Gen Gaming

Titan Storm is a new game that has hit the market recently. Players are taken to wild ride back to Ancient Greece, where there are epic battles. This battle is very fierce between Titans and Gods, and they are led by Zeus. It is a modern game that seems to be interpreting a comic book.

Game Description

The battle and experience are provided to players in 5 reels and 243 ways in which you can win spread across the reels. The players are supposed to place their bets as well as spin the reels. The players have 243 possibilities of winning. Players can place a minimum bet per spin of $0.25 while the maximum is pegged at $50. The game has a bonus feature that is generous too. In the bonus play, Wilds and Scatters integrate to form Wild/Scatter, with a 5X multiplier which can re-trigger many times when they are played. Players are expected to get excellent results from this bonus, although a player normally gets 10 free spins.

The Wild Symbol is the major symbol which can replace all others, as well as the scatter. This symbol normally appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. A bonus spin can be triggered when more than three wilds or scatters appear.
The symbol for scatter is Olympus Gate and appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. Three scatters will trigger free spins as well as pay 50X the size of the bet. Titan Storm Free Spins of up to 10 are given. This slot can be re-triggered.

Gambling options are up to five times. When a player has selected the matching color as the next card to be revealed, he will win a 2X win, and if he has selected similar suit will get 4X win. If the player fails to gamble correctly, he loses the amount. Anyone interested can try this online casino game and see how lucky you are on the slot machine. It is possible to play free games and learn more about Titan Storm.

Jack Hammer by NetEnt

Jack Hammer is a slots game that has a cartoon and slot theme, designed and created by a casino games online company called Net Entertainment. Based on a background depicting a night sky, Jack Hammer gives a big non-progressive jackpot, as well as a sticky victory feature. Jack Hammer is among 2 slots machine games based on the Jack Hammer and it is actually the first one among these two games to be developed by this company. The other second one is smaller in physique compared to its sequel, although only as famous with gaming enthusiasts. This game is furthermore known as Jack Hammer vs. Evil Dr. Wuten.

Game Description

Jack Hammer slot game has 5 reels plus 25 paylines. Players can get it in every good NetEnt casino. The coin worth falls in the range of 0.01 sterling pounds and 1.00 sterling pounds in this game, with a limitation of 10 coins for every line being allowed. The payouts are non-adjustable thus making the minimum gamble to be 0.25 sterling pounds per spin, and a maximum gamble of a hefty 250 sterling pounds per spin.

A thug with a rifle, a woman on the telephone, the evil Dr. Wuten, as well as a boy holding a newspaper add up the greater paying symbol in this game. The thug (or Jack Hammer) is valued at 1000 coins in case 5 are hit on a payout. Smaller payoffs in the game are depicted by icons including the blimp of Dr. Wuten, a vehicle, a newspaper, a ringing phone plus a phial of evil toxin.

This game has an icon for the free spin, which plays the role of a scatter symbol. The scatter symbol that looks like a bomb awards free spins when at least 5 symbols appear on the spools. 5 symbols give 10 free spins, 6 symbols give 15 free spins while 7 symbols give 20 free spins. Players who scoop 8 symbols receive 25 free spins, and those who accumulate 9 to 15 free spin scatter symbols, receive 30 free spins. A 3X multiplier is applied for every free spin win.

Space Race By Play n’ Go

PlaynGo has created many wonderful slot games over the years, and Space Race is another amazing slot game to add to their catalog of amazing games. Space Race aims to capture the excitement of space in a beautiful and exciting slot game. The game operates on a traditional five reel twenty payline system and is sure to capture the imagination of the space lover that likes to play the slots.

Game Description

The Theme of Space Race is the 1960’s Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States. This was a time of uncertainty in the world, and at times it felt like the whole world was looking towards the stars for the future. The game effectively captures the urgency of this theme and ensures that you will leave the game feeling like you have experienced Space. The game immerses you in the Space Race experience with a sci fi soundtrack that creates an atmosphere of space while you are playing. The game also features several icons that should remind you of the space race. Some of the more important icons include planets and rockets. Overall, the theme of Space Race is very carefully and craft-fully executed.
There are several exciting bonus features in Space Race that should keep you coming back for more when you play slots online.

One of the most important features in modern slot games is the Wild symbol. The wild symbol in Space Race is extremely important, it is the Space Race logo. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol, and the biggest prize in the game can be won if you can get five of the wild symbol in a row. This allows you to win 5,000 times your bet. The Scatter symbol in this game is also extremely important, it takes the form of a meteor shower, and five in a row will win you 300x your bet. The bonus features of Space Race really make this game shine, you definitely should check this game out next time you are playing slots online.

The WishMaster by NetEnt

The WishMaster is a free slots with free spins developed by NetEnt. This game offers players an opportunity to make every wish come to reality on each spin. The game comprises of an enthralling Wish Master aspect that has a genie running away from its can every time a Scatter shows up to trigger a thrilling feature.

Game Description

The WishMaster was launched in June 2014. This slots machine applies a very nice, somehow dark, genie that has a bottle theme. The game has 20 paylines as well as a wild icon. Nevertheless, the main objective of this slots machine is to obtain magic lamp icons.

Any time a magic lamp falls anywhere on the whirls, the wish master gives the player an additional feature. This can either be an additional wild icon, a multiplier, expanding wilds, wild reels or even random wilds.

Several spins appear whenever an aspect becomes active. The aspect remains active in all the spins. However, a player should be aware that these are not free spins, and they are still required to pay all the spins they make.

A player is able to gather more additional features by obtaining a lamp icon whilst an aspect is active. A whole 3 features are able to be active simultaneously. In case a player activates a fourth aspect, the first aspect is going to be substituted by this. Definitely the number of whirls is bound to go up every time a new aspect is added.

The Wish Master slots machine is a game that looks amazing and very enjoyable to play. Nevertheless, the only means to make a big win when playing this game is to get not less than 2 or 3 additional aspects simultaneously and it is very difficult to get. Therefore, the Wish Master can be so tough so players should be aware of this before they start playing it. But if one likes the high unpredictable games, the Wish Master is the game to play.

Break Da Bank Again by Microgaming

One reason Microgaming’s Break da Bank was so popular was its simplicity. Now they’ve upgraded and improved on this idea with Break Da Bank Again, insuring you’ll have hours of straight ahead excitement from the moment you start gaming. The idea’s the same– players need to be stealthy, sneaking into a cavernous vault, shunting the alarms and then getting away undetected with as much cash as you can carry! Simplicity raised to an art form with a lot of fun thrown in!

Game Description

‘Break da Bank Again’, a sequel to one of its popular slots, Break Da Bank, has been upgraded with a stunning array of bright, amazing colors. There’s more ways and chances to win than ever in this five reel, 9-line game. The symbols themselves have been improved so they have a three-dimensional appearance. The whole game is slicker and more modern looking now. Not to mention the biggest and best improvement: you could wind up winning up to 375,000 coins! And though this next generation slot’s been made with better graphics and odds of winning, the game itself remains pretty straightforward.

The wild in this game is The ‘Break Da Bank Again’ symbol. When it comes up and helps create a winning combination, the payoff is increased fivefold. And hold on to your hats, because in the event the symbol is used to win in a free spin, the payout is multiplied not five but TWENTY-FIVE times!

There’s a bonus round that’s rather easy to understand: you’ll earn 15, 20 or 25 free spins, all according to the number of safes, be it 3, 4 or 5, and appear on the reels. .

Want to add even more excitement? Then check out the gamble feature! Once you’ve completed a winning spin, you can activate this then guess the card color to double your winnings, and then guess the card’s suit (hearts, spades, etc) to increase your winnings another four fold!

Penguin Splash

Penguin Splash is a fully animated online slot machine video game. It has five reels with five symbols on each line for a total of 25 paylines. Any horizontal, vertical or diagonal row of three is a winner in this fun and quirky little game. It also includes a number of special features that increase the winning combinations, and enhance gameplay.

Game Description

Penguin Splash is an upbeat game for online slot machines. It is set in Antarctica and features not only penguins but also other fun animals like polar bears, seals, and fish. During the game, the Penguins sit on ice blocks on the side of the reels and have a diving competition. The game has a great ‘free spins’ mode, characterized by a penguin face. The free spins mode is triggered when the player gets three or more free spin symbols. During this mode, players collect Scatters to signal the penguins to jump from the platforms. Players can earn up to twenty-five free spins, and all winnings during free spin mode are doubled.

Another feature of Penguin Splash is the wild symbol, which can substitute for every other symbol except the free spin. The wild symbol is represented by a fish and the word ‘wild’. This gives players even more opportunities to win. The game also includes a ‘Gamble’ button, which can be used to increase winnings. During the gamble mode, the player gambles winnings by trying to guess the color of a playing card. The player can guess one time, or continue to gamble as many as five times, and every correct guess doubles the player’s winnings.

The autoplay feature allows players to automatically spin the reels without pushing the spin button each time they play. Players can set it to spin for as many as 25 turns by simply pushing the autoplay button and setting the number of spins. Players can also set the ‘fast gameplay’ feature, increasing the speed of each spin and resetting the reels quickly.

Rage to Riches
By PlaynGo

PlaynGo slots is basically a casino that allows you to play slots online. One of their games is called Rage to Wishes, a video slot machine game with a five reel setup and 20 paylines. Players purchase coins, the smallest denomination coin is $.01. Up to five coins can be played at a time, and the largest jackpot is 100 times the bet amount. The game includes a number of bonus features that increase winnings, such as a Scatter, free spins, and wild symbols.

Game Description
Space Race has a fun setup, with the theme being a King Kong like monster fest. Symbols are several monsters, a girl, buildings and letters corresponding with playing cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten). Successful spins result in the symbols crumbling, making room for other symbols. As symbols fall into spaces it creates a cascade effect, with winnings piling up until no more matches can be made.

After each winning spin, the ‘collect’ and ‘gamble’ buttons light up. This allows players to either cash out their winnings, or enter into a gamble feature. If the player decides to gamble their winnings, they are taken to a screen where they can choose red or black cards, or suits. If they win after choosing the correct color, their winnings are doubled; if they choose the correct suit, winnings are quadrupled.

The wild symbol is represented by a picture of a frightened girl, and can be substituted for any other card to increase the possibility of getting a winning spin. Players can also get a Scatter win, which is when the card symbols show up from Ten to Ace in order. This win will award the player a bonus star, five stars triggers the bonus game. In the bonus game the player chooses a monster and buildings; each building destroyed by the monster is worth a different amount of coins. The game ends when all of the buildings are demolished, or the monster dies.

So Much Candy
By Microgaming

This is a colorful game with various kinds of candies that will need to be in a line before earning points. It’s a vibrant game that brings memories of going to a candy store. There are over 200 ways to win, 243 in fact. There are also 25 fixed lines for those who enjoy a straightforward game. When looking for slots online free games, this is one of those that is more relaxing and fun to play.

Game Description
When the game begins, there is a 5×3 reel on the screen. There are solid candies as well as jelly shapes. The basic concept of the game is to get three or more candies in a line. As more candies line up, they split to give more points. The maximum is a multiplier of 25. One of the things that is a plus in the game is the gumball machine. When this is on the screen, click it to get the gumballs to scatter. Hopefully, there will be at least three scatters so that you will get free spins. There are five of these free spins, each with its own perks. More free spins are offered with a lower payout.

There are numerous lines that you can win on, making this a game that can give a higher payout. However, it could take a few tries in order to get those higher paying lines. Avoid betting too high as this can decrease the chances of getting the higher payouts. This is a simple, straightforward game of spinning the reel, seeing the colorful candies falling in place, and hoping that they are in one of the payout lines. Credits are displayed in one corner of the game screen. One of the negatives about the game is that there aren’t as many bonus opportunities. It takes a few turns to get the gumball in most cases, and this is where you have the best chance to get the extra spins.

Castle Builder
By Rabcat

Those that are looking for a truly unique experience when they are playing slots, should check out the latest addition to the Microgaming family, Castle Builder. This game contains five reels and fifteen paylines. The game takes place on two different boards, a castle, as well as the game board. Which creates an amazing slot game experience. You definitely have to check out Castle Builder as soon as you can.

Game Description
Castle Builder is built along a medieval theme. The icons in this game are meant to express this them and immerse the user into the world. The icons in the game include kings, queens, and princesses. The game also includes a background that shows the progress you are making on the castle, as well as the rest of your kingdom. There are four different levels of your castle to be built, along with a bonus round for you to enjoy. The theme of Castle Builder is truly intriguing and should fill those that love mythology with excitement as they play the game.

There are several bonus features that make Castle Builder a truly intriguing game for players. The main bonus feature of Castle Builder is the ability to build a castle to increase your winnings. There are four different levels of castles that can be built, Forana, Ethril, Ilrian, and Empire. Each time you reach a new level of castle, you will unlock a bonus round where your winnings can increase significantly. The bonus round, features a game of medieval matchmaking. You are given the opportunity to match a princess with a prince. Based on your choice you will be given an increase in winnings. This bonus round gives players a chance to really increase their winnings.
While many slot games are built on a very traditional 5 reel structure, with fairly simple bonuses, Microgaming has changed things up with their latest addition to the line up, to fantastic results. You definitely have to check out Castle Builder.

Forsaken Kingdom
By Rabcat

Forsaken Kingdom is an online slot game that takes players to the land of King Arthur as well as the Knights of Round Table. The symbols in this game are King Arthur, a sword in a stone, black Knight, Camelot, and the usual 10-through-to-Ace icons. The reels are placed opposite the noble King who watches as players win prizes. With these features, symbols and free spins, the Forsaken Kingdom online game is not only a great adventure but also positive achievement.

Game Description
The game has five reels and 20 pay-lines to make sure symbols like scatter and wild trigger payouts, bonus and free spins. The purpose of #D images is enhancing medieval theme. The players may be lost in the eerie, smoky, and dark background which looks like medieval Europe. The symbols coincide with animations and graphics to give the slot a realist edge.

Several features will trigger wins. The symbols must first combine to trigger pay. Guinevere is the wild symbol that can replace all other symbols to finish any potential winning. Two bonuses features will assist you and get more wins. Eternal Love is activated when King Arthur is placed beside Lady Guinevere on the first combination of reels from the top. For Epic Battle, the King is placed close to Black Knight on the top row of reels.

The scatter shields will complete five, eight, or twelve free spins. 1X, 2X, 5X, 10X or 20X will be the possible wins in all slots. Scatter shields may be kept aside when they appear two of them. A stone tablet will accommodate the shield and when it is full, a sub bonus round is triggered.

The popular Round Table of Fortune has huge prizes. The player is supposed to bring together twelve knights at the Round Table. To complete this, the player must gather shield symbol. After two symbols appear at the same time on the reels, one Knight will seat himself. This can proceed until all the knights are seated, and the feature begins at this point. The player will then spin the table so as to trigger a win.

Scandinavian Hunks
By PlaynGo

If you are looking for more free games that you can play at home, then you need to check out Scandinavian Hunks. Scandinavian Hunks is a traditional fifteen payline slot game, which should be extremely familiar to those that have been playing slots for years. The game is built around the theme of Scandinavian men and you are sure to enjoy the many wonderful bonus features that this game has to offer.

Game Description
The theme of this game is Scandinavian Hunks, and this game executes its’ theme extremely well. The icons in the game are the primary way in which the theme is displayed for the player. The game features several different extremely beautiful, blonde, and hunky Scandinavian men as most of its icons. To fill out the assortment of icons the face card icons are used. If you are looking for some wonderful eye candy to go with your free slot game, then you absolutely have to check out Scandinavian Hunks today.

While the theme of Scandinavian Hunks is truly unique, the game features many unique bonus features that are sure to keep players coming back for more. One of the most familiar bonus features to be found in this slot game is the wild symbol. The wild symbol can appear in either reel 1 or reel 5. The wild icon is a bald black guy. Wilds have the opportunity to really impact your winnings, so they definitely are worth looking out for. Wilds can be subbed out for any other icon and can help you win. If you get all wilds on both reels one and five, then you can activate the free spins bonus game. This feature allows you to really increase your winnings. The game also features a bonus symbol. If you get enough bonus symbols in a row, then you can activate the pick’em feature. This bonus feature gives you an opportunity to increase your winnings as well. The variety of bonus features found in this game make it extremely attractive to those that want to play slots.

The Jurassic Park Slot Machine
By Microgaming

The Jurassic Park online casino slot game is a new and innovative slot machine that has been inspired by the widely known and praised movie franchise. This game includes any other feature of a slot machine with a wild, a standard number of reals, and a number of offered bonuses. Though money is easy to win on this Jurassic Park slot machine, often the winnings are too low to spend on anything. Another fault of this game is that the wilds are to scattered and that to get any real winnings, a bonus is necessary.

Game Description
The Jurassic Park online slot game offered by Microgaming offers over 243 ways to win. On the upside, this game has great animation and graphics. The dinosaurs that are featured in this game look as though they really are from the movie. Each dinosaur also represents different spin features, which is exactly what a player playing this game wants to hit. The look and feel of this game is top notch quality. The visual effects use top notch quality that capture the movie quality of this Oscar nominated film.

While playing this game, there are 5 bonus rounds that can be played. Each round is represented by a popular dinosaur. Each bonus round, decides the amount of winnings each player receives. Though there are 5 bonus rounds that offer big money earners, these do not come to players often. Also another important feature is that after a bonus round has appeared, they will never appear again in the course of the game.

The game, despite the low amount of big wins, is a great game to try out. It is only fitting that the high quality movie has a high quality slot machine. This particular slot machine has definitely delivered. This slot game offers high quality graphics and even video clips from the movie that with blow away the minds of the users of the Jurassic Park slot machine game.

Space Wars
By NetEnt

Space Wars is a new slots free game from NetEnt. This game is a quick-paced, enthusing video slot with 5 reels, 4 rows, 40 lines and each win counts. Featuring Wild replacements alongside free re-spin, the Space Wars winning icon is cloned and also loaded on the reels thus providing the possibility for also bigger wins, making sure players will desire to participate in this intergalactic war frequently.

Game Description
Space Wars is a slots machine game developed and powered by Net Entertainment. The video slot has 5 reels, 4 rows as well as 40paylines. A player is able to play from a range of 40p to a whopping 200 Sterling pounds. This game has a space theme and thus has 5 extra-terrestrial beings that fight with an objective of possessing a powerful odd crystal. A player only sees cartoon-like aliens! Its graphics are quite astounding and its animations are similar to those of a movie.

Space Wars does not have any free spins option which makes its disappointing, although its Cloning Pod Re-spin aspect comes to its rescue- this is inventive as well as completely unique since when a player gets a combination for winning on any payline, the winning icons appears on the Cloning Pad, which is on the right side of the whirls-they look like a kid’s bottle. These winning icons then become cloned and are returned to the reels. A re-spin gets awarded which is able to cause a big win. It activates fairly often as well although in case a player is lucky, they can win quite a lot from it.

Regardless of the lack of free spins aspect, the Cloning Pod Re-spin option is plentiful and as highlighted, often. This video slot plays so fast (which many players like) and it is distinct from other games made by Net Entertainment.

The game can be played at GUTS Casino- a no-download online casino that has complete suite of Net Entertainment slots such as Gonzo’s quest, Piggy Riches as well as the exciting Starburst plus NextGen Gaming games, Play’N Go and also IGT.

Mr. Toad
By PlaynGo

Mr. Toad is an online video slot machine game. It has five reels and five paylines. Coins can be purchased for as little as $.01, and the maximum bet is $2.00. With five maximizers on each line this means the top bet is $50. Combine this with a bonus game that pays up to 110 times the bet amount, this can mean a huge payout for players. Players can also practice, or just play for fun with free games options.

Game Description
Mr. Toad uses primarily fruit symbols, such as strawberries, lemons and watermelon. However, they also have a couple of cheeky frogs, a butterfly, lily pad and a hippopotamus. One fun feature is that when the butterfly lands next to one of the toads, the toad will eat the butterfly. If the player collects enough butterflies they can win up to 10 times the bet amount. Winning hands offer the player a series of up bids, including double up and triple up. If a player chooses to up bid, they are taken to another screen and asked to choose one of the symbols shown. If the player chooses the correct symbol, they double or triple their winnings.

Mr. Toad also has a Scatter feature, characterized by the lily pad. A bonus round is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear consecutively on any of the reels. If there are more than three scatter symbols, then the value of the bonus game is increased exponentially. Triggering this feature brings the player to the game’s ‘cross the pond’ bonus. Here, the player guides Mr. Toad over the lily pads. If the player makes it across the lily pads, he wins; if the hippo knocks him off the pads, he loses.

There is also a bonus round which is prompted by the gold ring symbol around one of the regular symbols. The number of gold rings determines which of three progressive jackpots the player can try.

Terminator 2
By Microgaming

Terminator 2 is a Microgaming slots that offers players the 243 Ways to Win system. This technology increases a players chances to win every time they take a spin. Players can also improve their chances of winning by using the T-800 Vision feature to scan for targets that pay out more cash. Terminator 2 is a video slot based game that goes out of its way to help players to earn money.

Game Description
“Hasta la vista baby” is one of the greatest cinematic lines in popular culture. It was taken from the movie Terminator 2 which is now the name of a slot game from Microgaming. The game features characters and movie clips from the film. Players will also hear the amazing theme song from Terminator 2 while they spin their way to great wealth and riches. Terminator 2 3D graphics are dazzling and they help to transform the game into an unforgettable slots experience.

As players spin the tiles they can instantly win cash payouts through various combinations. The combos can be straight across, diagonal or vertical. Players can also win through the many different payout options that are available in the game. One of the best things about this game is that a player could earn a cash prize with every spin.

The prizes might be big or they might be small but players are guaranteed to win. There are some bonuses in the game including the T-1000 symbol which yields a big prize. Players will also get free spins galore that will improve their opportunities to win.

The base game of Terminator 2 allows players to randomly activate bonus spins and chances to earn big money. When a player uses their stake in the base they have the potential to win over 200 times. Once again, the more a person spins they increase their chances to win. So the earnings in Terminator 2 can be really big. Play Terminator 2 online slots because it is fun, exciting and the payouts will happen just about every time a person spins the wheel.

Golden Goal
By PlaynGo

Golden Goal is an online video slot machine game. It has a small field, with just three reels and only one payline. This means there is a relatively small return to player rate. Players can play one, two or three coins, and jackpots are multiplied accordingly. The three coin jackpot pays well, but is difficult to accomplish unless the player stays in the game for a while, or is very lucky. The bet amount is set at $.25, and cannot be altered. Playngo’s website has a demo mode, where players can try out this game before spending any money.

Game Description
Golden Goal has a simple soccer theme; the symbols are shoes, gloves, whistles and golden soccer balls. The field has an authentic green soccer field, and the colors are a pleasant red, green, silver and gold. The golden soccer ball is the wild space, and can be substituted for any of the other symbols to create a win. Players should note that this only applies if one soccer ball is used to create a jackpot; as two soccer balls will result in a lower level win. Since there are only three reels, players are limited in what they can win, but if they win the payout is decent. Three soccer balls are required for the maximum winning jackpot, although it only takes one to win. Also, if a player gets a shoe, a whistle and a glove, they can win a small jackpot.

Golden Goal has an autoplay function where players can choose to play from ten to fifty games automatically. Players can also customize the autoplay feature by having it stop on any win, or when a win exceeds a certain amount. Also, players can have the autoplay stop when the balance increases or decreases by a set amount. The autoplay has approximately a one second delay between spins, but if the player wins a jackpot it pauses for about three seconds to deposit the money into the player’s account.

By NetEnt

EggOmatic is a version of jackpot slots that is played using 3×5 grids. Symbols are matched down the grid to create earnings. These matches can be made horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. Each line will correspond to credit players use. The number of credits will increase the lines that could be potential winners.

Game Description
EggOmatic uses different eggs to create different credit winnings. Choosing between the brightly colored eggs, quirky chickens, or a combination of both, the wheel turns to match the winning combinations. Each egg is different representing free spins, coins, wild, or mystery eggs. Players can choose the number of credits they want to bet or stay with what is pre-selected. By upping the level, players increase their bet 20 points each time. If players increase the coin value their earnings can be raised, but this will reduce the number of coins they have to play. The number of credits played or hitting maximum credits will increase the likelihood of a higher payout. Each credit will equal a line splitting through the characters, hopefully creating the right match. After winnings are collected the game resets to allow players to have higher chances at winning again.

There are multiple opportunities to gain credits while playing. Every time a user signs in, a select amount of new credits are given. There are also free spins available daily to win more credits. Players can keep track of their coins while playing and also see what projected winnings if it was a financially motivated game. By using the “playing for fun” option, players lose nothing by testing the game. By selecting “auto play” players can see different examples of how they can increase their likelihood of making matches, combination settings, and what the different eggs can do for their game. Players select the number of rounds and watch the machine take off with their credits. Players can stop this option at any time to return to the standard game setting.

Ring the Bells
By PlaynGo

Ring the Bells is one of PlaynGo’s video slots game offerings. It has nine reels, and is set up in a three by three layout, with eight paylines. An added feature of this game is that players can choose to activate or deactivate any or all of the eight paylines manually. The bet amounts range from a minimum of $.01, to a maximum bet of $1.25. There are also eight line multipliers, allowing for a maximum bet of $50 per spin.

Game Description
Ring the Bells has a low-key classical feel to it. The symbols are pineapples, apples, strawberries, lemons bells, gold bars and triple 7’s. Winning spins can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal; and the maximum win comes from nine triple 7’s. If the player gets three gold bars, they automatically trigger a bonus round. If a player gets a fruit symbol on all nine slots, or the same symbol in all four corners they also win a bonus. Five bells anywhere on the grid triggers the bell mode, here players can win free rounds.

Winning hands automatically trigger the gamble round option. Here players can double their winnings by beating the dealer’s cards; of course, a loss means a loss of the entire winning. The gamble round can be played up to ten times, as long as the winning amount remains under $50,000. Golden Goal has two Scatter symbols, the bell and the triple 7. Scatter wins are dependent upon the bet amount. Gold rings lead to progressive jackpots, the bronze (three rings), silver (four rings) and golden wheels (five rings).

Like most online slots, Ring the Bells has an autoplay feature allowing players to automatically spin from ten to fifty games. Autoplay can be set to stop on any win, when balances increase or decrease by set amounts, if a jackpot or bonus game is won, or if a win exceeds a set amount. One other nice feature is a ‘bet max’ feature, which increases all of the multipliers to five.

Boom Brothers
By NetEnt

Boom Brothers is the latest addition to the slot game library of NetEnt. The game operates off of a traditional five reel, twenty lines payout structure. The game is built around the theme of gold and diamond mining and features some extremely exciting bonus features.

Game Description
Boom Brothers has an extremely exciting theme that is sure to draw players in. The theme is underground mining and you are sure to enjoy. The icons in this game feature gold and diamonds, as well as other precious jewels. The theme can also be seen in many of the amazing bonus features as there are rail carts on display throughout the game. The theme of Boom Brothers is truly unique, and will likely continue to draw players in for many years.

Boom Brothers has many unique and exciting bonus features. One of the biggest bonus features to be found in Boom Brothers are the rail track icons. The rail track icons are some of the highest paying icons in the game, and they can unlock bonus winnings. If you get rail track icons on reels 1, 2, and 3 then those reels will be locked by the reel track, and reels 4 and 5 will respin. This gives the opportunity to rack up some truly amazing wins. This bonus feature can help you really rack up your winnings over the course of a game. Dwarfs also play a major role in the bonus game. During the bonus game, you will see three dwarfs.

Each dwarf is holding a container. This container could contain diamonds gold or rubies. At the bottom part of the screen you will see three mine carts. By clicking a mine cart you will unlock the treasure and potential unlock more winnings. The game also features many of the bonus features that players have grown used to, such as wilds. Boom Brothers is a truly unique and exciting game and when you play slots online free, you should definitely consider choosing this game.

by Microgaming

Thunderstruck is debatably the highest popular slots online game and has been in existence from 2004 and managed to generate at least 95% of the expected returns.

Game Description
Thunderstruck slot game has 5 reels and 9 paylines. It has been created by Microgaming, and can be obtained at any Microgaming powered internet casino- either the download casinos or the Flash version casinos. Fascinatingly, the Flash type feels “chunkier” as well as so much playable to some players, so they tend to play this version more.

The aspect of Thunderstruck that makes many people to play it over and over is the 15 Free Spins bonus that has every winning spin trebled (x6 in case it has a wild “Thor” icon). It appears quite regularly (but it is an average variance game, therefore one should be ready for lengthy dry spells) and is activated by 3 orange Scatter Rams any place in sight. On average, a player will receive about 30X payoff from the spins that are free, although players have had a maximum of 500X on lucky days, though it is unusual, and quite regularly receive 75-100X.

In case a player is lucky enough to obtain all 5 scatter Rams that are in sight, they can receive 500X their triggering gamble alongside the 15 free spins. This is very uncommon, although some players have attained it once or very few times, therefore it is possible. Another thing worth knowing is that, at least 3 scatter turning up again when having free spins, reactivates another 15 spins.

Apart from its bonus, the Thunderstruck slot game paytable is similarly well biased, having 5 “Ice Hammers” or 5 “staffs” offering the player 750 coins, or even 1500 in case it has the “Thor” wild icon. 5 Thors is equivalent to 10,000 coins. Balance in this slot implies that it is an extremely playable game, even when a player is not receiving a bonus spin. The games keeps the players in anticipation and this can be something good and a bad thing as well. So watch out your budget.

Champion’s Goal
by Microgaming

Champion’s Goal is of the soccer themed free slot games that you can play for free online. You can play the game much like it is played on the field. The game is designed to look like a soccer match, and it takes you through the many stages of a soccer game as you play. You will not play the game just like you play soccer, but you will see all the elements as you go along.

Game Description
The game is most fun when you are getting into the bonus rounds where you can take corner kicks or penalty kicks based on the reels you match. This game has five reels and 20 paylines that you can match, and each of these paylines can be selected based on the ones you want to bet on.

You are betting the coins you win in the game on new lines that you will be able to see when you start making selections. The game is random, but you will be able to learn how the game is going to respond to you when you play a lot. This is going to help you place better bets, and you will be able to manage the ways that the game is going to benefit you as you play.

Your gameplay is going to get much more interesting if you can get to the bonus rounds and stay there. The bonus rounds are going to give you free coins and free spins that you will be able to use to get the game going. The best game that you play is going to last a very long time, and you will be able to enjoy the game more because you spent your time working on it with the spins you did not pay for at all.

Every person who plays Champion’s Goal will be able to get some fun out of playing a soccer game that is going to help them pass the time.

by Microgaming

In case a person would like to see the list of most common games made by Microgaming, Avalon would certainly be in the list. Although it was launched in 2006, it easily correspond the offerings from all other latest slots. Founded around the subject of King Arthur, the slot has plenty of surprises as well as features to watch out for. The game offers free spins, 2 wild icons plus the great old “gamble” facet. No one could ever think that playing on winnings obtained in the same act would be so exciting.

Game Description
For a player to activate a free spin, they will have to do a spin, which at least 3 scatter icons turn up at the reels. ‘Lady of the Lake’ acts as the scatter in this video slots machine, in case people didn’t case a player successfully does this, 12 free spins are rewarded by a multiplier as much as 7X. The great thing about these free spins, well aside from been free, is the opportunity to reactivate them. This is achieved in a similar manner as the first activation- not less than 3 scatter icons are going to do it.

This game has two icons that replace any others in the slots, other than the scatter. These are referred to as the golden box as well as the Avalon sign. The first icon among these two will just show up in the free spins feature, whilst the remaining is available in both modes. This causes free spins facet to be more lucrative, since there is an extra replacement icon appearing.

Majority of the players, particularly the ones who have played these slot games for some time, are searching for online games free download slot machines that have a betting feature provided. Basically, an opportunity for a player to bet on their betting wins. In case a person is looking for this, then Avalon is the game to choose.

Dark Knight Rises
by Microgaming

The Dark Knight Rises (2013) marked the end of the Christian Bale/Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Fans of both Batman and free casino games can now relive the experience of the film time and time again through a virtual slot. In addition to the many iconic images from the film, Microgaming’s The Dark Knight Rises presents a great many features that really allow the game to rise (no pun intended) above many traditional slot games.

Game Description
The visuals of the game are pretty intense. The ominous and foreboding image of Gotham City is recreated to look just like the backdrop of the film. Of course, the memorable characters from the feature are all part of the game.

The game itself provides an excellent slot experience.

The basic setup of the game features a traditional number of five reels. Not so traditional is the quite exceptional amount of 243 paylines. Interestingly, there are only three coin denominations you can play on this game. Still, the potential a lot is present thanks to the extensive number of paylines available.

The availability of a free spin round further boosts the potential to walk away with solid winnings from your game play. The second three or more scatter symbols (the symbols are reflected by bombs) turn up, you are afforded two choices. The bulked up villain Bane represents the first choice. He might be a “bad guy”, but the 22 free spins and the double multipliers makes him a very welcome sight.

The second image is that of the Dark Knight himself, Batman. The Caped Crusader offers even more free spins and a massive four-time multiplier.

There are no bonus rounds with The Dark Knight Rises. Take that as a drawback to an otherwise interesting game to play. Even without the bonus round, the ability to win a solid payout is possible thanks to the great array of paylines. As always, how much you wager factors into how much you could be paid.

Tomb Raider 2
by Microgaming

Tomb Raider 2 is a slot machine simulator that incorporates thematic elements to the popular gaming franchise Tomb Raider. Players can experience thrilling animation sequences and events, as they play through each round of slot games. The fluent game-play is supported by the complex chance system in place, which provides a realistic simulation through incremental rewards that encourages repeated play-throughs.

Game Description
The games theme is centered on the popular gaming franchise Tomb Raider, which features animation sequences that pay homage to the series’ many thrilling moments. The art style is composed of the game’s protagonist, Lara Croft, featured in various settings and outfits from previous games in the series. As players achieve high scores or activate special events, CGI animation sequences portray various actions performed by Lara Croft, such as shooting whilst riding a motorcycle, to performing stunning acrobatic feats. Each slot symbol portrays Lara in different close-ups and outfits, along with being featured in different settings, such as the thrilling city nights to the classic tombs of previous games.

Players achieve points by lining up three or more scattered icons, which allows them to win 10 free spins. Score multipliers like x2 and x5 can be used to gain extra points, along with the ability to unlock Super Mode, which can give you 5 free games. If players collect a Passport in the middle section with each reel, they can gain access to a Global Adventure Bonus, which gives them access to extra features and points. With so many options available, players can experience a thrilling journey through the Tomb Raider series, with many special features that are unlockable. The Microgaming version of Tomb Raider 2 is a fun and accessible free online slots game that is easy and fun to play. This game is definitely one that will please fans of the series. Log on and try it today and see for yourself! You will fall in love with this game instantly.

Deck the Halls
by Microgaming
Deck the hall is an online Microgaming slot that has lucrative free spins. Its theme is tagged on Christmas. It is targeted towards low rollers who offer about thirty paylines and approximately 10 coins for every payline although the maximum size of the coin is 0.05. This makes the maximum total bet for every spin to be 15.00.

Game Description
There is a huge number of online slots for fun that are themed towards Christmas but Deck the hall is the most preferred one. This is because its crafting is detailed with symbols whose appearance seem to be realistic. Some of these symbols include stocking at a fireplace, Christmas trees, gifts, baubles and star decorations. The logo that Deck the Hall uses is a wild symbol. This symbol doubles the payout after substituting in a winning combination. This is good because the line payouts are slightly on the lower side. The highest here is of 4,000 coins. Santa Claus symbol offers the second highest payout of 1,000 coin.

There is also a bell which is a scatter symbol. If two appear anywhere, one is awarded a reel scatter payout. They are then multiplied by the total number of bets and converted to credits. Five bell symbols awards a maximum scatter of 100. If there are three or more bells this means there is a free spin that has been awarded. There are 10 free spins that are offered though they are bound out a lot. Payouts during the free spin are always doubled. During the free spin Deck the hall logo wild symbol always appears stacked. If these are not enough, one can re-trigger the free spin. A bonus game is not offered at the second screen most probably because of the free spins. This always disappoints some players.

In expert mode players use the auto-play where they set up the number of spins they want. They can also set the auto play to stop goes beyond a set amount. These auto sets make the game to proceed at a faster rate.

Robo Jack
by Microgaming

Microgaming has done it again with the release of the new slot game called Robo Jack, and compared to all games, well let’s just say it could be a bit better.

The first Thing that comes to mind when you see this slot game is the movie Robocop, and maybe even that movie, Short Circuit. At any rate it does have some cool high-tech graphics but the looks can be improved on. So what about the gameplay? Well let’s go look at the reels.

Game Description
The Play

This is a five reel slot game giving you 243 ways to win. So it’s robots and slots, who won’t love this combination? The graphic colors are a little disappointing, but the reels are full of different symbols that are quite interesting. There’s a cash box, robot, robotic cube and other symbols made from metal or robotic themes. It is a real retro type of gameplay.

The Wilds

The wild symbol here is represented by the Robo Jack logo. This is a substitute for all other symbols except for the scatters which also offer winning combinations.

The Winnings

Scatters are in the shape of a robot with the word Scatter printed on the symbol. When you get three or more across the different reels you trigger free spins. During these free spins, you are given the chance to add one of five bonus features that can give you up to 60 spins. The bonus features are released one by one as you accept to them to play. They include wild reels, extra Wilds and random Wilds, then throw in different multiplier values to increase your winnings.

Bottom Line

The graphics could be a bit better on the robot images, but the sounds and the slot game play is intense. There may be other games with better free spin bonus rounds, but this is adequate. In our opinion there should be more levels to the game, but we also agree that it is a good novice game to start with.

So Many Monsters
by Microgaming

So Many Monsters is a video game slot machine application. It contains five reels, and three rows. It has 25 fixed paylines, and coins start at .01, with a maximum value of .20. It also comes with multipliers, free spins, a bonus game, as well as a Scatter and a wild symbol. The game also allows you to determine not only the coin size, but how many to place on each symbol. The highest available jackpot on this game is 320,000 coins.

Game Description
The theme for So Many Monsters is, well, monsters. It has a very user-friendly, colorful layout, with several amusing monster symbols in blue, green, red, yellow and purple. It also has a standard Ten-Ace lineup of symbols. The ‘free spin’ symbol is easy to spot, as it is merely an icon with the words ‘free spin’ on it. The game also has a feature called Many More Monsters that splits one symbol into five. This can seriously increase winnings as it allows the possibility of obtaining 25 symbols on one line. This feature is triggered whenever a player combines three or more identical monster symbols.

The wild symbol is represented by the game logo. It can be used to substitute for all symbols except the Scatter. The Scatter itself is symbolized by monster eyes; it can be used to trigger the bonus round. In the bonus round, the player can win up to sixteen free spins. One interesting twist on the free spins is that by choosing a fewer number of spins, the player increase the multiplier. This means that a player must decide which is better, quality or quantity.

So Many Monsters is also available to be played as a free slots no download game. This is great for newcomers, or even old timers that want to test or practice on the game before playing for money. This a fun and simple game with some interesting twists; worth a spin whether players are looking for a fun time-waster, or a potential money-maker.

by Microgaming

Cashville, from number one online slots developer, Microgaming has two features associated with money-themed characters like Bill Bullion and Sir Sterling. The game has a top jackpot of 500,000 coins to be won, hence attracting many players. It is a 5 reel video slot with 20 pay-lines. Beginners can participate in free online slots to acquire betting techniques.

Game Description
Players can start the game from the coin value selector. Sizes of the coin start from 0.1 units and can be increased in small bits up to the highest 20 units. The player then decides how many he will put on each line, starting with 1 up to 10. Cashville can allow players to turn off some win-lines. The game has another option called Gamble. After every win that is triggered, a button will appear and give a player a 50/50 possibility to double the prize by predicting the exact color of the winning playing card.

The software developer of Cashville gave a sort of charm by involving four interesting characters. Bill Bullion, Sir Sterling, Better Boodle and Dame Von Deeds represent some real life characters. During the game, each one of these characters pays up to 10,000 coins. The strongest symbol in the game is the Wild, which can only substitute for money value and also pay up to 50,000 coins. When a player hit three and above Bonus symbol at any place on the reels, he gets a chance to select rich men/women who in turn take the player in to a Pick Me Bonus round. In this round, a player has a chance of picking from nine symbols until the right button is hit. A lucky player can pocket 500,000 coins jackpot.

This game has an excellent jackpot offer which is very appealing to gamblers who would like to try their luck. Indeed, the game has given players chances of walking straight to the riches. This one in a life time chance to bag 500,000 coins will be made possible either by Bill Bullion, Better Boodle, Dame Von Deeds, Sir Sterling or the mighty Wild symbol.

Taboo Spell
by Microgaming

Taboo Spell is a popular online slots-style game played at online casinos. Taboo Spell has five reels with 25 pay lines that feature a witch doctor and voodoo style theme. The icons and symbols all relate to this and there is a witch doctor, skull, crocodile, tribal mask, and tribal princess.

The Wild icon symbol is a pin cushion doll and the Scatter icon symbol is a taboo spell. The game even incorporates low light such as what would be in a strange and spooky cave!

Game Description
When a player plays the Taboo Spell online slots game, they can use from one up to 25 coins with each spin. The coin value can be from a penny up to 20 cents. One difference in this game that you don’t see in most other slots games is that the
Free Spin feature is something that shows up randomly and doesn’t have to be in a particular order of symbols, all a player has to do is reveal the Witch Doctor icon and they get six free spins.

One fun and exciting feature is if the player gets five of the pin cushion doll icons, which are the wild symbols, they win 1,000 coins. Plus, it can be used to match any other symbol except for the Scatter icon.

One thing that some players may not like is that the Taboo Spell online slots game is without a progressive feature, which means the jackpots are less than on some games and so the player doesn’t have the potential to win super huge pots. Plus, there are no actual bonus features in Taboo Spell, which also may turn off some players from liking it.

All in all, if you want to play a simple online slots spin type game, then Taboo Spell is a great choice that you can have fun with from the comfort of your home on the Internet.

Soccer Safari
by Microgaming

Microgaming has created Soccer Safar to add to their already extensive line of free slots online. This football themed game features 5 reels with 30 paylines. Players can enjoy the opportunity to achieve a first and second jackpot. As standard with many online slots, the wins can be achieved when symbols are aligned in particular patterns that elicit certain wins. These patterns can be horizontal or vertical.

Game Description
Soccer Safari maintains its football theme by featuring a football stadium in the background behind the pokie reels and symbols. Furthermore, the symbols themselves feature several animations of animals playing the sport. Some animals used as symbols in the pokie include a leopard, a rhino, a hog, a buffalo and a jackal just to name a few. At the beginning of the game, players will be greeted with a captivating intro as a lion dribbles the ball to the goal and fires a shot past the leopard goal-keeper. The lion is then hoisted into the air by his fans and the background reads ‘YOU WIN’.

This online pokie boasts two possible jackpots named 1st and 2nd, which are worth 2,000 and 1,000 coins respectively. The minimum coin size in this game is .01 with the maximum at .20. The max amount of coins allowed to wager on each line is 20. Saving players some difficult math, this allows for a 120.00 total bet per spin. With an adjustable speed of play and an autoplay feature, players can enjoy the opportunity to customize the game to their personal preferences.

Some features of the game include a scatter symbol displayed by the trophy symbol. The scatter payout feature can be unlocked if two or more trophies appear any place on the reel. Furthermore, a bonus game can be unlocked if three or more trophies are displayed. This bonus game features a penalty kick and players have the opportunity to win up to 60,000 coins.

Artic Fortune
by Microgaming

Arctic Fortunes is an animated online slot game that consists of 5 reels. The reels spin to reveal a series of symbols that form winning combinations. There are a total of 1024 different winning combination, giving players the opportunity to maximize their earnings. The game also features a bonus round where free spins and multipliers can be won.

Game Description
Arctic Fortunes takes players back to the Viking era and is set in a snowy tundra. Players take the role of a Viking looking for lost treasures. This slot game features Viking themed symbols, such as wolves, shields, and Viking men and women. Arctic Fortunes is one of the more immersive slot games, as it features rich animations that come to life with every winning combination and a thrilling soundtrack to match. If they are lucky enough, players will find treasure maps to enter the bonus round. There, they are greeted by a door covered in spiders, which they must shoot to get through. Upon opening it, a giant spider must be defeated to reap the rewards of the bonus round.

The game features a number of extra ways to win. A shield plays the role of the wild symbol. It can appear on reels 2 and 4 and take the place of any other symbol to help form winning combinations. To get into the bonus round, players must find maps. The map is also the scatter symbol. If 3 or more of these are found, the bonus round will commence. Players must shoot the spiders with flaming arrows. With each successful shot, players will earn a bonus based on the color of the spider. Red spiders represent free spins while blue spiders represent the multiplier. Ultimately, players can get up to 40 free spins and a multiplier of 6x. When the giant spider emerges from the door, players must shoot it strategically to earn more coins and defeat it. The bonus round ends when the spider is defeated and the door is closed.

by Microgaming

Agent 47 of Hitman video game fame has become a pop culture enigma. The dark and violent character has also been featured in one movie and has a second one forthcoming. He is also the star of a slot game. Of all the slots based on video games, this one certainly is among the most intriguing. Even if you are not a fan of video games, if slots even remote amuse you and the chance of winning big is appealing, giving Hitman a try is definitely recommended.

Game Description
Getting into the mood for an espionage, action-adventure game becomes easier with the right soundtrack. Hitman presents an evocative musical score that truly is appropriate for such an interesting game. Even more interesting is the possible payout since the game offers a maximum bet of 300 coins on a five-reel, 15-payline game. The minimum bet is .01 and the maximum is .25.

A great jackpot is possible with a 4,000 coin payout. The “Insignia Bonus”, you can receive 6,000 coins. In the top bonus rounds, the potential expands to win a mega total of 270,000 coins.

Access to these huge coin payouts are possible through free spins, multipliers, and scatter symbols. Yes, this is a very loaded game that could be lucrative for a lucky player. Look for the “18” symbol because it reflects free spins and these spins further open doors to winning a lot of money.

Agent 47, himself, reflects the wild symbol in the game. Those who are the quarry of Agent 47 never want to see him, but those who are playing this game definitely are going to appreciate the help of a wild. This particular wild shows up on reels two, three, and four so keep an eye out on them. Obviously, the more wagers you place increases the chances you hit the wild.

The assassin theme of the game may be controversial, but the payouts make the dark nature acceptable to many.

by Microgaming

Playboy is a name that every person can recognize. That is why Microgaming has taken it upon themselves to turn this famous men’s magazine into a captivating online pokie. Other than beautiful women, this game has several gameplay features that will have players coming back for more. Playboy features 243 ways to win and has a standard five reel slot. Players ranging from novice to seasoned expert will find this Playboy pokie to be an immersive and enjoyable experience. Users will hold a place for this game as a favorite

Game Description
Get a taste of the Playboy lifestyle with beautiful women, fancy clothes, penthouse suites and expensive vehicles with one of the most popular online slots around. With the Playboy pokie by Microgaming, players have an opportunity to mix two of their favorite things: women and gambling.

As players will be familiar with in most online slots, wins in this game are achieved by getting symbols in particular combinations. Other familiar features include scatter and wild symbols as well as a free spin round. Animations of gorgeous looking women and high-end sports cars and motorcycles are the symbols appropriately used in this online pokie. As can be expected, the Playboy logo represents the wild symbol. Not only does this symbol represent the wild, thus replacing normal logos and increasing wins, but it also plays as a part of the Running Wilds feature put on my Microgaming.

Perhaps the most exciting and engaging part of this online pokie are the various free spin rounds. When unlocked by the right combinations of symbols, the player will be able to watch themselves being escorted into the Playboy Mansion where they will have the opportunity to choose from one of four free spin options. The four options include free spins of 10, 15, 20 and 25 depending on which girl you choose. In addition, each option also comes with another feature such as a running wild feature.

Jack and the Beanstalk
by NetEnt

This NetEnt game offers players the chance to play with up to five reels and provides a coin payout for matching three or more symbols in horizontal or vertical order. The chances of winning are increased by the option of matching symbols in any direction with players able to bet on all five reels at once.

Game Description
The game itself is based on the classic fairytale of Jack and the Beanstalk, which sees Jack plant the magic beans before a beanstalk grows and allows him to travel to a different land inhabited by giants. This game is presented in 3-D with classy graphics and sounds that improve the game for any player and make it even more enjoyable. Jack himself makes an appearance in the symbols in the form of his head and is the highest paying symbol when five jack icons are found in the game. The reels also use playing cards as symbols, with the lowest paying win for a player found by matching aces, the symbol icons of the ax and watering can from the fairytale itself are the highest paying icons available.

Each player will hope to encounter three magical treasure chests from the giant, which are the sign that the player will receive a number of free spins. Three matched treasure chests provide ten free spins, which are also available when a player sees the Jack and the Beanstalk game logo on their reel. The logo triggers a free spin and moves to the next reel to the left, which sees the free spin option continue throughout the game until no more logos are visible. This free slot in not progressive and features three wild icons of the golden egg, golden harp and the money bag. These symbols hold the key to winning the jackpot, which is available when the free spins round is present and these symbols appear to create a three times multiplier that allows the top jackpot prize to be won.

Creature from the Black Lagoon
by NetEnt

Creature from the Black Lagoon is a slots online game from NetEnt in collaboration with Universal. Founded on the historic 1954 monster movie, one is able to get re-spins using the sticky wilds. There is a Free Spins option where wilds offer a player re-spins as well as Spreading Wilds when they shoot the monster. An exceptional slots machine game yet again, from Net Entertainment.

Game Description
Creature from the Black Lagoon is a game powered by Net Entertainment and developed in collaboration with Universal. It is a 5 reel and 20 payline slots machine, which is able to be played from as low as 20p up to 100 Sterling pounds per spin. The game is founded on a 1954 monster horror movie that became a big success back in the days. The chief character is a primeval, half-human being (Gill-man) which shows up at free spins option.

In base game, wild icons are able to appear randomly (there are three). When they show up, they seem like sticky wild as well as remain on reels for one or more re-spins. The re-spins terminate when no other wilds stay on reels. Some players have been able to win more than 200 times their gamble from the sticky wilds that are at the reels.

The Free Spins aspect is the one where the prehistoric, half-human and half-fish creature seizes Kay and brings her to its underwater lair. A player will activate the option once at least 3 free spins icons shows up at any point on the whirls. 3 icons will give a player 10 free spins, 4 icons will give 15 free spins while 5 icons will give 20 free spins. One is supposed to look out for target icon on reel 5 since the creature shows up on the right side of the screen so that it can be shot. This game has a health meter at the bottom right side corner, which indicates the health status of the creature.

Cosmic Fortune
by NetEnt

Cosmic Fortune is yet another jackpot slots machine game powered by Net Entertainment. A player can play slots from as low as 15p per spin, and has many bonus features. This game applies the Avalanche feature that provides a player the opportunity to win several times from each spin. There is a feature for free spins and a Free Bonus option where marbles drop from a spaceship to give the player cash awards or get into Jackpot Games- this is the instance where one is able to win 1 out of 3 life-changing advanced jackpots.

Game Description
Cosmic Fortune is developed and powered by Net Entertainment. It has 5 reels plus 15 paylines. It is the first and only NetEnt slot machine game that has 5 jackpots and 3 of these jackpots are progressive. The game has an exterior space theme since it is based on the deepest and darkest space that has cryptic spiral galaxy at the backdrop. It can be played from as little as 15p per spin to 75 Sterling pounds per spin, and has an Avalanche plus Free Falls options as well.

Firstly, Cosmic Fortune applies the avalanche aspect that raises a player’s chances of greater wins on each single spin. Once the player has a winning arrangement, the supporting icons are going to light up then disappear letting new icons to occupy their space- this offers the player the opportunity to win regularly for every spin. This option is able to be obtained in Gonzo’s Quest, which is the first game ever made by Net Entertainment to get a platinum title.

Players should keenly look for scatter icon(its similar to a marble and has an ‘S’ engraved on it) since 3 of them activates the Free Fall option- this is the point where a player is awarded with 10 free falls or even free spins. One will furthermore get an extra 5 free spins for every scatter they get when in the feature.

Dead or Alive
by NetEnt

NetEnt’s Dead or Alive is a five reel, nine payline online slot machine game. There are four bet levels, with the bet amounts of 9, 18, 27 and 36. The coin values run from .01 to .50, meaning the maximum bet is 18.00, and the maximum win is 54,000.00.

Game Description
The theme for Dead or Alive is the old west. The symbols are definitely cowboy inspire, with a cowboy hat and boots, a glass of beer, a sheriff’s badge, a wanted poster and a gun belt. The highest payout on these symbols is the badge, with the gun belt, the hat, the boots and finally the glass of beer following behind. The game also has the Ten-Ace card symbols, which pay lower than the cowboy symbols, but still payout on three or more in a row.

The Scatter symbol for Dead or Alive is a pair of six-shooters. Three Scatter symbols earns the player 12 free spins; and free spin winners receive a double payout. This game also has a unique feature that they named the Sticky Wild, symbolized by the wanted poster. Five Sticky Wild’s hold the highest payout of the game at 1,500, and can also substitute for every symbol except the six-shooters. If a player earns a Sticky Wild during the free spins feature, it will hold in place during the remainder of the free spins.

If you like free online slots no download then you should give Dead or Alive a try. This fun cowboy themed game, quickly draws you in with its clever graphics and old west audio track. Of course, if you don’t like the sound, the game settings include an option to complete stop the sound effects and ambience sound. Additionally, the autoplay settings allow you to choose from 10 to 1000 spins, with advanced autoplay settings allowing players to stop the autoplay when free spins are won, or if wins exceed a certain amount. It can also be set to stop if cash increases or decreases by an amount chosen by the player.

Demolition Squad
by NetEnt

Demolition Squad is free online slots with free spins no download game that has been designed on a carton/demolition theme. Players should search for the exceptional Demolition Wild because this can change an additional icon into wild. There is similarly a game of free spins bonus with a maximum of 50 free spins been offered as well as an enormous 3X multiplier for every free spin.

Game Description
Demolition Squad slots machine game is created and powered by NetEnt and comprises of 5 reel as well as 40 paylines- it also has a cartoon-like demolition theme that is based on Japanese style. The highest payoff is 120,000 coins alongside a 4000 coin jackpot, which is activated by obtaining 5 red robot icons. Demolition Squad fits all pockets since a player is able to play from as little as 40p per spin to a massive 200 Sterling pounds per spin.

The game has characters like Bob Dozer, lady Plaster, Burnie, Bambino plus Kyno. Players should search for the Demolition Wild option that is literally volatile. Once Demolition wild icon shows up on reels 2 and 4, the icon in between (on reel 3) is going to change into Demolition Wild as well, to increase a player’s winning potential. A player is going to see one character amongst others on their screen burst into action so to give the player a huge return.

The other major option of Demolition Squad is Free Spins Bonus aspect that a player activates by obtaining at least 3 wrecking Ball scatter icons any place in sight. The quantity of scatters determines the number of free spins the player is rewarded, and they are as shown below:
• 3 Wrecking Ball scatters- one gets 10 free spins
• 4 Wrecking Ball scatters- one gets 20 free spins
• 5 Wrecking Ball scatters- one gets 50 free spins

This game can be played at impressive GUTS casino- they give a player at least 200 slots from NetEnt, Play’ N Go, Microgaming as well as IGT.

by NetEnt

Excalibur is a medieval fantasy themed video pokie on a 3×5 grid. Various medieval symbols cycle through the machine that ranges from a simple 10 to fairy tale fantasy images. With 20 bet lines, this game is able to provide a large variety of ways to win. People win by lining up symbols from left to right on the line they bet on.

Game Description
Excalibur’s biggest draw is the fantasy medieval theme around the machine. It shows a variety of pictures: wizards, princesses, princes, kings, queens, etc. This a fantastic game for people who love the romantic idea of medieval fantasy. The animation is smooth with great images that are visually pleasing. For those who are lucky, they might finally come across the mystical Excalibur, which will grant players huge winnings. Like most slots, this game feature special awards and prizes.

One element of the game are the scatter symbols. Scatter symbols, which look like the Holy Grail, allow players win free spins and earn a multiplier bonus on their bet. If a player gets three scatter symbols, they win 10 free spins and get a 3x bonus on those free spins. Although, during these free spins, additional free spins cannot be won.

Besides the scatter symbols, the machine also features a wild symbol that will appear in any row. The symbol looks like legendary sword in the stone, the Excalibur. This symbol can be a substitute for any other symbol except the scatter symbol, so people have more chances to win their combination. In addition, there’s also the fabled golden wild symbol, which looks like the golden version of the regular wild symbol. This symbol appears in the middle row, and it will pay out 4x if it leads to a winning combination. Although, the golden wild symbol is very rare, it can lead to vast winnings.

Excalibur is free to play online and like other video slots no download is required.

Fortune Teller
by NetEnt

The Fortune Teller slots machine game is another amazing bonus game in the casino online games category, which can be obtained in the slots suite of any Net Entertainment powered casinos. This game can be accessed in the casino’s no download section and loads instantaneously. A bonus of free spins game is given and comes alongside a palpable Fortune Teller kind of theme.

Game Description
The scatter icon that will show how a player activates the bonus free rounds on this video slots game is its Crystal Ball icon and every time a player gets 3 of these icons falling in any place in sight on the screen, then they are awarded 12 free spins. When every free spin is playing out at any winning arrangement that a player forms, it is paid 3X that winning arrangement’s normal value. Therefore, a player is able to win 3 times when one is playing the game of free spins bonus.

There is similarly another bonus feature that can be activated on this video slots machine by NetEnt and it is triggered when 3 of Fortune Teller icons turn up. A bonus option loads and then a player gets to play a choosing game, where one picks off cards from the screen so as to disclose a hopefully big cash reward.

The game’s Hand in Eye icon is its Wild symbol plus the amount of coins rewarded for spinning in at least 2 of these icons on any triggered pay line as shown below:
• 2 of them rewards the player a payoff of 5 coins
• 3 of them rewards the player a payoff of 200 coins
• 4 of them rewards the player 2000 coins
• 5 of them rewards the player 7500 coins

A wild symbol implies that it is going to represent all other icons as well as help finish a winning arrangement. This symbol represents neither the scatter icons nor bonus icons. The scatter icon in play in this game is Crystal Ball icon. The Wild symbol acts as Hand in Eye icon as well as the jackpot icon in the Fortune Teller Slots machine game.

by NetEnt

Evolution is a five reel, three row online slot machine video game with twenty-five different paylines. The payline grid is an interesting combination of straight line wins, and designs wins. Coin values start at .01, but after .05 it increases rapidly to .10, .20 and maxes out at .50. The bet level can be changed from level 1 to 10, allowing players to be a maximum of 250 coins at one time.

Game Description
Evolution’s theme is a Darwinian one; the symbols are primarily creatures like primitive mice and lizards, with some cell-like beings thrown in. There is also a group of card symbols; Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, as well as a ‘free spin’ symbol. If you like to play free online slots for fun, then a simple google search pulls up a number of sites where players can access Evolution.

Evolution has a nice video game feel to it, with beautiful graphics and an interestingly complex set of rules that makes it great to play even just for fun. Game settings can be changed to increase the experience. Players can stop the animations, turn off the sound and decrease or increase the graphics quality. Additionally, the game settings allow players to turn the spacebar into a keyboard shortcut for easier spinning. The game has an autoplay feature that allows the player to select how many spins the game will play before returning controls to the player. The autoplay also allows the player to stop the autoplay if it reaches certain criteria.

The wild symbol in Evolution is pretty easy to find, as it is quite simply a ‘Wild’ icon. It can substitute for any symbols except the free spin symbol (also a simple ‘free spin’ icon). This game has a unique feature called the ‘evolution’ feature, which allows players to evolve and climb up the evolutionary ladder in the game. This is activated when a player gets a winning symbol combination in the free spins feature.

Disco Spins
by NetEnt

NetEnt video slot Disco Spins is set inside a night club to dedicate dancing and music disco. Thus, on the reels there are disco dancers as well as disco dance symbol-Disco Ball. The game has five reels and three rows and a twenty fixed win-lines. The background represent dance floor that is lit with strobe lights. The Wild symbol character is crucial to this game play because it brings out an enjoyable gambling experience.

Game Description
The wild symbol will be seen on the reels when similar colors for Disco Dancer and the dance floor appear. Several Wild symbols of up to eight may appear at the same time, thus offering players a great opportunity to win a lot. These colors are red, blue, purple, green and yellow. The reels are separated into 15discotheque dance floor groups, and will change the color after every spin. After a Disco Dancer has similar color as its block, it will change into a Wild-symbol.

This Wild-symbol can replace all other symbols, with exception of Scatters. This action will trigger winning pay-lines.
The Scatter is represented by Disco Ball, and when a player has three on reels 3, 4 and 5, Free Spin mode will be triggered. In this Free Spin mode a player may choose either 10 Disco Spins or 15 “normal “Free Spins. If a player decides to go for the latter, his winning in each Free Spins is multiplied by 3X. When he opts for Disco Spins only, Scatter symbol and Disco Dancer will be seen during Free Spin rounds. Both Free Spine modes can offer a player a chance to win more Disco/Free Spins when Scatter symbol is activated.

NetEnt video slot Disco Spins is a very enjoyable game that a seasoned gambler may not wish to miss whenever he is playing online casino games. On the background, funky disco music can be heard throughout the game. Starters can find free internet games on Disco Spins video slot tutorial page and start playing.

Elements the Awakening
by NetEnt

Elements the Awakening is an online slot machine game. It works with a 5×3 grid; five reels and three rows. It has 20 active paylines, and players can view the pay table to determine how much will be paid out on each line. The graphics consist of a 3D animations, and game play is enhanced by the games innovative Avalanche feature and four free fall modes. The game has adjustable bet levels and coin amounts.

Game Description
Elements the Awakening is a game created by Net Entertainment slots. It is visually appealing, with an overall high tech feel. The symbols are fully animated and appear to float on the screen. The game itself is fun, even in free mode, with symbols exploding each time they form a winning combination. The explosions lead to ‘avalanches’, which are tracked on a meter at the bottom of the screen, and allow winnings to increase. When the player reaches four avalanches, the Free Fall Storm mode is activated and the player receives 10 free spins. There are four storm modes, one for each element, and each mode has a slightly different effect. The Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol. They appear as the four elementals, air, earth, water and fire.

The game has a number of adjustable settings, including a quick play setting, turning the animations on or off, muting or changing the sounds, decreasing graphics quality for older computers and creating a keyboard shortcut so that players can use the spacebar to play. It also has a great autoplay setting that allows a player to automatically play up to 1,000 rounds. Advanced settings also allow the autoplay to be manually adjusted to cancel under certain criteria such as winning spins and increases or decreases in funds. The minimum coin value for Elements the Awakening is .01, and the maximum is .50. This can be combined with the bet levels of 10-200 coins, for a maximum bet of 100.

Ghost Pirates
by NetEnt

Ghost Pirates is one in a series of free games that is loosely based on Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a 5-reel slot game that has 243-ways-to-win. There are two different prize pools in this game. One gives players anywhere from three to eighty-one ways to bet while the other is a bigger pool for the big spenders. The bets start as low as a penny for those who are uncertain if they want to spend the big bucks or not.

Game Description
If you like pirates and if you are a fan of Johnny Depp then you will love Ghost Pirates. You will enjoy all of the pirate themed symbols which include a treasure chest, skull and crossbones, coins, pistols, maps, and cannons. The famous flag known as the Jolly Roger is the wild symbol of the game and it substitutes all of the other symbols besides the Scatter. The treasure chest is the Scatter symbol of the game and it will present you with different outcomes depending on how much you bet. If you are playing with the eighty-one ways, you will be able to win between ten and twenty spins, but that depends on how many Scatters you snagged on the reels.

This game is full of eerie swashbuckling fun on the sea that is sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. You will keep coming back for more to try your hand at winning the ultimate in pirate plunder, but don’t get caught or you might end up with the pirates curse and be forever doomed to roam the seas as a skeleton. If think you have what it takes to be a pirate and rule the sea, then this is the game for you. Come play Ghost Pirates and experience the fun of plundering treasure and fighting off those cursed souls as you win big in this exciting slot machine game. You are sure to not get enough of this one.

Hall of Gods
by NetEnt

Are you a fantasy movie lover? Do you really like the old parables? If you like the Nordic Gods such as Thor, Odin and others then you’ll love this Jackpot Slot game. Developed by NetEnt Casino software, this Nordic themed free slot app has some of the best game graphics and finest quality available today. You can tell this is going to be a winner right from the very start, so let’s give it an overview, and then you can go play for free when you’re ready.

Game Description
The Game

Hall of Gods is a multi-functional progressive jackpot game, much like many of the current video games on the market. It is developed by a Swedish company called Net Entertainment, and if you’ve ever played any of the games created by them, you’ll know that there is great attention paid to the little details. These guys are certainly one of the largest gaming moguls in the industry.

The Play

Hall of Gods has a 20 pay line progressive game play with five reels and several different features. The most important of all the features is the bonus gameplay. This is where you can get one of the progressive jackpots and free spin features.

The Bonus

Here bonus play is very interesting, but not too hard for new players either. He comes up when three bonus symbols show up on the reels. At this point, you’re taken to another screen covered in shields. You get to break those shields with a sledgehammer to find a prize. The challenge here is to break three shields with an equal prize to win. However, there are also Jackpot icons hidden under the shields. Collect three icons together and you’ll get a nice seven figure payout.

The Free Spin

As with all slot games there is a free spin feature here, which is triggered with three scatter symbols. The amount of scatters determines the number of spins you win.

The Wilds

This slot game also has an incredible wild symbol which substitutes for any of the other symbols to create a payout. When the symbol expands to cover the whole reel, you have an expanding wild, and get a bigger payoff.

Lost Island
by NetEnt

Long Island is another slot from NetEnt that comprises of a mystical but tranquil theme. This game includes a Wild facet where a player’s wins are subject to 5X multiplier in case they have a winning combination with wilds. There is a Free Spins mode that has a maximum of 30 free spins originally with fixed wild all through.

Game Description
Lost island is a game developed and also powered by Net Entertainment with 5 reels plus 20 pay lines and can be played on a PC and mobile gadgets on its free slots app. A player is going to see very clear lagoons as well as green valleys in the mystical-themed slots machine game, which narrates a story of immortal existence. One is able to play from as low as 20p to a whopping 100 Sterling pounds per spin. This slot can just be obtained at Mr. Green Casino that suggests it is an exclusively-made title.

A player is able to view Wild Multiplier counter at the reels’ top right corner- this is activated once wilds turn up on reels. In case a player has one wild icon, they will receive a 1X multiplier. In case one gets 3 wild icons and if one receives a winning arrangement, their win will be subjected to a 3X multiplier. This implies that one can get a maximum of 5X multiplier applied on their winning combinations when they have wild.

Many players quite enjoy the Free Spins mode that is activated once they get at least 3 scatter icons any place on reels. A player will get from 10 to 30 free spins firstly (3 scatters= 10 free spins, 4 scatters= 20 free spins as well as 5 scatters = 30 free spins). One has a probability to activate additional spins that are free for all 3 or more scatters a player gets during the facet. Wild Multiplier option furthermore works in the mode that is able to award a player a maximum of 5X multiplier for each free spin.

Kings of Chicago
by NetEnt

Kings of Chicago is yet another Net Entertainment slot game founded on Chicago’s 1930 mafia. It joins aspects of traditional video slots machine as well as poker games. Different from other games, this one doesn’t have distinct icons since every icon is a playing card. Once the players whirls the reels, they only attempt to obtain a poker hand of wins. Royal Flush makes the players to get the biggest jackpot of the game.

Game Description
In this game, there are winning hands that can be extended out among every game’s reels. There are numerous mafia pictures built on the game. Queen card acts as the Mafia mole whilst King card stands in for Don, who fairly resembles Marlon Brando.

The game’s Joker card represents the wild card. This card can be used as a replacement for other cards in the slot and can also double every winning arrangement a player attains on the screen. Different from other slots, this game’s scatter icon is distinct for every whirl of reels. At every particular time all through the game, it can either be Jack, Queen or even King.

Once the 3 of these icons (any among them) shows up on reels in one spin, free spin feature is activated. A player is able to win some 10 free spins or even as much as 30 free spins. Winnings gathered throughout free spins are doubled all the time. In case at least 3 of scatter icons show up on the game screen again during free spins mode, players are able to earn additional free spins.

The backdrop that a player sees during the game comprises of items characteristically linked to poker game. This consists of poker chips, money, guns and jewels among other items related to mafia. A player who enjoys mobster films often enjoys playing Kings of Chicago due to the exciting experience it offers them. This game can be played various NetEnt-powered casinos found in the internet.

Lucky Angler
by NetEnt

Lucky Angler is a Net Entertainment slots machine that is a “Win Both Ways” kind of game. Based on a frozen underwater pond, the game has Sticky Wild aspect at base game, and this is where sticky wild icons stay frozen on reels provided a player has winning combination. In Free Spins aspect, a player is going to receive a maximum of 20 free spins firstly with a lasting sticky wild icon on reel 3 as well as the potential to obtain additional sticky wilds that are on 3 middle reels.

Game Description
Lucky Angler is developed and also powered by NetEnt and comprises of 5 reels plus 15 pay lines. Playable from only 30p per spin to as high as 150 Sterling pounds, a player is able to win both directions with wins awarding from left to right and the other way round as well. The theme of this game is so appealing since a player is able to see fish swimming at the back of reels in underwater frozen pond. With amazing graphics, this slot can be played on mobile as well as tablet devices via its online slots app.

A player is able to recognize base game being played through a sunshine shining on reels. There is a Sticky Wild facet in base game since sticky wilds turn up on reels 2 and also 4- it activates once the sticky wild icon is in the winning arrangement. One is going to view the fish hooked and also reeled in so as to freeze to ice. This will stay frozen and thus sticky provided a player has a winning combination.

The better thing about this game is that the Sticky Wild facet is pertinent in Free Spins aspect although, this round on 3 middle reels (2, 3 and 4). Free spins mode is able to be played once a player gets at least 3 Fish scatter icons any place in sight. 3 Fish icons awards a player 10 free spins, 4 awards 15 free spins and 5 gives 20 free spins.

Magic Portals
by NetEnt

Magic Portals gives players an opportunity to experience a mystic journey to an extent where wizards as well as warlocks perform magic. Magic Portals has 5 reels and 3-row 25 pay line video slots comprising of 2 Magic Portals, which can change corresponding icons into Wilds as well as trigger Free Spins. The amazing aspect about this slot is that the magical power that changes icons into Wilds or even makes a player to have Free Spins can happen on each spin. More Wilds plus Free Spins imply bigger wins. With a maximum of 64,000 coins up for grab, Magic Portals gives players an enthralling escapade on reels.

Game Description
Magic Portal game has a fantastic look. It includes Wizards, Witches, Familiars, Dragons and also Free Spins icons that are extremely significant for the font applied for Harry Potter. This game has nice graphics and is available on its mobile slots apps.

As its name suggests, Magic Portal is a game that involves obtaining 2 wins of similar icons in the slots that fall between reels 1 and 5. If that occurs, those icons as well as all other icons of similar form transform into wilds. This, as players would expect, generates greater wins. It is an exciting and groundbreaking feature that players have not experienced anywhere else. The games magic lightning, ice or even explosions of fire cause it to be visually impressive.

However, Net Entertainment has forgotten again to feature attractive size wins. Even in free spins that can be re-triggered, there are 4 Magic Portals that a player is likely to end up thinking that they have made a nice win, but only to realize that they have just won 60 Sterling pounds. For instance, in base game, a player is able to bet 5 sterling pounds for every spin and rack up a win of 435 coins. This scenario triggered the entire “Big Win” torrent of animated coins that most online video slots give. The real win is 85 sterling pounds. Something that any player could hardly say find as a huge win.

Mega Fortune
by NetEnt

Mega Fortune is a Net Entertainment jackpot game that oozes wealth- it comprises of free spins facet plus a game of Mega Fortune Bonus where a player is able to become filthy rich. This game gave out the largest ever internet jackpot of 17.8 Sterling pounds win back in January 2013.

Game Description
Mega Fortune features 5 reels as well as 25 pay lines since it is a game that has progressive jackpot developed by Net Entertainment. This game has a comfy, rich theme that includes credit cards, diamond watches as well as sport cars. Mega Fortune’s appeal is winning Mega jackpots that can transform a person’s life suddenly. Playing this game will cost a player from 25p to 50 Sterling pounds per spin.

The game comprises of Free Spins option that is activated through getting at least 3 Champagne icons any place on the reels. A player should select one Champagne icon among the rest that will give them their free spin plus multiplier. The highest prize available is 10 free Spins that have an impressive 5X multiplier. Players are also able to trigger additional free spins and get into the Mega Fortune slot as well.

The greatest part concerning this game is certainly the Mega Fortune Bonus aspect- a player in pursuit of 3 Wheel bonus icons on successive reels (for instance reels 3 to 5). A player is going to see a huge glitz wheel that has 2 inner wheels. A player clicks on ‘Spin’ button to make the wheel to spin.

At the exterior wheel, a player is assured of cash awards and arrows. Obtaining the arrows is going to move the player to second wheel that has more cash rewards and the likelihood of getting bonus wheel, which is third in line. If a player reaches the inner as well as the third wheel, they should look for an arrow that is diamond rich, which will take them to Mega Jackpot. The present Mega Jackpot is at least 4.5 Million Sterling pounds. If one triggers this, their life changes instantly. The game can be played using a PC or slot apps in mobile smart devices.

Golden Legend
by PlaynGo

Golden Legend is a fifty line instant play slot game that allows the player to choose how many lines they want to play from one to fifty. The player is then able to choose how many coins, between one and five that they would like to play per line, and also what the value of those coins will be from .01 to .04.

Game Description
Golden Legend is a unique and fun online slot machine game from Play’n GO that sends its players back into Ancient China. Bright, colorful Chinese symbols on the reels can help to lead the player to wealth and entertainment.

As obvious by the name of the game, gold seems to be the main theme throughout with animals galore that lined up correctly will lead the player to a hidden treasure. Some of those hidden treasures include, five golden fish or birds which pay out at four hundred times your wager, five golden lions or turtles which pay out at five hundred percent, and finally a golden tiger with nets the highest payout at one thousand times your initial wager.

The Gold Sycee which is representative of ancient Chinese Yen, is a wild symbol which with certain combinations of other symbols can lead the player to massive winnings. Wild symbols are only available on reels two, three, four and five.

Players are also able to receive free spins, wilds and gambles. The gamble round will give the player the opportunity to guess the value of a mystery card which will then increase your winnings even more.

Golden Legend is a fun and exciting treasure hunt for the golden animal statues such as birds, fish, lions, turtles and more. The more of these statues you find the more you win.
Golden Legend features many more hidden treasures to help its players reach prosperity while at the same time having fun. You will keep coming back for more because the fun and mystery of ancient China is never ending with this slot game, Golden Legend created by Play’n GO.

Gem Drop
by PlaynGo

If you are looking for an exciting and innovative slot game, then you have to check out Gem Drop from PlaynGo. Gem is an exciting five reel, fifteen payline game that is built around Gem’s dropping and deciding your payout. The game is extremely well made and has many bonus features that are sure to draw players in.

Game Description
All of the icons in Gem Drop are different kinds of precious gems. These gems include diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. These spectacular gems look absolutely amazing and are sure to make you excited to be playing the wonderful game.

Many video slot games these days feature several different bonus features that are meant to keep you playing, and have the added effect of possible increasing your winnings significantly. Gem Drop is no exception to this trend and the programmers have included several amazing new features that will keep you coming back for more. One of the big bonus features in this game is the Rainbow Gem wild symbol. This symbol takes the form of a rainbow colored gem, and it can substitute for any other gem. This increases your chance of winning significantly.

Another exciting bonus feature is the Gem Drop Bonus Blocks feature. This feature happens at random, and when it does, multicolor blocks will begin dropping through the reels. When the feature activates there is the possibility of multiple wilds showing up on the Reels. This can increase your winnings significantly. One of the coolest special features for Gem Drop is the addition of the progressive jackpot.

Progressive jackpots have grown in popularity in the video slots world in recent years, and Gem Drop has capitalized on this. The jackpot in Gem Drop continues to grow as more and more players participate in the game. This jackpot can grow to be quite large, which entices players to play and hopefully win. Gem Drop is a wonderful game that thrives on its’ high quality special features.

Jazz of New Orleans
by PlaynGo

Jazz of New Orleans is a PlaynGo video slot machine game. It has five reels, and five paylines. The minimum bet is $.01, and the maximum is $2.00; although the paylines can be manually increased by five magnifiers for a maximum bet of $50. The game also has bonus rounds, gambling options and Scatters that can help the player significantly increase their winnings. Players can find this, and more free slots, on the PlaynGo website.

Game Description
Jazz of New Orleans has a bright, colorful feel to it, and a decidedly jazz-land theme. The symbols are all ones you would expect to find on the streets of old New Orleans; a neon street sign logo, a female jazz singer, a male saxophone player, a piano, a lobster, a trumpet, a glass of bourbon and a nightclub. The background is dark, with a sexy night-life feel to it. Accompanying the gorgeous graphics is an authentic jazz track audio.

In Jazz of New Orleans, the wild symbol is represented by the game logo, and can substitute for any of the other symbols except the moon symbol. There is also a nice bonus round that is triggered by three or more consecutive wild symbols. The bonus game offers a chance to win free game rounds, and wild symbols; although they are limited to 25 free rounds and five free wild symbols. As with many of PlaynGo’s games, this one has a progressive jackpot feature that is triggered by gold rings.

A win offers the player the gambling option, they can choose to play for double or triple the amount of the bet. The player is taken to a separate page where, depending on their choice, they are given two or three options. If they click on the correct option, they increase their winnings. The wrong option and they lose all of the money from the winning spin. Players can progressively increase their winnings in the gambling mode ten times; however, any miss means a loss of all of that spin’s winning.

Aztec Idols
by PlaynGo

Aztec Idols is a video slot game which is played on a grid of 3×5. This slot game provides symbols that scroll down on the grid, when the spin button is pressed, providing combinations that may form a winning combination. In the game three of the same symbol will trigger a bonus game. Three of the same symbol provide 5x the total bet and it will activate a free spin mode. A table is provided for the winning combinations and the payout amount. All wins pay left to right, other than “Scatters”. Aztec Idols is one of many free games provided online.

Game Description
The games theme is that of an Aztec theme. The male character featured is Mr. Rich “Richard” Wilde. This character is placed in the South American jungle. He is featured on the grid and is fully animated when selected on the grid. The grid provides images of Aztec idols, letters, numbers and a golden Aztec spinning wheel. When the wheel is presented three times on the grid in one row, the player is able to gain an opportunity to win free spins. The idol heads are worth more when making combinations. These specific symbols will render you with a larger winning amount.

When Richard Wilde appears, a minimum of two times of the grid, the player will be awarded. This character’s life like movements provide a more personal experience as if actually taking an adventure with the character. Being able to find Aztec gold in the game is the goal. The player is able to win up to 150x the total bet, providing an enjoyable playing experience. The animation and artistry provided is accurate to that of the actual Aztec idols from ancient ruins. The secret treasure that they hold is one that must be found. The games music and graphics embrace that of an adventure that will entice the player and place them in the middle of the action only seeking more of the Aztec idol’s hidden secrets.

by PlaynGo

The Myth casino game by the PlaynGo slot game company, offers a fun and adventurous slot machine experience. This game has a Greek myth theme that is based upon the Greek heroes. This particular game is a five reel game that includes mythical creatures that play the part as the symbols. This game includes a wild and a scatter symbol which benefit the player by increasing the amount of winnings that can be earned.

Game Description
This game includes both a wild and scatter symbol which are important to the user in order to win the maximum amount of earnings. The wild symbol is a Greek Hero and the scatter symbol is the Golden Amphora. One of the best features that are offered by this game include both the graphics as well as the free spin feature.

Throughout the game, the user will also notice a quiet background noise that plays throughout the game. The tune is both mysterious and thought provoking. When the player takes their turn, the goal is to get a wild symbol. This combination has the highest payout offered in the game.

One of the pluses of playing this game is that it is a very interactive Greek themed game. This game also features many bonus levels that can increase the payoff to each user. Another wow factor for this game is the use of animation as well as the entire storyline.

The players of this game play this game with the intention of either getting a wild symbol or a scatter symbol. By getting either, the player can increase earnings. Another benefit about this game is that it is easy to win, however it is difficult to get a high payoff. To help, this slot game offers multiple free spin features that can be re-triggered up to 60 times. Free spins are the ultimate goal because it can increase the chance of high earnings. Overall this game is highly recommended for the animation as well as how easy it is to win at least something.

Riches of Ra
by PlaynGo

Riches of Ra is a free slots online game played in a standard 5-reel, 3-row grid. 15 lines are available to choose from. Wins occur when the player attains 3 symbols in an activated line. Winning lines are combinations of either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally placed lines. The more lines you activate, the higher the price, but it also means that the chances of winning a prize are improved quite a bit. This game has one of the highest payouts because there are just so many ways to win. Risks are very minimal here, no matter how much is bet.

Game Description
The main theme is Egypt. Many of the characters are Egyptian idols, statuettes, and pharaoh-like deities. This game is one of the more unique ones, as every part of it stays within the theme and all of the symbols are unique and colorful. The most interesting part of this app is how important the wild-card symbols (Ra) are in winning big. The wild-cards can take up to 3 sections of one reel, and if this is not enough there’s a chance to get them both on two separate reels! This game certainly has very high chances of winning, and not just because of the wild cards but because of the chances of winning in this game are just better than many others like it.

One of the more interesting aspects of this game is the bonus round. This occurs when at least three of the bonus symbols (the urns) are linked in a winning line. It consists of a room filled with urns and one opens to reveal a wonderful bonus. This is a very rewarding prize, but it is very difficult to get. This bonus room pays the most and it can even be considered the jackpot of the game because it is just too hard to get the 3 urns lined up. There is only one urn in each of the 5 reels, making it very hard to win, but it might be worth the risk.

Fruit Bonanza
by PlaynGo

This is one of many of the slot games free to play, it is interesting to find that this specific one is very classic-looking. It uses the standard 3×5 grid and symbols matching in a pair of 2 constitutes a win. The winning lines are set in combinations of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines. There are 9 lines to choose from and choose to activate. The more lines activated, the higher the cost, but the chances of winning are raised to a much higher percentage. You can win multiple times depending on how many lines there are that are currently activated.

Game Description
The theme here is based on fruit. The main symbols here are, of course, different sorts of fruits. The scatter symbols, like many in many other online slot games, give winnings with at least two of them placed anywhere in the reels. There is no wild-card symbol but there is a jackpot symbol in its place (the horn of plenty) making it certainly a unique addition to this game. There are quite a bit of ways to win big with this game, as there are a lot of symbols that are well worth the prize if you can get 5 in a row or even 4 in a row. The clover is also one of the highest payouts on this app.

What puts this game at a cut above the rest is that there are 4 jackpots in place of just one. In order to win the Fruit Jackpot, fourth highest, 3 jackpot symbols in a row on a payline are needed. To get the Juice Jackpot, the next highest at third, 4 jackpot symbols are required. For the Bonanza Jackpot, the second highest payout, the maximum number of jackpot symbols are needed, this including all five in any one payline. For the final and highest paying jackpot, the Super Jackpot, all five jackpot symbols are needed as well but can only be on the 9th line.

Lucky Diamonds
by PlaynGo

Do you think you might like those pokie games, but fear they might be too complicated? Here’s one that is easy to play and offers a nice pay line too. It’s the perfect slot game for the novice player.
Lucky Diamonds by PlaynGo, offers three great reels with one pay line at the top prize of $12,500. The game play is a little mixed here; on one hand you’ve got diamonds, but on the other, you have a classic slot game, which could be fun for novices, but leaves a gaping gameplay need for the more experienced player that is unless you like vintage slot games. You’ll find this to have that old pub slot feel to it.

Game Description
It is convenient to play, as the pay table is also on the same screen with the reels on the right side of the screen, with the logo and reels on the left. The major symbols include the diamond (the wild), plus all the classics, like the seven and the three bar symbols with the cherry.

The Play

Don’t expect too much here as there’s only one pay line and getting that big payout will require three diamond symbols on that one pay line. There’s another catch here. You have to use the three coins at maximum value to qualify for the big pay line.

The Wilds

The diamond symbol is the wild of the game and can substitute other symbols to multiply the win. It’s a single wild that results in a winning combo, the value will double, which results in prizes up to 960 coins.

Bottom Line

For players that have never played slot games, Lucky Diamonds is a good beginning, and it is easy to understand. But for more experienced players, this game can get a bit boring, as it’s just a classic slot game with a few interesting diamond wild images thrown in to give it a bit more aesthetic value.

Ace of Spades
by PlaynGo

Play the classic Ace of Spades slot game through the accurately re-created simulation made by Play’n Go. This exciting game features three sets of reels with one pay line. Also on offer is the Wild symbol, which can be used as a multiplier to create a massive boost in points. Ace of Spades can be played for 0.25 a spin, upwards to 15.00 per spin, with a maximum jackpot potential of 5,000 coins.

Game Description
Ace of Spades features a bright and colorful palette, with three reels featured on the left and the pay table situated on the right. All betting options are displayed on the bottom screen for players to configure their playing preferences.

Each symbol is represented by different characters featured on a traditional deck of cards. The Ace of Spades symbol is the most valuable item in the game, it acts as a Wild symbol, a multiplier and a jackpot payoff event. Successfully lining up three in a row will reward players with 800 coins, if you bet one coin, and 1600 coins if you bet two; this incremental system increases the higher the bet. Other symbols featured in the game include the Gold crown, this provides a healthy payment for players who can successfully line them up. The green Clover is a unique playing event, since it can pay even if only two icons are lined up. A unique payoff is offered if players can get any three playing cards onto the pay line, which rewards 5 coins per win.

This exciting twist on a traditional standard gives players the chance to win big money. With a simple three reel design, this slot machine simulator is easily accessible for players. The wealth of chance and rewards provides plenty of fun for participants, with a wealth of features and events to keep the gameplay exciting. Ace of Spades is a contemporary twist on a standard classic, enjoy this online experience for yourself!

Cats and Cash
by PlaynGo

Cats and Cash could possibly be the most adorable video slot game ever created. Though the furry felines are cute, the winnings are even cuter. This game is a perfect solution for people who don’t want to play a video slot game that is too serious. Powered by Play’n Go, this online slot game pays out a jackpot of 10,000 coins.

Game Description
In Cats and Cash, there are five reels with 15 paylines. When these cute kittens come onto the screen, they will do exactly what kittens do and scramble all of the pieces for the player. Now don’t be angry with the scrambling by these feisty felines because that not only makes the game more interesting, but also makes it easier to win on each of the spins. Players are able to bet on all of the playlines whenever they want, and they are also able to spin when they want.

When player is let into the bonus round by these mischievous kittens, the game will change. The game will begin to produce multiplied winnings, and free spins will soon follow. One of the best perks of this game is the fishbowl icon. When this icon appears on one of the reels, winnings can be multiplied between 2x and 5x of the initial bet. The Fun Cat icon functions as a wild card. It can be substituted for other icons on the reels.

For many players, it seems as if the game could go on a forever if they get enough bonus spins. These are also the same players who can win enough to feel that playing is definitely worth the time spent.

Betting wisely along with smart gameplay is what makes this game tons of fun. The conscientious player who knows these two factors will not only be able to use them to their advantage, but they will also win free games and far more money.

Speed Cash
by PlaynGo
Speed Cash slot game is a three reel, single win-line with an ever increasing jackpot. It is powered by Play N Go software and found in all casinos offering online slot machines. It is a basic game in respect to design and mode of playing, since there is only one pay-line. A player betting with maximum coins enhance payout percentage to be activated and as a result, a winning session may be witnessed.

Game Description
Speed Cash is a simple online video game based around a car and cash. The game is designed for mobile gamblers who can play it at any place provided they have good internet connectivity. It has two colors; red and black, and a player is introduced to the game by acquiring gold bars, rolls of money and stacks of quarters as the symbol for the game. As a matter of fact, a car is needed in this game. It’s not a must for players to be highly skilled to play this game. Coins are fixed at 0.25 however; a player may decide to play one, two or three coins per spin. It is beneficial to the player if he play with three coins because he will get a chance to play for progressive jackpot.

The reel symbols in this play are the wild jackpot symbols which are the Car symbols, Bank Note symbol, Gold Bar symbol and pile of coins. The Red Car symbol is wild and is the only bonus feature for this game which is activated when a player is placing bets of three coins on every spin. Speed Cash has many features that will encourage a player to participate. It has a Progressive Jackpot, Classic Slots, the range of coins is between 0.25 min to 0.75 max. Free slots with free spins are not available on this game as well as Bonus Round. In fact, Speed Cash is an easy and straightforward online slot game. The game has plenty ways of winning that a player may not wish to miss.

Bell of Fortune
by PlaynGo

Bell of fortune is a classic pokie game that offers a simple interface and a wide selection of carefully selected graphics in each level. With the simple interface, users are able to navigate easily while the graphics make it fun to play the game. The game only allows seven winning combinations and a limited number of wild symbols. Being a fruit machine game, special features such as: bonus rounds, free spins and scatters are not available.

Game Description
Bell of fortune is based on common fruits since most of its symbols are fruits. This game also gives players an opportunity to win big courtesy of the three opportunities to win a jackpot. On the first jackpot opportunity, if a player uses three coins, they get a chance to win the progressive amount for the jackpot.

On the second jackpot, a player who uses two coins gets a jackpot of 1600 coins while the third jackpot opportunity allows a player to win a jackpot of up to 800 coins on using a single coin.
This game has a total of four symbols and only offers one wild symbol with the bell of fortune being the main wild symbol.

This wild symbol allows the player to substitute with all other game symbols which include: plums, oranges and strawberries. In addition, this game offers 3 reels and 1 payline and only allows seven winning combinations before a player can get paid. The coin size is limited to $0.25 and players can bet up to three coins.

The autoplay button is used to set the stop after a win or if the bank-balance goes higher or lower than it is should. The simple interface makes it possible for new players to enjoy the game. On the other hand, the coin limit make Bell of fortune the ideal game for people who do not want to spend much on playing. Take your fun to a whole new level by playing Bell of fortune.

Ninja Fruits
by PlaynGo

Ninja Fruits is formatted as a 5 reel video slot game that is apart of the free slots games of PlaynGo. You are given a set amount of currency to play and the goal is to have winning combinations of fruit or matching ninja’s to earn points. The combinations can be won either vertically or horizontally. Winning combinations can include symbols and fruit.

Game Description
The theme of Ninja Fruits is to win combinations of the different ninja characters and the fruit. Each character symbolizes and gives a different bonus when they are in a combo. Depending on what your goal is for the game how you play is contingent on what character you are most wanting to get for combos.

Ninja master is a wild card that mirrors any winning combination except for the other main symbols; the geisha or the shuriken. If you get a wild card but no combo it does nothing. The geisha is only on certain reels and uses her umbrella as a scatter, allowing a certain reel to keep going i.e. a free spin. The fan she holds will tell you how many free spins you will get.

While under this free spin combo any points towards a bonus round does not count. A shuriken symbol allows for a bonus game if three of these symbols are present at a turn. The bonus game is hitting fruits to earn points, the goal is to hit as many fruits as possible. The bonus game ends when you miss hitting a fruit but all points earned will be placed in your overall points.

There is a chance to multiply your winnings, upon winning a combo you can accept or gamble. Selecting the gamble button takes you to a card game. In this game you must guess what the card will be either by the color or the suit. The more times you guess correctly the more points you earn.

Leprechaun goes Egypt
by PlaynGo

Play’n GO has come up with a new online free slots game that combines two of the most unlikely matches to ever come together, yet once these two cross boarders the fun is endless. Leprechaun goes Egypt is just that, completely different and once combined the Irish, Egyptian theme works wonders together to give its players a massive amount of winnings while having fun.

Game Description
Leprechaun goes Egypt is a five reel, fifteen pay line slot. There are Egyptian influences and Irish influences as well in not only the music by the symbols. Some of the symbols feature Egyptian queen Cleopatra, King Tut masks, and mummies, as well as Celtic themed ten through Ace symbols.
One of the most interesting and fun aspects of this game is when the player wins. You’ll find Cleopatra drinking a pint of ale and the Leprechaun taking on some Egyptian behaviors as well.

The Leprechaun is the wild card in this game. When he decides to act wild he substitutes for all other symbols with the exception of the Scatters. He then doubles all winning combos he forms. If the player gets five wilds, they will receive a line bet jackpot worth three thousand times. Free spins are also awarded in Leprechaun goes Egypt, when you order a Guinness Ale. Players can get up to fifteen free spins. Depending on the amount of spins you choose, your payout may be higher. Choose five spins and your payout is six times greater, ten spins and your payout is three times greater, fifteen spins doubles your payout.

Therefore, the more spins you choose, the less you can get. If players are lucky enough to get three pyramids, that will allow for a bonus game where the Leprechaun has to travel through a pyramid to find Cleopatra. As you work through the pyramid, opening doors will lead to prizes or doom. If you are lucky enough to not find a mummy behind any doors then you will 500x your bet.
Two of the oddest combinations has led to an awesomely fun game that will keep players busy for hours!

Jewel Box
by PlaynGo

Jewel Box by Play’n GO is one of the many exciting slots for fun that show one of the most coveted items known to mankind, jewels. Since the beginning of time, jewels have been a fascination and a hallmark of wealthy society. It is commonly known among gamers that games with jewels tend to offer a mega amount of rewards to players.

Game Description
Jewel Box, created by Play’n Go’s is a rather simple online slot game. Jewel Box features five reels with fifteen pay lines. The maximum bet is rather uncharacteristically low at just $1.25; however, there are many ways to multiply your earnings. The reels are beautifully adorned with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and pearls. One way to win big is to get five diamonds, which will give a player twenty-five hundred times their original bet. The diamonds are the most sought after symbol in this game.

Another way in which the player can win big is through wilds. Unlike typical slot games that have just one wild, there are actually four wilds in Jewel Box. The wilds range from two times to five times your original bet. The wilds can replace all symbols other than the bonus scatter. Players can easily earn one hundred and fifty times their original bet by hitting the Jewel Box Scatter. Three or more of the scatters will lead the player to a bonus round. When you hit three, you can choose one of the icons to reveal a cash prize up to 150X your total bet.

Jewel Box by Play’n GO is a simple, yet exciting game that allows players to win a good amount, although not necessarily as much as some other free online slot games might offer. Its greatest allure is most definitely the simple sophistication of the gem stones. They help to create clean, crisp lines. Not too much glitter and gleam, but yet enough excitement and winnings to keep players wanting to come back for another round.

Enchanted Meadow
by PlaynGo

Enchanted Meadows is a new online pokie produced by PlaynGo. This game displays 15 active paylines with 5 reels. After clicking the spin button, symbols will appear in random order and different awards or bonuses will be granted based on particular patterns of the symbols. These patterns can be achieved diagonally, vertically or horizontally.

Game Description
Players will have the opportunity to enter into a new and exciting fantasy world when they use the online pokie Enchanted Meadows. This game stands out among other free games online because of the immersive experience that gamers will have when using this pokie. Players with a particular affinity for fantasy themes will feel at home with fairies, furry animals and other mystical motifs scattered throughout the game. With 15 active paylines as well as 5 reels, everyone from beginners to experienced pokie players will feel comfortable with this game’s format.

Enchanted Meadows uses several fantasy based symbols such as fairies, magic trees and gold medallions. The rest of the other symbols will be more familiar to a majority of players as they are borrowed from a standard deck of cards. The highest value playing cards, Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace constitute the remaining symbols in this game. These are the standard symbols within the game and will provide players with many chances to win. Ideally, players will be able to see more fairies, flora and fauna, as these symbols provide bonus wins and features.

Perhaps the most sought after feature in any online pokie is the infamous Wild symbol. In Enchanted Meadows, this feature takes the form of a tree. When activated, this Wild tree symbol expands the whole reel thus offering players more chances to activate other bonuses and features and increasing their potential to win. When the tree symbol is combined with a gold medallion, players can unlock a respin feature. Other special symbols include the Fairy Queen which unlocks the scatter feature.

Thunderstruck 2
By Microgaming

For fans of Greek gods and goddesses, the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is the perfect gaming option. While not specifically Greek in origins, many of the characters are going to have names that are prominent in pop culture. This holds true for Marvel’s Thor, as he and Loki all make appearances in the game. There are other popular individuals who appear in the game, so whether someone is a fan of mythology or just Marvel, this is a great online free slots game to check out. Now, it does not have the traditional Marvel style of animation, but that shouldn’t be a problem for anyone that just likes the online slots and this style of play.

Game Description
The first thing apparent about the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is that it is a rather large game. While it has 5 reels it has 243 pay lines. This sheer number of pay lines is becoming more and more popular in more recent games. It does open up the betting potential, but the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game might just be for individuals who like the larger betting opportunities. For those who like the smaller games, the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game might not be best for them.

Now, the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game does have some of the most impressive graphics and animations on any online slot game. While there is no progressive jackpot in the game, it does have other nice features. It is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to a quarter for pay line with a maximum coin bet of 300. There is a free spin feature based on the scatter icons. With the free spins in the Thunderstruck 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, a player can receive anywhere from 10 to 25 free spins. This also unlocks a 3x multiplier for the game.

by Microgaming

If you are looking for cool and exciting pool games to play this year, then you absolutely have to check out Pistoleras. The slot game features the traditional five reel, fifteen payline set up. This game is a traditional slot game, that is built around an amazing theme, and has several extremely exciting bonus features.

Game Description
Pistoleras is set in the old west and has been designed to evoke this theme as much as possible. When you first start the game you will notice that many of the icons are built around this theme. Most of the most important icons are beautiful cowgirls. The bonus round in this game also works around this theme. The bonus round in this game features a target shooting match game that helps you really increase your winnings. Players are sure to love this wonderful slot game.

Slot games have gained real popularity in recent years, on the back of their extremely wonderful bonus features. Pistoleras utilizes bonus features to keep players playing consistently. One of the most important bonus features in Pistoleras is the Free Spins feature. The Free Spins feature is activated by getting 3 or more of the free spin scatters on the board.

Getting three of the free spin symbol will give you 15 free spins, and each additional symbol will grant you five more free spins. These free spins come with a 3x multiplier that really lets you increase your winnings. Another really important bonus feature in this game is the Saloon Bonus. This bonus is the match game, in which you most match the cowgirls, or win the game by finding the three wilds. You can increase your winnings based on how you perform in the Salon Bonus. Pistoleras also allows wilds to stack, which can increase your winnings significantly. If you are looking for a fun and exciting slot game to play this year, then you definitely have to check out Pistoleras, it is definitely a great game.

Big Bad Wolf
by Microgaming

Big Bad Wolf, a video slot provided by Microgaming Slots, has its music and sound effects as its greatest assets. The video slot has 25 pay-lines and five reels. Those playing it delight in its nursery rhyme premise. One may follow manifold pathways to win with it owing to its features, especially its free spins, scatters, and natural symbols.

Game Description
Big Bad Wolf displays truly trim graphics, which come off as having a 3D feel. The graphics’ apparent touch and diverse colors make Big Bad Wolf come off as a 3D motion picture rather than a typical slots machine. Its creation was persuaded by the renowned tale of the gigantic, nasty wolf and the set of three, innocent, petite pigs. The wolf is keen on converting the pigs into a meal, in their house!

The video slot features novel tumbling reels. The natural symbols do not turn in the reels. Instead, the slot game trip up to those reels. When the symbols make a fitting, or winning, permutation they disappear, allowing in others. As well, there is a different fine feature linked to the reels. If one gets a fitting combination and has the screen displaying pigs in tandem, the first pig turns wild right away. If the player’s succeeding or subsequent, combination is winning, the second pig turns wild. If the player’s subsequent combination is winning, the third pig turns wild as well.

The gratis bonus cascades, or spins, are too rather powerful in the video slot. When the player gets the free cascades, he or she can as well trigger additional free cascades by acquiring additional scatter symbols. When that is happening, the player will see the vicious wolf smashing the helpless pigs’ house up. On the whole, Big Bad Wolf is a pleasant slot machine that has beyond doubt high-quality graphics. The machine has a number of novel creations for the gaming industry. The attendant payouts are pretty attractive too making it one of the very exciting games for free.

Age of Discovery
by Microgaming

What users love about this game is the fact that this game offers the theme of adventure for finding lost treasure. This is offered through high-quality graphics and animation that makes the user truly feel like they are a part of this mysterious game. This game has a tropical theme that is based on a ship looking for adventure. Each symbol that is offered is an exotic food that will make mouths water. Playing games free online is always great, however, this game, in particular, is very high quality and entrances each user. The goal of this game is to use the provided tools to find lost locations that have the most rewards. The game has many intricate and fun ways to earn money that makes the traditional slot machine game nonexistent while playing the Age of Discovery.

Game Description
This game offered by Microgaming is both high quality and extremely fun to play. The symbols that are used to play this game are all fruit themed. The exotic fruits involved in this game include Bananas, Mangoes, Avocados, and other delicious treats that will not leave the user hungry on this long a mysterious voyage. Other features that are given on this voyage of this game are a compass and a sextant. The entire purpose of this game is to use the tools provided to find the location that pays off the most. The traditional symbol of a skull and crossbones mark where all the treasures are.

In this particular game, the scatter symbol is represented by a non-threatening sea monster. The objective of this game is of course to win the big jackpot. In order to accomplish this, a wild symbol is necessary. The wild symbol in this game is represented by golden coins. The highest jackpot that can be made is about 6,000 coins. This fun and adventurous game will leave users wanting to play even more. This is both and unconventional and clever game that is one of the best games offered by Microgaming.

Twisted Circus
by Microgaming

The Twisted Circus is a video slot online game from Microgaming with five reels and 243 pay-lines. It has wild symbol, scatter, free spin, multiplier and a jackpot. The game has several chances to win and has incorporated typical features like Ringmaster, fire eaters, the Bearded Lady, the tattooed Hercules and several others representing the weird and excellent circus theme.

Game Description
The game has wonderful graphics and images that largely depict the theme. This online slot has several special features to make it very interesting and rewarding too. These features give a player possibility of winning up to 555,000 coins in free spins. Players place their bets with amount ranging from 0.01 to 0.03 per way, implying that a maximum bet is up to 120. If the player is lucky enough, he will get hefty returns.
Ringmaster symbol will trigger wins for the player. When the symbol appears on reels three, four, and five the player will get a chance to enter the Big Top and play for the Circus Match Bonus. The bonus would lead the player to another screen with 16 spaces having different symbols from the game. The player will aim at matching three characters and claim the prize. The wild symbols are two; the flaming wilds as well as The Twisted Circus logo which can substitute regular symbols and also ticket Ringmaster and the scatter. The trapeze platform will trigger free spins. Three scattered tickets will give 13 retriggering spins with a multiplier of 3X.

People who like extra-ordinary things have chances of trying this game. Optimistic gamblers can seek multitude of possibilities on The Twisted Circus. It is an interesting slot for fans and gamblers who are determined to pocket online slots real money on The Twisted Circus. Starters can play for free and practice on free slots. This will enable them learn technique and skills and participate in real bets and will several prizes available on this video slot.

Dr. Watts Up
by Microgaming

This free pokie games that are offered by Microgaming have all been fabulous. The Dr. Watts Up in particular has set the bar high for any future slot games released. This game has become very popular by both the style and substance that is offered by this game. When the user opts for this game, there are 243 ways to win. It is easy to win on this game, however it is not so easy to hit the major jackpot of 96.000 coins. When playing this game, features like the wild symbol, scatter symbol, as well as free spins are all offered. This ensures that every single player of this game will have the chance to win. This 5 reel game reels all users into picking this as their favorite slot game.

Game Description
This 5 reel game offers 243 ways to potentially make a jackpot. This game offers all the normal features such as a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins as well as a bonus feature. This game is themed around a Dr. Watts and his assistant who are both working in a laboratory. This is a fun game for users because of the cartoons and animation that make this game such as interactive experience.

In this game there are two wild symbols that are offered. The first is the normal wild which can, like always, substitute for any other symbol. The other type of wild symbol can lead to some high payouts for anyone that triggers this symbol. This scatter symbol in this slot game is a nuclei, due to the science theme. The more scatter symbols that are spun, the more chance a user has to increasing their payout. If a player is able to spin 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols, then the free spin feature is activated. This will be beneficial for the user because it will increase the chance of a large payout. This game, through animation and graphics, truly is one of the best online pokie game.

Mount Olympus
by Microgaming

Travel back to the past to a time when the Greek gods reigned supreme over all that existed. Join Medusa on her quest for revenge and relive the tragedy and history all while earning some rewards. This can all be accomplished through playing Mount Olympus by Micrograming. This 5-reeled online pokie has a theme of Ancient Greece and will keep players interested for quite a while.

Game Description
Players will have a chance to pull some large earnings when playing Mount Olympus. With a maximum bet per line of $5 and 25 active paylines, players are looking at a wager of $125 per spin. This can mean big winnings when paired with some of the games other bonuses and features.

As is familiar in many online freeslots, some of the symbols used on the reel are the highest ranking playing cards. These include the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. These symbols, when put into certain patterns will yield earnings but no special kind of features or rewards. In order to do this, a player must spin and the reel must reveal one of the other, rarer symbols. These other symbols are pictures of magic vials, swords, mystical eyes as well as Medusa herself.

Mount Olympus features a large, automatically active jackpot of 1,000 coins. In order to achieve this jackpot, players must have the fortune of seeing five Medusa heads. Don’t look too long however, or you may turn to stone. As the rarest symbol in the game, the Medusa head pays out nicely when it is seen.

An interesting and unique aspect to this online pokie is the way in which the wild feature operates. Before a particular spin, a player will be presented with five different snakes of colors purple, red, blue, green and orange. The screen will prompt the player saying, ‘Pick Your Snake to Reveal Wild Reels’. From there the players spins to see their earnings.

Untamed Wolf Pack
by Microgaming

The Untamed Wolf Pack by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is all about getting out into the wild. For anyone who enjoys natural wildlife, this is one of the better free slot games out there. It is possible to have some true fun playing the game and, best of all, it has a rather small betting around, so for anyone who just wants to have fun playing the game, they are able to do exactly this. Plus, there are some bonus features available with the Untamed Wolf Pack by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game that make it a nice game to play for anyone.

Game Description
The Untamed Wolf Pack by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a five reel, 15 pay line game. This keeps the game small, which is nice for those players who do not like having dozens of pay lines that can sometimes convolute the overall gameplay. Betting can vary from one penny up to five cents per coin value and the maximum bet of coins per line is 15. With this, it means a player can max out a bet at $22.50.

Beyond just the general betting options, there are a few bonus features. There is a no progressive jackpot on the game, although this is nothing new with the Microgaming slot games. There is also no bonus round either or multiple. However, there is a scatter feature and free spins. In order to land the free spins, a player of Untamed Wolf Pack by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game needs to land at least three of the scatter symbols and have each appear on the reels. Once at least three appear on the reel it is going to load the 10 free spins. While there is no multiplier with the free spins, it does feature a wild counter, which can increase the payout for anyone playing the Untamed Wolf Pack by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game. It is a fun little game.

Untamed Bengal Tiger
by Microgaming

Players can go on the prowl for cash prizes when they play Untamed Bengal Tiger by Microgaming. This game is an online slots that has five spinning reels and offers slot players 243 winning ways. This game is a like a penny slots where slot spinners are able to play 1 up to 5 cents. There are a total of 5 reels and 243 different ways to hit. This feature provides players with multiple ways to win money.

Game Description
The game is designed with pictures of the wild Indian Bengal tiger. It shows this great cat on the prowl hunting for game or growling into the air at it foes. There are even some pictures of the female Bengal tiger caring for your young cats. When players start the game they will be able to deposit their money and take a spin.

Once they spin the wheel they can win money whenever they form a combination on the game line. Once again there are 243 different combos that players can get to get a payout. Payouts can seem rather low but quite a few offer a higher reward amount. But keep in mind that winning is what a slot player wants to do.

Slots players are treated to a Lucky Nudge feature in the game. The nudge allows players to get free spins. The game is designed to randomly provide players with this benefit. Wild Wins are also available. Wild Wins are tiles which give players a big payout. Players will have to get four Wild Wins to use this benefit. Players can alter their odds to improve their chances of winning.

Any slots player that gets 3 or more tiger eye scatters will be treated to 20 free spins. This means that a person will definitely be able to increase their odds at winning. This game provides players with so many different ways to consistently win cash prizes. They will also be thrilled and entertain as they try to hit the jackpot over and over again. People can play free slots like this and many more on the internet.

Tomb Raider
by Microgaming

These free slots no download games offered by Microgaming are all of top quality. The game, Tomb Raider, offered by Microgaming has certainly set the bar high. This slot game is a traditional 5 reel game that has a maximum of 15 paylines. This game is very much based upon the movie that stars Angelina Jolie. The high quality movie now has a high quality slot machine game that does not disappoint at all. This particular game brings further value to the tomb raider brand. Both action and high quality graphics are offered by this game to entice the users. This game also has the traditional wild symbol and scatter symbol which in this game are represented by Lara Croft logo and the Tomb Raider logo.

Game Description
This particular game adds to the high quality franchise of the Tomb Raider. This game offers 5 reels with both a wild symbol and a scatter symbol. In this particular game, they are represented by the Tomb Raider logo as well as the Lara Croft logo. These two symbols trigger the free spins that are also offered in this game.

Another very important symbol is the idol symbol. The idol symbol triggers the bonus features. At the beginning of this game, there is an introductory movie which explains how this game works. This is also a chance to show the users the Lara Croft franchise through some action clips of Lara Croft doing what she does. One of the best features offered by this game is that when there is a payout, each symbol exhibits animation. Not only are the visuals excellent, but the audio effects are also of top quality.

Some of the main positives of playing this game include the animation as well as the sound effects. Gun shots or any movement sounds completely realistic in this game. Other positives of this game include the graphics as well as the fact that this game is based upon an extremely popular franchise, making it easy to understand.

Gung Pow
by Microgaming

When taking advantage of free slots downloads, there are different varieties available to players. Some are going to be more traditional slot games, where there is a single payline and three reels. However, for individuals who are on the lookout for larger, more beneficial games that provide additional betting options, there are some games that hit pay lines of 100 or higher. With Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, a player is going to play a five reel, 243 pay line game. This is either going to turn some people on or off to the thought of playing the game. For those who are interested, there are some beneficial features found in the game.

Game Description
The Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game allows players to bet anywhere from one penny to $10 per pay line. This way, there are all sorts of different ways to bet and play. The jackpot for the Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is one of the largest out there at 30,000 coins, which means if the player bets the full $10 and lans the jackpot, they can walk away with $300,000. Beyond this, there are additional bonus features to consider when looking at the Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game.

The Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game does not have a bonus game, nor does it have a progressive jackpot, although this is nothing new when it comes to Microgaming platform games. There is no multiplier either. With that being said though there is a scatter symbol and a wild symbol. With the scatter symbol in Gung Pow by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, as long as three appear at once, it opens the player up to new possibilities of winnings. The wild symbol can replace any other icon on the board, outside of a scatter symbol, in order to boost winnings and help players win even more money.

Immortal Romance
by Microgaming

For anyone who enjoy the large slot games available online, the Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is an excellent option for individuals to take advantage of. The game is one of the larger games in terms of pay lines, which is exactly why it is something that fans of the additional bet options are sure to like. Of course, this also means that those who like the smaller, more traditional slot games, might prefer something else. With that in mind though, there are some nice features found in the Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game.

Game Description
The Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is all about dashingly handsome zombies, vampires and others immortal characters. For fans of the most recent vampire movies, this is sure to be a popular option. Now, the game use a five reel, 243 pay line setup. With this kind of a setup, there truly is almost no limit to how someone is able to bet. There are some added features that need to be looked into in order to make sure the Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is truly the right game for someone.

There is no progressive jackpot built into the game. This is important to remember as those people who want to try and win the growing jackpot should look for something else (although most Microgaming slot offerings do not have a progressive jackpot). Beyond this, there is a wild scatter option available on the Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game. The wild icon, once it appears, is going to increase the amount of winnings for the round and it is also able to take the place of any other image icon on the board. This way, there is a higher chance to win money on the given hand. On Immortal Romance by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, players can bet anywhere from a penny per pay line to 50 cents.

by Microgaming

Twister is a fun pokie game by Microgaming which features 5 reels and 20 paylines. In order to achieve wins, the player must match symbols on one of the paylines. It goes without saying that the more paylines are matched, the more the player wins. As with many other pokie games, there are symbols that could be a part of a multitude of winning combinations.

Game Description
The theme of Twister is like the name suggests. It is based on a tornado. The object is to… well, not die, and win big from the storms. The animation is silly and bearing a lot of resemblance to cartoons. The colors are vivid and the animation is very lively. The soundtrack is western based with the banjo playing in the background as the player matches the symbols and gets the bonuses.

For the wild symbols, Twister features the TV reel symbols. It can not only complete any winning combination, but can also trigger a bonus game in which more wild symbols are added. There are a couple of scatter symbols. One of them is the hot symbol which is placed on the first reel. The cold symbol appears on reel five exclusively. Both scatters will trigger their own bonus game. One bonus feature which is randomly activated is the storm feature. During the storm feature, there is a dark cloud which moves across the reels and creates more wild symbols. As the bonus round continues, the player will continue to win prizes until he runs out of wild symbols.

There are no free spins for this game. The secondary bonus game is similar to the storm bonus game except the structure of the game changes. This is when the hot and cold symbols appear on their reels.

Twister can be played at many online casinos. There is also a version of it created for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Sweet Harvest
by Microgaming

Sweet Harvest is a Microgaming casino app that you can play for free when you are in the casino. You will see the golden hues of all the grass in the fields, and you should enjoy the game when you want to have a peaceful backdrop for the time you need to pass. You have to play the game when you have nothing else to do, and you will be able to keep the game going with bonuses that take you deep into the heart of the prairie where the harvests are taken.

Game Description
The game start with the five reels and 20 paylines that are in the game. You can bet on any of them at any time, and you will be able to pick up more coins as you go. The coins let you spin the reels, and you can place as many bets as you want when you are playing. You get to enjoy the game while you are prolonging it, and you will be able to make the most of the game when you want to waste just a little bit more time.

The best part of the game is the bonus round where you are in the middle of the fields looking for more treasure. The harvest is going to improve immediately when you are able to get more bonuses that will give you more spins. All the spins come to you while you are playing the bonus round, and the game will never stop if you have the spins you need to keep going. Everyone playing the game will enjoy it more if they are getting extra spins that are going to come from the bonus round.

There are many ways to spend your time when you do not have much time to play, or you can play when you are looking for ways to pass the time while you are waiting to leave the office or on an important call.

Mermaids Millions
by Microgaming

The free casino slots made and produced by Microgaming all are of topnotch quality. The game, Mermaids Millions in particular offers both a high quality game is one of the best graphics. The theme of this game is obviously water. This game also includes a hint of mythology as well as the search for treasure. This game is a 5 reel game that also offers 15 paylines. Like many other slot games, this game in particular has a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, as well as many other offered features. The control adjusting and sound adjusting features are all greatly appreciated to allow the reader to turn up or turn down the offered audio.

Game Description
This game automatically begins when the player hits the spin button. This game offers up to 15 paylines. The maximum bet that a player can make on a bet are 75 coins. The scatter symbol in this game is represented by a mermaid. In this game, like in many other slot machine games, allows for high payoffs. Three or more scatter symbols or mermaids can trigger the free spin bonus feature. A user can get up to 10 free spins.

The wild symbol in this game is represented by Neptune also known as King Trident. This wild symbol can be used to represent or replace any other symbol to ensure a higher payoff. This is done by completing winning combinations. The bonus symbol in this game is represented by a treasure bonus symbol. This symbol gives the user of this game the opportunity to choose any objects on the computer screen. The objects that are on the screen all have bonus triggered payouts that are all associated with them. One of the most important symbols of this game are the jewel box and clam symbols. These symbols have a minimum payout of 500 coins. This ensures that the player of the game has earned maximum winnings. The graphics and theme make this game definitely worth playing.

Tornado Farm Escape
by NetEnt

The Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a smartly animated game that is sure to bring out the child in anyone who plays it. The cartoonish styling of the game is fun, yet not overtop in colors and vibrance that might push people away. For anyone who is looking for a mid-range online free games slot opportunity, the Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a must experience and is able to bring about all sorts of beneficial features that everyone can enjoy.

Game Description
With the Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game, it is a 5 reel, 20 pay line game. This keeps it small enough for anyone to enjoy yet still satisfies the needs of gamers who want a few different betting options. Regarding the betting option, it is possible to bet anywhere from a penny up to $10 per pay line. There is a maximum jackpot of 7,000 coins, which is multiple by the value of the coin played on the pauline. In order works, it is possible to win $70,000 off of the Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game.

Regarding the special features of the game, it has some basic bonus features but nothing out of the ordinary. There is no progressive jackpot, nor does the game have any sort of bonus game attached to it. There are also no free spins or multiplier features found on the Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game. It does come with a scatter symbol option, which allows a player to win across a new betting line should at least three of the scatter symbols appear. Outside of this though, there really is no other bonus feature.

For someone who wants a fun online slots game that does not come packed with a bunch of over the top bonus features, Tornado Farm Escape by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is the way to go about it.

by Microgaming

Moonshine online slot game has been developed by renowned software developer for online gambling, Microgaming. The game has 5 reels, 25 pay-line slot, and offers several free spins to a maximum of $125. It is a non-progressive slot game and the theme of the game is illegal activities of manufacturing alcohol which is referred to as moonshine. Features include the Hillbillies, Granny to the Sheriff with lots of references to Moonshine world.

Game Description
The theme of the game is illegal production of liquor and has 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. The size of the coin has different denominations from 0.01 to 2.00 for every pay-line. Minimum bet amount is pegged at 0.01 and a maximum of 250.00 per spin. A person can get a maximum payout of 8,000 coins for every line bet. The features include Scatter symbols, Wild symbols as well as a Moonshine Bonus Feature. This bonus will enable a player to win 18 Free Spins, and a multiplier of 4X the prize of all winnings. The Gun Totin’Grandma represents the Wild symbol. It can replace the rest of the symbols apart from scatter symbol, thus triggering a complete win combination.
The scatter symbols of the game are the Sheriff and Moonshine Bonus symbol.

When two or more Sheriff Scatter symbols are revealed at any place on the reels, they trigger a winning combination. Three or more Moonshine Bonus Jug should be revealed on the reels, for a player to claim a win. Moonshine Bonus Feature is activated by three or more Moonshine Bonus Jug scatter symbols. Free spins will be activated when at least 3 Bonus symbols are scattered on any reel.

As players embark on to play the free spins, they are given a chance to play another game to increase the free spins and multiplier. Those who would like to participate in this game but have no idea should play free slots from genuine casinos and learn how the game is played as well as technique used by gamblers to win.

Untamed Giant Panda
by Microgaming

Untamed Giant Panda, a widely played online bingo game, is one of the recent creations by Microgaming. It is defined by a panda leitmotif. Most of its symbols comprise of eye-catching woodland habitats. The number of ways via which one can seize money in the game is simply ridiculous, 243 ways! The game is very well comparable to the eminent Untamed Bengal Tiger minus the scary tiger. It appears Microgaming substituted the tiger with the gargantuan panda.

Game Description
Untamed Giant Panda, like all slots in the untamed series by Microgaming, has the characteristic Collect-a-Wild element. The element is added to the Wilds’ collection beneath a reel whenever a Wild, which is on the particular reel, gets hit. Whenever any of the reels has four Wilds, the Wilds are triggered to grow over its entire length for several spins. One can trigger growing Wilds over an entire reel on multiple reels by gathering sufficient Wilds.

Notably, each of the Wilds is brilliant. Thus, the Wilds are creatively christened Brilliant Wilds. They are brought to life in the game’s free spins. When one smashes a given Wild through reels when the spins are underway, the Wild remains trapped in own position until all the spins are executed. The trapped Wild is deemed sticky. Wild symbols hit on reels are directly added to counting stand below. When one banks four Wilds, so to speak, at most five reels become Wild for four extra spins, adding considerable money to his or her jackpot.

Following a fruitful spin, Untamed Giant Panda players may elect to utilize the Gamble Feature. Primarily, that could multiply their winnings by resolving to go through the entire betting process again. Even then, that is defined by the threat of losing all the money already banked as well! Certainly, those who have played the tiger game before may feel that the panda game is merely its discounted rip off. The two are rather similar.

Gold Factory
by Microgaming

The Gold Factory by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a rather standard online slots game that provides the standard feel and look to playing slots free. It is done in the feel of Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, only with gold instead of candy. The game is pretty bright and has some fun animations, but like any and all online slot games, Gold Factory by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is all about a user feel and whether or not they like the gameplay and the ability to bet and play on different variations. The game in terms of size is right down the middle, yet newbies to online slots might still find it a bit too large. The only way to determine this though is to test it out.

Game Description
The Gold Factory by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel, 50 pay line game. The 50 pay lines might be a bit much for new online players looking for a simple option, or for traditionalists who want the standard three reel, one pay line game. It is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to 10 cents per pay line, with the maximum bet being 1,000 coins (to determine the price for the bet the player just needs to multiple the 1,000 by their original bet, which would be $10-$100).

The Gold Factory by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game does not have any sort of progressive jackpot, although this is not new for Microgaming slots. There are multiple level bonuses in the Gold Factory by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game and the payout potential is higher than most games of the size. Plus, the gold factory theme is rather enjoyable and is not over the top while still being fun. There are free spins based on the number of scatter icons that appear (a minimum of 3), it is possible to win anywhere from 10 to 35.

Girls with Guns
by Microgaming

For anyone who loves seeing girls kick butt and take on the boys, the Girls with Guns by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is the slot game to choose. This is one of the top slots games from Microgaming, and while it has only been out since 2013, it is still proving to be one of the top performers from the company. Of course, knowing a bit more about this game that features beautiful women with large guns can help ensure it is the right game for online pokie players.

Game Description
The Girls with Guns by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a five reel, 243 pay line game. This makes it one of the larger pay line games out there. For individuals who are new to the world of online slots, this might not be the best way to start off. However, for someone who likes having the additional betting options at their disposal, this game might prove its worth.

It is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to $20 per pay line. The maximum jackpot is 8,000 coins, which is multiplied by the betting amount. This means a player is able to walk away with 160,000 if total winnings.

In terms of additional features on the game, there are some nice options on the Girls with Guns by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game. This includes a wild symbol and scatter symbol. The scatter symbol helps increase winning potential and, if at least three of the scatter icon appears, it loads the free spins. During free spins the value of the winning is multiplied, allowing a player to increase their chance of winning bit. Now, there is no progressive jackpot or bonus game on the Girls with Guns by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game. There is an autoplay feature though, so for those individuals who just want to get in more games, they can do that with the auto play feature available.

Deep Sea Diver
by Microgaming

For those looking to go under the sea with their next free slot machines games experience, it is time to check out the Deep Sea Diver by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game. With Deep Sea Diver by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, it is possible to live under the sea with the fishes and all the other wonder that is found in the water. With all these different features, there is always something to love about the game. Now, it really comes down to what someone might enjoy and what they are looking to accomplish while playing the online slots.

Game Description
The Deep Sea Diver by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel, 25 pay line game. This way, the game is large enough for those who want multiple betting options but not too out of the ordinary for new players to slots to just become confused. Once the player understands how pay lines work, there is no problem at all. There are a few different backdrops available on the game. With the backdrops, it is all about selecting what someone likes. In the Deep Sea Diver by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, the backdrops include a reef dive, wreck dive and a deep sea dive, not to mention a few additional bonus backdrops that can be fun to explore.

There is a scatter icon that, once it appears at least three times, it is possible to win up to 50 free spins with a multiplier of 20x. This way, should someone land this kind of feature, they are truly going to boost their potential winnings and really take advantage of all the beneficial features found in the game. It is hard to beat this kind of multiplier anywhere else, so for those who are fans of free spins and multipliers, Deep Sea Diver by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is the game to go with. There are not any other real bonus features with these free slot machine games.

Dawn of the Bread
by Microgaming

For fans of zombies and stories of the undead, Dawn of the Bread by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a must play. Now it is a bit different from traditional casino slots and other games online. There are not very many changing features with the game as it is straight forward. It does not have reels or pay lines, so for someone who wants to play a traditional online video slots game, Dawn of the Bread by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is not going to be the option. However, it has some of the same features of a slot machine, it just takes much of the guess work out of playing the game. Due to this, people are generally either going to like the game or dislike it. It is still worth checking out though, no matter what.

Game Description
The Dawn of the Bread by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game does allow a player to change the betting size, although it does not have the same extensive betting size amounts as other online slot games. The starting bet size is 50 cents, while the maximum coin bet size is $10. Now, the jackpot is 10,000 coins, which means the total jackpot value is going to vary from $5,000 all the way up to $100,000. Being able to walk away with $100,000 from an online slot game is a great way to go about playing the game online.

While playing the game, a player is going to go about it as they might with a scratch card. They pay for playing the Dawn of the Bread by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, and then the doors to the oven open up and reveal nine different objects. It is all about getting three in a row somehow. There are six different ways to win the game, based on what appears behind the oven doors. Either way, it is a fun game to play.

Crypt Crusade Gold
by Microgaming

When searching for games free online, the Crypt Crusade Gold by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a fun online slots game that is a bit different from the traditional slots game. It has a game feature built in that really makes the game more enjoyable. Now, for purists who just want the standard form of slots, this is not the game for them. However, for anyone who is looking for a new take on the game style and who likes to have a bit of a narrative go along with their slots game, the Crypt Crusade Gold by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a must to check out and experience.

Game Description
The Crypt Crusade Gold by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game does not have any real special features attached to it. It does not have a progressive jackpot and all of the pets are set at $10. Due to this, someone who does not want to bet large amounts or who is looking for games where they can play penny slots, this is not the best way to go. It is just a straight forward game that does not have vary many differing features. It does not have different pay lines or reels. It is just a straight forward betting on the game and then the player is either going to win or they are not. The entire game is fixed odds. At least with this option of the Crypt Crusade Gold by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game though they know what their chances are of winning and it doesn’t change at all as they move closer to the jackpot.

With the game, the player takes controls of a crypt raider who must work their way through a maze to reach the jackpot. As long as they progress forward with the wins, they are going to increase their chances of winning the jackpot of the Crypt Crusade Gold by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game.

Jason and the Golden Fleece
by Microgaming

The Jason and the Golden Fleece by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game offers fans of online casino games the ability to play an easy to follow yet enjoyable online game. This way, for anyone who is either getting into online slots or has been playing the style of game for years, the ancient Greek themed slot game is a great way to go about it.

Game Description
The Jason and the Golden Fleece by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a five reel, 20 pay line game that is able to payoff rather nicely. It is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to 50 cents per pay line, and there are some additional features that any slots player is going to enjoy.

For starters, there are free spins. When the player receives at least three of the scatter icons in one spin, they are able to receive the bonus spins, which helps increase the winnings amounts. These free spins are worth the value of the bet played prior to landing the three or more scatter icons. When the free spins are awarded, there is a multiplier feature that is enabled as well. All of the winnings that occur during the free spins are multiplied by three. If during the free spins at least three scatter symbols appear at once, it is going to unlike a bonus game.

The Jason and the Golden Fleece by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game provides a few different jackpot options. The traditional jackpot is 2,000 coins, although it is possible to boost this up to 220,000 coins when playing in the bonus round of the free spins game. Now, there is no progressive jackpot in the Jason and the Golden Fleece by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, although this is nothing new to fans of Microgaming online games. Either way though, it is still a fun game to play, especially for those individuals who enjoy online slot games.

Karate Pig
by Microgaming

Karate Pig, a video slot, is quite popular with those keen on free slots for fun. It has added to the high esteem to which its developer, Microgaming, is held. It is rather action-packed. It offers those playing it numerous openings to seize great payouts and entertainment. It has manifold features, which players find captivating, amusing, and entertaining. The features include a sushi chef, a polished philosopher, a determined Samurai, and an enthralling musician.

Game Description
Karate Pig remains one of the Microgaming’s most entertaining creations. Its five reels have 40 pay-lines. The lines offer numerous chances to put together winning permutations. Notably, the game is devoid of jackpots that grow in a progressive manner. Rather, those playing it enjoy a ceiling 2,000-coin payout. Apart from the aforementioned features, the game has extra symbols, or emblems, which are as well aimed at assisting players seize great payouts.

Players with diverse competence levels find the game a remarkable choice since it is supportive of diverse sizes of coins. For each pay-line, it supports coins with values ranging between $0.10 and $0.01. On a single spin, a player is allowed to bet up to 200 coins. That makes the game an attractive choice for beginners and even high-rolling gamers. Karate Pig has a pronounced wild emblem loaded on own reels. It has a logo that replaces all other emblems within it.

Even then, the wild emblem does not replace the game’s coins along with its scatter icon. Each pay-line has five logo emblems awarding players with the ceiling 2,000-coin payout, or jackpot. The jackpot can be grown to a whopping 10,000-coin payout by betting five coins on every pay-line. Given that the wild emblem appears on reels indiscriminately, one can use wilds to cover the whole screen, earning a monstrous 400,000-coin payout! Karate Pig affords players incredible cash rewards. That is why it is practically always the pick of those taking pleasure in the Microgaming’s productions.

by Microgaming

For a pokie to be popular, it must be of great quality and have a storyline that would be able to entrance the slot machine user. The Munchkin themed slot machine, created by Microgaming does just that. This 5 reel game features 15 lines that can affect the chances of winning. The Munchkin game includes a mystery theme which also has 33 possible ways of winning. The symbols that are included in this slot game include the capsule, a cookie, a book, a wallet, a key, a ace, a king, a queen, a jack, and a ten. In this case, the capsule is the wild symbol which is increase the player’s jackpot. This symbol will replace any symbol with the exception of the scatter symbol.

Game Description
When playing the mysterious game, it is important to understand that this is a 5 reel game with a potential earning of 15,000 coins. In this game there is a wild symbol which is represented by the capsule as well as a scatter symbol which is represented by the cookie. These two symbols increase earning potentials for the users. By triggering, 3 or more scatter symbols, this gives the user 20 free spins which will increase the earned jackpot.

If a win is achieved, another feature is for the user to be able to double their earnings. This is done by playing the gamble game. If the user chooses to double their winnings, all they have to do is to guess the right color of the face down card. If the user is wrong, they will lose all their winnings and have to start over again.

This game even offers bonus rounds which can be triggered by the wild and scatter symbol. By playing this game, the user is assured to win something. The only downside to playing this game is that although the user will earn money, it may not be the wanted jackpot.

Pinocchio’s Fortunes
by Microgaming

The Pinocchio’s Fortunes by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game share the classical storytelling of Pinocchio. Now, the animation is rather interesting as it is a bit different from what fans might be expecting to see regarding such a story (most fans are going to immediately think of the classical Disney movie, but the animation is far different). This is not one of the movie based slot machine games but it is instead just a traditional online video slots option. Regarding this though, there are some nice features with the Pinocchio’s Fortunes by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game and it does provide some bonus opportunities for individuals who are looking for games to play online.

Game Description
The Pinocchio’s Fortunes by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is designed with a five reel, 30 pay line game. At this point, 30 pay lines is great for those who enjoy more betting options. It might be a bit too much for new players, although that is more up to them than anything else. It is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to $15 per pay line though, which is perfect for players who just want to have fun playing the game or who want to increase their winning potential. The jackpot is 1,000 coins, so if the max bet is made, an individual is able to win $15,000.

Regarding the bonus features, there is no progressive jackpot but there is a bonus game that can be launched while in the free spins aspect of the game. During normal gameplay in the Pinocchio’s Fortunes by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, an individual is able to land at least three scatter symbols in the individual game. When this happens, the player ends the free spins portion of the game that takes advantage of a nice 3x multiplier. If they receive additional scatter icons during the free spins, they are going to launch the bonus game of the slots game.

Lord of the Rings The Fellowship
by Microgaming

For fans of the Lord of the Rings movie series and who also enjoy finding a way to play slots online, the Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Rings by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a great way to go about combining the two loves together. With the Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game, it is possible to see images of favorite characters from the movies while also having backdrops featured throughout the movies. There are some favorable features in the game, although it might not be for beginners due to the large pay lines.

Game Description
The Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel, 243 pay line game. With this number of pay lines, it is better for traditional players and those who are new to the world of online video slots to possibly look for another option. It can become a bit confusing to some due to the sheer number of pay lines. However, for those who enjoy these additional betting options, Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game might just be the perfect game to play.

An individual can bet anywhere from a penny to five cents per pay line with a maximum coin bet of 600 per round. The jackpot is 400 coins multiplied by the value of the initial betting amount. While playing the game, every spin is going to show visuals from the film, which makes it even that much better for fans. It also includes the memorable Lord of the Rings theme. Beyond this though, there is no bonus game in Lord of the Rings the Fellowship of the Rings by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game and there is a rather low fixed jackpot as well. It really is more about playing in the world of Lord of the Rings.

Irish Eyes
by Microgaming

It doesn’t need to be St. Patrick’s Day to enjoy a bit of Irish fun. With the Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots, it provides one of the truly fun and free online casino games. The colors are bright and it gives off the feeling of Ireland. Now, the graphics are rather basic, so it is not over the top for those who do not like the incredibly detailed animation styles of other games. It is also a smaller game, which makes it great for all players, no matter the experience level. Plus, there is a nice jackpot payout for those playing the Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots.

Game Description
With the Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots, it is a 5 reel, 25 pay line game. It does not have a very large variation of betting types. A player can bet anywhere from a penny up to a dollar with the max coins set at 2. This means the maximum bet per pay line is $2. The jackpot for the game is 10,000, so a maximum bet can pay out $20,000, which is not too bad for such a small bet.

Regarding bonus features, there are some nice options. While the Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots does not have a progressive jackpot, it does have some nice other opportunities. It has a scatter symbol that increases the chance of winning case. When at least three of the scatter symbols appear on the Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots, it provides 10 free spins, and during the free spins a multiplier of 2x is enabled. For fast players who are looking to get in the most number of Irish Eyes by Microgaming Online Video Game Slots rounds as possible, there is an autoplay option as well. This way, they can play the game quickly, even if they need to get up from the computer.

by NetEnt

Aliens is a thrilling example of the free online slot machines that have become so popular in the gaming community. With five independent spinning reels, three rows for potential matches, and a total of fifteen lines with which to play, Aliens is a solid choice when it comes to online slot gaming. You play just like any other slot game, but with several distinct differences. Winning combinations are not limited to straight lines within the game, and different symbols within the reels can be part of multipliers to increase your score. You can also manipulate your bet, allowing for the possibility of huge payoffs!

Game Description
This video slot game is themed after the popular movie franchise, “Alien”. There are three levels within the game. Level One is called The Search. Once you have filled the Alien Activity Meter above the game board by matching combinations on the reels, you will be advanced to Level Two. Level Two is called The Encounter, and now it is time to hunt the Aliens that you found in Level One. Be careful not to run out of ammo! Ammo symbols appear randomly on the center of the game board, and they allow for more spins to help you defeat the Alien forces. Once you’ve completed Level Two, you will go on to Level Three. The only objective of Level Three is to destroy the Queen and her hive. You can do so by using grenades. The grenades have randomly generated damage and could possibly kill the Queen in just one blow, with the proper multiplier. Multipliers can increase the strength of your grenades by as much as tenfold.

Be on the lookout for the Wild Symbols that may appear on the reels. If you find one, it can match with anything around it to create a winning combination. The Wild Symbols are a great way to increase your potential winnings, as they allow for bigger combinations.

by NetEnt

Flowers is a slot game that presents the player with flower symbols. This game is played on a virtual slot machine, on a 3×5 grid. The player plays for coins by making winning combinations that are presented on the pay table, available to the player towards the bottom of the virtual slot machine. The player may achieve a winning combination by combining two or more symbols in the same row vertically, horizontally or scattered in a predetermined pattern, again demonstrated on the pay table. The players must first place a coin wager and then wager on the amount of rows that they believe possibly will show a winning combination.

Game Description
In this game, a wild symbol in the shape of a sun will appear. This flower can substitute any other symbol other than the free spin symbol and the double symbols. If the player receives a free spin, wild symbols are stackable and more earning possibilities are achievable. The free spin and double symbol appear in the shape of a cloud, these symbols will give you a certain amount of free spins.

This will allow the player to earn more coins without the need of spending any. The other symbols present in the game are flowers, each worth a different amount. Each double symbol count as 2 single symbols. The roses are worth the most in the flower category, followed by the sunflower and then the Venus flytrap. Each symbol is greatly detailed and animated.

Other symbols include letters, in which there are up to thirty different combinations for a win. The player may choose of to 30 lines. The color used in this slot game is very vibrant and very nature like. The faces used to animate the character brings a fun and whimsical, making it one of the best online slots. The player is given coins to begin playing and must find their way through the row of flowers in order to find the treasure within the flowers.

Neon Staxx
by NetEnt

Neon Staxx is a video game slot machine released by Net Entertainment, one of the makers of the best online slots. The game has five reels, and four rows, with a hefty 40 active paylines, ranging from straight lines to a wide variety of designs. Coin values start at a minimum of .01, and end with a maximum of .50. There are ten levels, with the lowest bet being 20 coins, and the highest 200 coins, for a maximum bet of 100.00.

Game Description
Neon Staxx has a throwback them right from the 80’s; the colors are cheerful neon, with simple brightly colored Jack-Ace symbols. The game also has a synthesizer for a soundtrack. The Wild symbol is a bright pink ‘Wild’ over silver and gold rings. The Scatter symbol is also bright pink, sitting on a background of green dots and a green ring. The game also has what they have called ‘predator’ symbols; if a player gets a winning spin involving these symbols, the wins are worth more than the standard symbols.

As with most NetEnt games, there are a lot of extras and bonuses with Neon Staxx. The game has an interesting Super Staxx feature which involves stacks of symbols on the reels. This can result in a huge win for players. The Free Spins feature is triggered by hitting three Scatter symbols; this gives players ten free spins. If a player gets more Scatter symbols, they get more spins; four Scatters equal fifteen free spins, and five Scatters 20 free spins.

Players can also personalize the game by changing the settings. A quick spin option is available, as is a keyboard shortcut that turns the spacebar into a spinning device. Autoplay is available to allow the gamer to set from ten to 1,000 spins, along with advanced settings that will stop autoplay in the event of a win or free spins. Players can also stop autoplay when a win meets a certain criteria, or cash increases or decreases.

Muse Wild Inspirations
by NetEnt

The Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is one of the best slots online. The game provides some desirable features for both players new to slots and who have been playing online slots for a while. With the wide betting size and maximum payout, it makes it one of the better options for anyone to enjoy.

Game Description
For starters, the Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a five reel, 25 line game. This way, it is not too big but still provides a variety of betting options. The betting size ranges from one penny to 50 cents per pay line, and the maximum win is 590,000 coins multiplied by the original bet. This makes it great for someone looking to bet in different increments.

There are some bonus features to take in with the Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game, so for anyone who wants to play the bonus features, the Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a great way to go about it. There is a scatter symbol, which is the Winged Sandals symbol. If it appears at least three times in one spin it is going to provide 10 free spins. Should it appear four times at once it triggers 20 free spins and it appearing five times awards 30 free spins. During the free spin rounds it is going to activate the Wild Inspiration, which doubles the payout amount. There is also the wild symbol, which multiplies the payout for any game outside of the free spins. This way, it is possible to increase the winnings through Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game at almost any point during the gameplay option.

For someone who wants a basic online slots game that is easy to follow and fun to play, the Muse Wild Inspirations by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is one of the best options.

Jungle Games
by NetEnt

The name of this game is quite misleading. Jungle Games by NetEnt has a backdrop of the jungle such as Savannah grass. NetEnt, according to its norm has given much consideration to details when designing Jungle game slot machine. This consideration to details is evidently visible in its button design. Every button is crafted in a design that resembles bongo drum. The reels have animal symbols deriving creativeness from its name.

Game Description
The game’s symbols include boxing lion, a giraffe playing basketball, body cognizant gorillas, hippos resting in water, towels etc. It is based on a Madagascar setting. Each time a player hits a winning arrangement, these icons animate through a timely soundtrack from the backdrop. Jungle Games NetEnt comprises of a combination of African Madagascar animals that have a contemporary touch on their character as well as the afternoons of the sunny savannah.

The Jungle Games slot machine is played using 5 reels and 20 pay lines. The gambling range is 0.02 euros to 40 euros. Denomination of coins range between 0.02 euros to a high of 0.5 euros. The highest amount of coins that can be gambled on one pay line is 4. The highest payoff in this slots machine game totals to 8000 coins, which is equivalent to 4000 euros.

Jungle game furthermore lets the player to set the video slots machine on auto –play mode for it to spin a certain predetermined number. These numbers are 10, 25, 50 or 75 spins. The Jungle Games slot also features a skill halt option. This mode lets the player to halt the reels from rotating mid-way so as to get a winning combination. Jungle Games furthermore has wilds, which replaces any other icon to obtain a winning combination. Nevertheless, this icon doesn’t replace the scatter icon. The medal icon stands for the scatter icon in this game. The Scatter symbol includes a twofold purpose. They give an instantaneous win once a player gets at least 2 of the scatter icons. The payoff falls between 2X and 400X on a stake and the game can be played on any authorized website that has casino games online.

Pandora’s Box
by NetEnt

The best slots offered by NetEnt go above and beyond the expected quality is. A great slot in particular is called Pandora’s Box. This game, offers a Greek theme that transforms the surroundings into a city of Greece. This ancient world of the Greek Gods is both enticing and extremely adventurous. Both the symbols and the graphics include the Greek mythology theme that is both mythical and magical. This game has 5 reels with many features including free spins. One of the big positives of playing this game is that there is a maximum payout of up to 120,000 coins.

Game Description
The Greek theme makes users so entranced that they even may want to wear a toga while they play. The symbols that are offered in this free game are all of Greek mythology or of ancient Greece. Some of the symbols include a harp, some of the gods and goddesses, an olive branch, a grape vine, a Trojan helmet. The icons of this Greek themed game are all mythical and of the ancient Greece time period, the audio effects include a simple blowing of the win.

The important features of this game include the wild symbol, the scatter symbol, the free spins and much more. All of these offered features lead to an increasingly large payout. The wild symbol, like in any other slot games, can be used to substitute for any other symbol if it will increase the payout amount. Another offered feature is the free spin feature which is increased as the number of used scatter or wild symbols increase.

This game is highly recommended if a user is in the mood for an adventurous and Greek themed game. The high quality graphics and animation makes this game truly enjoyable. This slot game also offers simple betting options that make this game so compatible for beginner slot users. This game is both a free and enticing game that will have users hooked.

Pirates Gold
by NetEnt

Pirate’s Gold is an enjoyable slot machine that has 5 reels and 9 playlines. It is a welcoming and interesting slot to engage in. The most appreciated thing about this game is that it has a lot of options and they do not bring confusion in it. It has a wide range of players because of its popularity that has been brought about by NetEnt. It has a theme, and the whole game fits into it.

Game Description
Pirate’s Gold is a game of high quality. It has great sound effect and interesting and funny symbols each showing its own distinguished personality. Despite it being a 5 reel slot machine, it is able to maintain the simplicity of a game that is classic. This slot is found to be appealing by the people who do not require a lot of features. The betting range starts at .10 a spin and increases up to $9. This range is good because it gives chances to players to either bet a little or a lot.

Slot machine symbols include a seashell, a parrot, a ruby ring, a cannon, a skull and crossbones flag, a treasure chest and a pirate coin symbol. A bonus round is given if a person gets 3 gold coins on a single payline. At a bonus round one is allowed to aim the cannon at a circling ship. The award given depends on the ship one shoots. If the ship shot is the one with a golden key a person is given another bonus.

Pirate’s Gold does not have wilds and scatters like the other slot machines but when there are things to be stored it provides for them. Its highest bet is worth 10,000 coin and is worn by getting 5 treasure chest symbols on a playline. When looking for a play slots online game, try Pirate’s Gold since it is a great game.

Reel Steal
by NetEnt

Reel Steal is a NetEnt slots machine game with 5 reels and 9 pay lines. The game features a wild icon, scatter wins, free spins as well as multipliers. One can play it and other free slots at Tower Gaming Casino.

Game Description
Reel Steal game is certainly inspired by a famous Grand Theft Auto video game collection. Starting from its font, shady characters, music, theme, and its sound effects, a player definitely gets the GTA feeling from Reel Steal machine slots. Icons used on this game include the Car representing wild symbol, Bomb representing scatter symbol, Gunman, Mob Boss, Explosive Expert, Hooker, Chop Shop Owner, Gold Vault, Camera, Diamond, Gun symbols and Money Bag.

The game’s coin values are $0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.10, $0.20 and $0.50. A player is able to choose 1-9 pay lines at 1-10 coins for every line. The lowest bet that a player can make on this game is a penny while the highest bet is $45 for every spin. The Reel Steal game comprises of a decent betting range, which should be fit for majority of slots players. A player is able to Skill stop the whirls manually by hitting the Spin button when it is in mid-spin. To play this online slots game, a player can either choose their stake and hit the Spin key or use “Max Bet” so as to play all 9 lines for 10 coins each line.

The highest paying icon on this game is a Gunman symbol. If a player lands 5 Gunman icons on a pay line that is active, they are able to win the top jackpot of 1500 coins. The icon that ranks second highest paying is Hooker icon, which pays out 1000 coins for 5 icons on pay line that is active. The Car represents the wild symbol and will stand in for all icons apart from scatter icons. Once the Car stands in a winning combination, it is going to play like a 5X multiplier. When there are free spins, it works as a 25X multiplier.

Reel Rush
by NetEnt

NetEnt, one of the premier providers of free games has released Reel Rush, an online slot machine game. The game has five reels, five rows, and although there are no bet lines, there are a crazy 3,125 ways to win. Coin values range from .01 to .20, and bet amounts range from 20 to 200 coins. With ten levels, this game has a NetEnt standard maximum bet of 100.00.

Game Description
Reel Rush has a very rich looking candy theme, with a colorful array of symbols. Green, purple, yellow, red, blue and orange candies and fruit icons represent the main symbols. The wild symbols are a generic brown with the word ‘wild’, and can substitute for any other symbol. The initial spin uses 13 of the spots, one on top and bottom, three in the second and fourth spot, and five in the middle. The board opens up to the full 25 spots only during the re-spin feature.

One of the best features of this game is the re-spin; winning spins open adjacent spots giving player a better chance of a subsequent win. The game will automatically spin itself, opening more and more spots, as long as the board continues to spin out wins, or until the board maxes out at five re-spins (opening up the entire board). This can lead to a huge payout with just one spin charge. If the board re-spins five times the player will receive eight free spins.

Reel Rush also has some nice customizable features; in the game settings players can start quick spins, change or mute the audio, lower the graphics quality and add a keyboard shortcut to make spinning even easier. The autoplay feature allows up to 1,000 autoplays, and is easily modified to stop the automatic spins based on the player’s criteria; such as high level win, a free spins win, or if the player’s cash increases or decreases by an amount determined by the player.

Relic Raiders
by NetEnt

Relic Raiders is yet another slots by NetEnt which can be defined as something derived from a combination of Tomb Raider as well as Indiana Jones; it is the story of an international tomb-robbing where heroes journey around the globe making themselves rich at the cost of prehistoric civilizations.

Game Description
Relic Raiders has 5 reels, 4 rows as well as an impressive 50 pay lines; a player finds an unidentified column at the left side of reels, and the reels contain a variety of well-drawn icons. Colored jewels are the symbols with lower value and at the top of scale there is a snake, a map, a seaplane and a monkey. Unique icons comprises of an intimidating tribesman wild, treasure box scatter as well as a bonus icon having the male plus female heroes of the game, which activates bonus slot.

The left hand column is the center of the Relic Mystery Win aspect while the 4 empty spaces ought to be filled with gold relics. The relics are obtained in bonus game and when in place, they last for 36 hours from a player’s final spin. Therefore, if a player has 3 in place, they should ensure that they play this game again in 1 ½ days to finish the stack. Once a player has all the 4, they will play a brief game where they pick 1 statue that will award them a substantial win.

3 bonus icons from the left side to the right side on triggered pay line will win a player a bonus game, which is accompanied by a map indicating 4 historic locations. At every location, a player will get into a tomb as well as break open anything searching for relic. Urns will similarly earn a player prizes although if they unearth a gigantic spider and the round comes to the end. This game has several treasure box scatter icons that are going to earn a player free spins.

Robin Hood Shifting Riches
by NetEnt

For anyone looking for fun online slot by NetEnt games, the Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt Online Video Slot Game is one of the best games the company has. There is a wide number of betting options and great pay lines, so it is not overly complicated yet still easy to follow through. So, for those who have been searching for exceptional online slots, there is a game for everyone. It just comes down to what players are looking for.

Game Description
With the Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt Online Video Slot Game, it is a five reel, 20 pay line game. The 20 pay lines helps keep the game small enough to remain manageable, yet large enough to offer different betting opportunities. This truly makes it a great hybrid for anyone who likes both larger games and those who want to be able to see what actually is going on with their betting lines. It is possible to be anywhere from a penny to 50 cents per pay line, although the jackpot is rather small at 1,000 coins (which is multiplied by the coin wager per pay line). For those who want to keep the betts small, this is a great game to play and take up.

There are a few different bonus features found in the Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt Online Video Slot Game. First, there is the ability to win free spins. Should the scatter symbol appear at least three times in one spin, it is going to launch the free spins, which provide 20 free spins. The multiplier also increases the payout by five for every free spin. This way, anyone who is looking for a great way to increase their payouts while staying true to traditional slot machines, the Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt Online Video Slot Game is the way to go.

The Robin Hood Shifting Riches by NetEnt Online Video Slot Game is a fun Robin Hood themed game.

Safari Madness
by NetEnt

Free games on the internet often lead to disappointment. However, if a player is looking for a fun and adventurous game with high quality visual effects, look no further then Safari Madness created by NetEnt. This game is an 8 payline video slot that offers many fun symbols that capture the attention of the users. The symbols used in this game include crocodiles, lions, safari cars, as well as regular bar symbols. This is a 9 reel game which is different from the traditional 5 reel game. The maximum jackpot that can be won is 4,800 dollars. This wildlife themed game offers many betting options such as a free play at any online casino.

Game Description
This game offers both a wild symbol as well as a scatter symbol. In this game, the scatter symbol is represented as a tourist. The tourist awards prizes to the user when two or more of this symbol appear on the screen. Another great part of this game is the fact that the reels can use automatic spins. The player has options ranging from having an available 10 spins up to a whopping 500 spins.

All of the symbols offer a high payout to the user. This game also offers 65 betting options that start from .01 and can go up to 6.40. This game is based off of a animal safari theme with emphasis on the types of animals. The tourist, most of all is the desired symbol that means big winnings. There is also a special paytable which is offered to only those who have triggered 2 to 9 of the tourist scatter symbols.

The positive aspect of playing this game is that no matter what there will most likely be a payoff. The goal, however, is to get the tourist symbol to ensure the greatest payout. With the high quality graphics and the great audio effects, this really is one of the best free slot machine games to play.

Secret Code
by NetEnt

This is a slots for fun game. It uses a standard 5-reel, 3-row system and it has a maximum of 20 paylines. A minimum of 3 symbol matches are required to constitute a win. These symbols may be matching anywhere on a payline in order to attain a payout. Paylines may be a combination of either a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lining system. Multiple wins can be attained provided that more lines are activated. The more that are activated, the higher the betting amount, but the chances of winning are much greater.

Game Description
This game mainly follows an Illuminati-related theme, with unique symbols mostly taking place in an ancient time. It has many symbols that have always been believed to have relations or connections with the Illuminati. Unique marks, fraternal rings, books, and hourglasses. There is a wild-card symbol here as well; it is of an old monk activating a statue revealing a hidden passage beneath the tiles on the floor. What makes this wild element so unique is not only the neat animation effects but also that it takes up an entire reel, and what’s more, there can be wild-card symbols on multiple reels. Because there are so many chances of winning with these wild-card symbols made up of many occurrences, it makes them a vital element in winning a great prize.

One of the more special parts to this slots game is the chance to win a bonus from the bonus room only attained by getting 3 bonus symbols in a row. You get to open small chests with a group of keys on your key-ring, the catch is, that they have to match each chest, which have unique locks and there is only one key for each one. For the more daring players who aren’t afraid of risking it all, or half, you can bet on another test of chance. With anything that can be considered a gamble, if the risks are greater, so too will be the reward.

Secret of the Stones
by NetEnt

The Secret of the Stones by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a classical online slots game that provides a nice opportunity to win some extra money. There are different betting options, yet it is not too large to frighten off new players to online slots. It also serves as a free slot spins game, as players can win free spins as they play, not to mention increase their chances of winning money thanks to the boost multiplier. All in all, the Secret of the Stones by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a nice way to play online slots.

Game Description
The Secret of the Stones by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel, 25 pay line slot game. It is all based around an ancient feeling stone scribe (naturally, with a game about secrets of a stone, that makes sense). With the game it is possible to win free spins. As long as at least three of the scatter icons appear, it is possible to with 10 free spins. This is also going to load the multipliers into the game as well, which increases the potential payout. Now, there are no bonus rounds or progressive jackpots, but that is nothing new as most NetEnt games do not have this sort of a bonus feature.

It is possible to bet anywhere from one penny to 50 cents on the Secret of the Stones by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game, and with the maximum payout of 350,000 coins (multiplied by the bet, which means it is possible to bring in $175,000 in total winnings), so it is one of the larger payout options of all the different online slot games out there. The game is a bit familiar feeling, which is not necessarily a bad thing. This way, anyone who likes online slot games but wants a different cover to it, the Secret of the Stones by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a nice way to go.

Spinata Grande
by NetEnt

This slots for fun game uses a different type of slots grid. It uses a 5-reel, 4-row system with 40 paylines. A combination of 3 symbols constitutes a win. Paylines follow a mix of horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lining systems. The more lines activated, the more the bet must increase, but with more activated lines a much higher chance of winning presents itself.

Game Description
The theme with this slots game is everything piñata-related. As piñatas are commonly associated with Mexican traditions and beliefs, it also becomes part of the theme. Every time the reels spin fun, festive Spanish music plays. It can easily be said that this is one of the more interesting games because there are so many paylines (a whopping 40 of them) and there are many chances to win big. What makes this slots app so different is definitely the monstrous tiles in the reels, some of them take up a 2×2 space, or even a 3×3! This is, without a doubt one of the highest paying online slot games out there and it is mostly due to these massive tiles! Every section they take up counts as that same symbol. For instance if a 3×3 tile with one symbol on it will count as the same symbol 9 times!

Another unique aspect of this slots app (and perhaps the most important one) is the special 3×3 bonus symbol (the colossal mini-slot feature). 9 symbols within the tiles are randomly selected, among these a series of different coins worth a fixed amount, score multipliers, and free spins, if the player is lucky, they get offered the chance to win big without any risk at all! There is also the fact that during free spins, the colossal wild-card decides to rear its ugly head. The player can win what would be considered to be the jackpot in this game with this feature. This slots game is very festive and a lot of fun to play.

Viking’s Treasure
by NetEnt

Casino games online often enough have a theme that can tell a story for the purpose of drawing in a player. This new Viking’s Treasure online slot game is no different. The Vikings, known for their pillaging and ship making, is the perfect theme to entice a online slot enthusiast. The Viking’s Treasure online slot game is a 5 reel game that has 15 paylines, all of which increase the likelihood of winning the jackpot.

Game Description
The best part of this online slot machine game are the cartoon like graphics that put the idea of Vikings in a good perspective. Like every other slot machine game, this game has symbols. The symbols involved are a part of the Viking theme which include the Viking axe, the shield and helmet, the Viking female, the Viking ship and much more. One of the most important symbols is the Viking soldier symbol which is the wild symbol. The great thing about this wild symbol is the fact that it can represent or replace any symbol on the lines. This can be used to create a winning combination.

The wild symbol can replace any symbol except for the scatter symbol. The symbols that represent the scatters are represented by the treasure. These symbols trigger free spins which increase the amount that can be won. This feature of the free spins can be re-triggered multiple times that also increase the payoff.

This particular slot machine game is a lighter themed game that does not include any violence or typical antics. This game can even be said to include the friendly Vikings that do not destroy villages. The graphics that have been created for this game tell a story that entices the user of this game. Though this game is not overly complicated, it is particularly hard to hit a major jackpot. This game has everything that one could want when they are just looking to enjoy the art of playing the slot machines.

Voodoo Vibes
by NetEnt

The Voodoo Vibes by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game has a very Louisiana swamp vibe to it. It makes the player feel as if they are on a hunt for a voodoo witch doctor who can give them all of the necessary tools to succeed in life and to get exactly what they want. The game is perfect with this unique vibe that is not available in other games. It is also a great game that can provide exceptional levels of fun for all levels of free slots online. The game is not too large for individuals who are new to the world of online slots and yet it still provides a nice opportunity for payout for those who have been playing video slots for some time.

Game Description
The Voodoo Vibes by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel, 25 pay line game. This way, it is not too big and yet at the same time not too small either. It is possible to bet as small as one penny per pay line and yet up to $50 per pay line. There are many bonus features on the game as well.

The Voodoo Vibes by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game offers up free spins when at least three of the scatter icons appear. Once this happens the 10 bonus spins load for free. During these bonus spins, all winnings receive a 3x multiplier, which can add a significant amount of winnings to the game. There is even a bonus game that can come about during the bonus spins. During the bonus game of the Voodoo Vibes by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game, the player is shown 12 dolls. The player must take out their pin and prick each doll to watch them explode. The exploding dollars provide bonus currency on top of the multiplier. All of this makes the Voodoo Vibes by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game a truly fun game to play online.

Wild Turkey
by NetEnt

Wild Turkey is a popular slot machine game offered by NetEnt, which is based on a five reel and 20 paylines grid that is based on the principal that a tribe of wild turkeys and their idol are present. The game requires a player to match three symbols in order to win in a horizontal or vertical line, which must be located on a payline activated by the addition of coins per spin to active any of the 20 paylines available.

Game Description
Wild turkey offers amazing graphics and sounds that have become the hallmark of the NetEnt brand with the theme of the turkey tribe being taken on throughout the game and included in the borders of the game that include a wild vine pattern. Across the reels and paylines the regular symbols found in the Wild Turkey game payout at a rate determined by the rarity of the symbols matching on each line. As with the majority of video slots the more paylines a player activates using the increase and decrease paylines button the greater and lower are their chances of winning. Players hope to see the Wild Turkey icon appear on their reels as these symbols can make up a line that may only feature two matching symbols. The spinning of three Wild Turkey icons opens the free spin bonus feature.

Bonus features on the Wild Turkey game are activated when three, four or five Wild Turkey icons are matched and provide up to 60 free spins. During the free spins feature the jackpot can be won by a player, which can be added to with a stacked group of Wild Turkey icons appearing that add even more free spins to the number available for any player. Turkey symbols payout a larger amount for winnings, which can include the chance to stack five King Turkey symbols together that offer the highest payout and can lead to any player winning the largest number of coins available at any one time.

Royal Masquerade
by PlaynGo

A new release offered by the instant play slot app of PlaynGo has created a new wave of fans that have been raving about this new game release. The new release is called the Royal Masquerade. One of the best features of this new game is the introduction to new and excellent music that makes users want to turn up the volume rather than turn it down. The detail that went into this Venice royalty theme is outstanding. Both the background as well as the characters offer so much intrigue to the player. This game is not only a basic slot machine game but it is also a beautifully designed and high quality game.

Game Description
The inspiration for this new slot machine game is to be able to take the users down the streets of Venice and to tell the player a story. This five reel game is so well done, users are left addicted and fascinated by this game. The positive aspect of playing this game is that there are so many wild symbols that the chances of winning are very high. Another positive about this game is that the free spins that are featured also guarantee the user in winning a jackpot. It is even possible to win 1 million dollars in cash off of this game.

The bonus features of this game include stacked wilds. This ensures that a player will win something. The wild symbol is portrayed as a grey and gold mask that fits in with the Venetian Mardie Gras theme. The scatter symbol is portrayed by a golden mask. If the player gets three golden masks, the free spin feature is then triggered which ensures that the player will receive a substantial earning. One last major feature of this game is that after winning, the player has the chance to double or even quadruple the winnings by participating in a mini card game. All the player has to do is guess if the card is red or black or what suit it is from.

Tower Quest
by PlaynGo

Tower Quest is an online slot machine game by developer PlaynGo. It has five reels, and three rows for a playing field of fifteen symbols, with a total of 20 fixed paylines. Coin values range from .01 to 1.00, and players can bet from one to five coins, giving them a maximum bet of 100.00. Free games can be played for fun, or to practice the game.

Game Description
Tower Quest has a magic theme with wizards, elves, dragons, monsters, skeletons and symbols from Jack through Ace. The lowest paying symbols are the J-A, with the female and male elven warriors paying the highest. The game’s wild symbol is represented by a tower, which is two spaces high which can mean more winning combinations. It can substitute for all symbols except the scatter symbols and the bonus.

The Scatter is triggered when players get five red and the blue potion vials. Depending on the amount collected, these can then be used to either unlock five free spins, free spins with extra wilds or free spins with sticky wilds. In a nice twist, for each spin that contains a vial, the ‘juice’ flows to the right or left of the screen, depending upon the color. Players can continue to accumulate the vials, and use them whenever they decide to, meaning that they can be used to increase earnings or salvage a bad spin.

The game’s bonus round is triggered by the evil wizard symbol; three evil wizards appearing anywhere on the board will trigger this round, which is worth up to 500 times the bet. The player then attempts to kill the wizard by rolling dice to determine which cards he will play. The cards contain strength and health, which are pitted against a competing monster’s strength and health; a series of head to head battles with the evil wizard determines the winner.

The autoplay feature allows players to choose to automatically spin 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 times. It also has the option to stop the autoplay early based on certain criteria, if the player checks the option boxes.

by PlaynGo

Gemix by Play’n GO is an online slot machine game that brings innovation and creativity to a whole new level. This colorful game which is very similar to Nintendo’s game Tetris, features precious gemstones that can result in some rather large payouts for players.

Game Description
Gemix is a completely experience than traditional online gaming. There are not any traditional reels but instead a grid full of bright beautiful gemstone symbols. These gems come in the form of various shapes, such as pentagons, crescents, squares, triangles, hearts, stars and even a flower. Players will win a cash reward for aligning a set of five symbols next to each other. Unlike traditional online slot games, there are different worlds, three to be exact that players can explore. This brings players back to a little bit of nostalgia as it is reminiscent of classic old school video games.

When visiting each world, players will see that there are six different and unique combinations of symbols that are you must trigger in order to advance onto the next world. Like most online slot games form Play’n GO there are also wild symbols available for play. Each of the three worlds features a different wild symbol. The wild symbols that players will find throughout the worlds are, a lollipop, spell book and lantern. These wild symbols pop up on the reels and have different abilities depending on the world in which the player is playing in. When these wilds appear in the world, they can double a players winnings.

In order to receive a number of winning combination, a player can get either spreading or falling wilds. There are many more bonus features available. One of those is the Crystal charge which if found on the grid if a player has cleared 20 symbols. If a player can clear 40 symbols then they will win 3x more.

Gemix brings players back to a much simpler gaming time when lining up colors or gems and having them disappear resulted in entertainment but not a payout. Play’n GO has brought back that entertainment that would capture players for hours and has upped the ante by making it rewarding.

Merry Xmas
by PlaynGo

For an instant play in browser, PlaynGo is the browser to choose. With high quality games, this site will not only have winning opportunities but will also be extremely addicting. The game Merry Xmas by PlaynGo in particular is both fun and offers a high quality slot machine experience that extremely festive. This holiday themed slot machine offers a ton of prizes especially during the time of Christmas. The reels are made up of many symbols including gifts, candles, bells, and candy canes. Not only are the animation and graphics of top quality but the music and sound effects leave the user in a cheerful and festive mood. A positive of playing this game is that with only 3 matching symbols, there will be a payout to the user.

Game Description
This game with the symbols and the audio effects puts users into a cheerful mood. Offered features of this game include a wild symbol, scatter symbol, as well as free spins. This game is simple yet fun to play. When playing this game, it is important to know, that if three gifts are chosen on the reel, this will trigger the bonus feature. What will happen next is that the three gifts will present themselves at the front of the screen. All the user must do is to choose which package to open which will indicate the amount of earnings that have been won. This means an instant cash prize.

This jolly and festive 5 reel game is both easy and fun to play. This game also offers 4 wild symbols which can trigger a huge jackpot. If a winning symbol is triggered, the jackpot will be huge. Also count on the one bonus feature. This bonus feature will be triggered (as stated before) if three symbols are chosen on the third reel. This can only happen on the third wheel. The music and animation are what make this game for relaxing and full of festivity.

Pearls of India
by PlaynGo

Pearls of India is a browser app by PlaynGo. This online slot machine game has five reels and three rows, with a fixed 20 line payout. Coin values range from .01 to 1.00, with a maximum of five coins bet. This results in a standard PlaynGo bet of 100.00. Players should keep in mind that while the Bet Max button increases the betting amount (from 1 to 5 coins), it does not increase the coin value, which must still be done manually.

Game Description
Pearls of India is a pretty game, with an Indian theme. Symbols include the lower paying Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, but the nicer, and higher paying symbols are those of an elephant, hand, and a bust. Additionally, the game has progressive multipliers; after each win, the winning symbols drop out and new symbols are dropped in. This can continue up to 5 times, allowing the player to achieve as much as a 10x multiplier.

Winning spins are also eligible to be gambled in an all or nothing round; the player has the option to attempt to double or quadruple their win. To double the win, the player must choose the correct card color. To quadruple the win, the player must choose the correct suit. The wrong choice results in a forfeit of all money won in the spin.

The Scatter is triggered when the player receives three pearl symbols, winning 10 free spins. The Wild symbol is a picture of Rich Wild, and can be used in place of all symbols other than the Scatter and Bonus symbol. Bonus symbols come in the form of temple, each time a temple appears it goes to a tracker on the left side of the board; the bonus game is triggered when the player accumulates 25 symbols. Players can win up to 250x their bet in the bonus round. Another nice feature of the Wild is that the game recognizes it as a win; it is pulled out to the meter, and the multiplier moves to the next level.

Oily Business
by PlaynGo

Oily Business by Play’n GO is what the name implies, the oil business but in a browser based slot app form. Here players can delve into the world of oil tycoons in hopes of getting a cash payout. Players can dabble in all aspects of oil rigging from drilling and transporting to the business side.

Game Description
Oily Business is like some other Play’n GO games in that it features five reel slots with five pay lines that pay out both ways. Also similar to other Play’n GO games, Oily Business is great for players who are not willing to spend a lot yet want to play a great, entertaining game. The bets range from .01 to 2.00 which divided by five makes the maximum bet 10.00. There are some other interesting features available such as fast play and auto play.

Players are able to potentially double or triple every win through the gamble features. Players can use the gamble option up to ten times or until they win 50 thousand in coins. Symbols on the reels are oil workers holding cards from 10 through Ace. Other symbols include a helicopter, money, oil drums and stock report. There are wilds available in Oily Business and their symbols is an oil rig. If players get three or more wilds they advance to a bonus game.

The bonus games allows players to pick a drilling area and what they choose will determine how many free spins they get. Players can also choose a site for an oil rig and that will determine how many additional wilds will be on the reels. As in other Play’n GO games, scatters are also available and the symbols for scatters are bronze, silver or gold rings. If a player gets three rings in a row they win a tasty jackpot, four rings the luxury jack pot and five rings rewards a spin for the dream chance jackpot.

Oily Business is exciting in that it offers so many different ways to win while not making players spend an astronomical amount to do so.

by PlaynGo

Energoonz is an online slot machine app by PlaynGo. It has a large 5×5 playing grid, and only requires three symbols in a vertical or horizontal row for a win. The bets are simpler than most online slots of this genre, with only five levels; .20, 1.00, 2.00, 10.00 and 40.00.

Game Description
Energoonz has a sci-fi theme; with animated symbols ranging from lightning bolts, to particles and fire for the lower paying symbols. It also has higher paying symbols in the form of black, green and orange aliens. The ‘wild’ symbol is characterized by a glowing ball of energy, and can be substituted for any of the other symbols to create a winning combination. The audio also has a sci-fi feel to it, and can be muted by the player.

One of the best features of this game is the multiplier; each time the player wins, the multiplier increases. The symbols that resulted in the win drop out, allowing existing symbols to drop down and create additional winning combinations. In an unusual twist, the winning symbols can be used to make more than one combination. For example, a row of five symbols in a row will result in a winning combination of three, four and five symbols.

The bonus is triggered by the word ‘Bonus’ appearing in one of the columns. The only way to enter the bonus round is to clear out an entire reel. In other words, a player must get five vertical symbols to clear the entire column. The bonus round can result in up to 20 free spins, depending on how many columns are cleared. The symbols change during the bonus rounds, and there is no wild symbol. However, if the player gets five or energy containers during the bonus round, they will receive even more bonus rounds.

The game’s autoplay feature allows players to choose to play up to 50 spins, and has several options that will stop the autoplay. These options must be chosen before the autoplay starts.

by PlaynGo

There are many people that enjoy slots for fun. Online slots, in particular are both innovative and offer a imaginative story-line that entrances the user into becoming fascinated with the story line. This game is a 5 reel game with 15 paylines. This game has a Viking theme that is both mystical and adventurous. The story-line of this game is so imaginative because it is about Vikings on a ship that seem to face off dragons often. Through the graphics, the user really feels as though they are on a ship through the open sea visuals, oar sound effects, as well as the sound effects coming from the wind. This game is full of Viking symbols that include a story-line of raiding villagers and collecting treasure.

Game Description
While playing this 5 reel game, the thing to know is that the Viking warrior is the most important symbol. This symbol pays 166 times the original stake. The treasure chest is also an important symbol because it represents the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol or the treasure chest is useful for creating winning combinations that increase the winnings.

The wild symbol in this game is of course the fiery dragon. This symbol doubles any payouts just by triggering this symbol. After triggering this combination, the downside is that there will be no more free spins available. The free spins feature is another great part of this game. The player, if they have not triggered the wild symbol, can use up to 15 free spins.

This game is one of the best slot machine games to play not only for the excellent story-line but also for the graphics and audio effects. Another positive about playing this game is that the players of this game can easily earn high winnings if either the wild symbol or the scatter symbol are triggered. The main attraction of this game is not the slot machine itself by the fact that this game is so enticing.

Photo Safari
by PlaynGo

Bright, colorful and friendly describe this African Safari themed free online slot game. Filled with various types of African animals, Photo Safari holds a plethora of prizes that are as unique and individual as the animals themselves are.

Game Description
Photo Safari is one of Play’n GO’s many free games available online. This online slot game is completely African safari themed and has five reels and twenty pay line slots. This fun game is filled with giraffes, lions, zebras and more for the player’s pleasure. Play’n GO has once again made a game that is unique but not over the top with gleam and loudness. They have even integrated into the game ten through Ace symbols that adorned with touches of African tribal garb.

Like in most Play’n GO games, there is a wild. It is the drum symbol and it takes place for all regular symbols with the exception of the Scatter. Free spins are also available. If the player gets three or more film reels, then a free spin round is activated and the film reels will act as a wild for that round only.

If a player is lucky enough to get three camera icons on the reels then they are sent to a pick ’em bonus round where you have to take pictures of the wildlife. The quality and variety of the photos will determine what rewards the player receives. Some of the highest bonus payouts come from a good photo of the coveted lions. A photo of a zebra rewards the least amount of money. Bets start rather small at just .01 but rewards can be plenty.

Photo Safari by Play’n GO is a great game for the player that is starting out and looking for some easy, exciting fun. Bids are low, so there is little to lose but you can win some cash with various rewards. However, if you’re looking for a huge payout Photo Safari is more about providing entertainment.

Pearl Lagoon
by PlaynGo

Pearl Lagoon is a lovely video slot game played on a 5 reel, 20 line board with a variety of symbols that drop down to match up. Get three or more of the same symbol next to each other, either horizontally or diagonally, and you win!

Game Description
Tropical creatures and bright letters and numbers in a blue sea are the theme of this game. Crabs, turtles, and beautifully colored fish, as well as dolphins and animated oysters liven up this fun slot game. Smiling dolphins are wild and can be used for more than one winning combination at the same time. If you get two or more oysters anywhere on the board, that’s fifteen free spins! When you win, you have the opportunity to collect right away or gamble using a simple card game. The music is lively and evocative of sandy beaches, palm trees and azure waters.

This game does not require you to have only three horizontally matched to begin a win. You can have two on one line with a third on the line beneath and still win! If that third is a smiling dolphin, and you have two matching symbols beneath it, the wild dolphin will count towards both lines. When two or more oysters appear, a fifteen free spin sequence will begin, where prizes are worth triple! If you feel like adding even more spice to your game, you can choose to gamble your winnings using the mini-game. It’s a single card turn, and you can bet either five times or up to 2,500 coins on whether the card will be red or black, or a specific suit. The mini-game even keeps track of what cards have been dealt during that session so you can try to keep an eye on the odds!

Pearl Lagoon is an enchanting under the sea slot game sure to delight anyone who loves free slots and tropical vacation spots in paradise.

Gift Shop
by PlaynGo

The Gift Shop is a good place to go for free games because this game is a calm way of killing a little time. Anyone who wants a good game to play when they are bored should think of how they will be able to get the best gameplay experience from a game like this. The game is going to be very calm, and everyone who plays the game is going to have an easy time enjoying the game. The best part of the game is that it is completely simple.

Game Description
Gift Shop is a place where people shop for trinkets on their trips, and anyone who is shopping in the Gift Shop will have more fun because they are simply enjoying the gifts they find. All the gifts come together in rows that will pay off coins in the game, and extra spins come from the matches that are made. People will be able to pass the time by playing a simple game, and the game will help brighten up a day that has been filled with boring work.

The game has soft hues that are going to make it very easy to enjoy, and there are many times when the game is going to be more exciting because there are many colors in the game that make it easy to look at. The people that play these games are going to have more fun because the games are going to help make the day a little more fun.

Everyone who is looking for something that is going to make their day more fun should start with a way of making the day more exciting. Try this game online because it is free, and make sure that the game is being used to make the day more exciting. Someone who is looking forward to a little free time during the day should be able to play this game when they are looking for something to pass the time.

By Microgaming

Ariana is an online video pokie produced by Microgaming. Coins are earned when symbols land in winning combinations. These combinations are made either horizontally or vertically. All experienced gamers will be more than familiar with Ariana’s set up with 5 reels and 25 active paylines. Beginners should not be deterred, however. Ariana is a very simple, yet exciting game that has a very accessible and digestible format. Players from all different levels of skill will be hooked and may just have a new favorite pokie.

Game Description
Set in an underwater world where Ariana is the ruling mermaid queen, this online pokie takes players into a world beyond their wildest dreams. As is the case with many free games, the symbols used within the game are the highest ranking cards in a deck. This includes the nine, ten, jack, queen, king and ace. The rest of the symbols used on the reels correspond to the unique theme of the game. In this aquatic adventure, players will be spinning illuminated starfish, majestic seahorses and treasure chests full of gold and other valuables.

With a 3×5 reel with 25 active paylines, Ariana’s standard earnings are enough as it is. This game doesn’t stop there, however. With free spin rounds, wild features, expanding symbols as well as all other standard features, this game has several exciting bonuses and features. The coin ranges in this game are from a £0.25 minimum to a £125.00 maximum. This gives players a lot of freedom to choose how to play. With a 2,500 jackpot, Ariana has a lot to offer.

The free spin round is achieved by having three starfish appear on the reel. With the free spin rounds, a player has the opportunity to win up to 30,000 coins. As if that was not enough, when there are three matching symbols on the first reel, it will expand and create even more opportunities to earn extra coins.

Avalon 2
By Microgaming

The Avalon 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is one of the most popular games from Microgaming as it has been around for several years now. However, the second rendition of the game does bring about additional features. This includes games additional ways to win and an improved payback feature. In fact, it has one of the highest payback features of online of the funny games featuring online slots out there. At 98.5 percent, it is going to be hard to find any game that provides this sort of a payback opportunity. Now, for anyone who is looking to take advantage of this sort of a game, it is necessary to know more about Avalon 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game and how it provides desirable benefits for players.

Game Description
For starters, the game starts at a penny bet per pay line and it can increase to $30 per pay line. The Avalon 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game is a 5 reel game but it features a very large 243 pay line betting option. The previous version of the game only had 20 pay lines, so for those individuals who want to increase their chances of winning and have more payment opportunities, the Avalon 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game version is the best ay to go.

The scatter symbol is the Goblet and, should it appear at least three times, it is going to launch the bonus game. There are two parts to the bonus game. First, the player receives free spins based on their bet and the number of times the scatter icon appears. Should the Trailing Wild symbol appear during the free spins, it sends the player to the second level bonus game. There are all sorts of payout options and bonuses found here and a player can win an exceptional amount of money when playing here. This makes the Avalon 2 by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game well worth playing.

Twin $pin
By Netent

The Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game is an autoplay slots game that is rather straight forward. It does not have vary many features and it does not alter from one game to the next. this way, it is possible for players to follow through without much trouble, no matter how many times they have played free online slots with free spins. The game makes it possible to test out in order to make sure the player enjoys the game. If they like the game flow of the Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game, they can start to place bets and to check out the game.

Game Description
The overall betting range is rather small with the Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game. A player can start out with a .01 bet and increase all the way up to .50. With that being said though, the maximum bet per round is 125 pounds while the maximum win is 135,000 pounds, which is rather extensive. This way, a player can truly win a large jackpot, instead of the smaller jackpots on other games out there.

There are not that many bonus features on the game. In fact, there are no real bonus features with Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game. In genera, there is just a wild card feature. The wild card can be changed to any other icon on the Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game board. This way, a player holds a better chance at winning the game and increasing their winnings throughout the game. It is possible to land a wild card on any reel, and with three rows and five reels, this increases the chance of winning the Twin $pin by NetEnt Online Video Slots Game rather drastically. The game is on the larger side though, as it has 243 pay lines. This makes it great for players looking to increase their winning potential.

Tiki Wonders
Tiki Wonders is an online slot game played on a 3×5 grid. Tropical-vacation-themed symbols spin down in the grid forming winning combinations. Winning is achieved by getting three symbols in a row in one of the 30 horizontal lines. Any number between 1 and 30 lines can be activated, increasing the chances of winning combinations with the more activated lines.

Game Description
The theme of the game appears to be based on a tropical vacation as there are fruit cocktail drinks and tropical animals in the game. The animals are toucans, dolphins, sea turtles, and iguanas. If a win occurs with a tropical animal, the payout is higher than if a win occurs with a drink. This is an interesting game as there are special wild and scatter symbols which contain human characters: a hula girl and a tiki man. If either of the two human characters are part of a winning line they both “wake up” and are animated during the payout. A unique aspect of this casino game is how the jackpots are determined. Occasionally one or more of the symbols will have a flashing star on it, and if four of these stars show up on a line the Wonder Jackpot is won. Five of these stars will result in winning the Mega Wonder Jackpot.

Tiki Wonders includes a wild symbol (the tiki man). The wild symbol substitutes for any other symbol (except of the stars) to help with the completion of winning lines. The scatter symbol (the hula girl) will pay depending on how many symbols show up. A scatter win pays the total bet multiplied by a multiplier that increases exponentially if two, three, four, or five symbols appear. Additionally, if three or more symbols appear, free spins are awarded with payouts multiplied by three. An automated spin process is also available under the “Auto” button with 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 spins, and stop criteria can be set within the advanced settings.

Wild Rockets
by NetEnt

Wild Rockets one of Net Entertainment’s mighty slots games. It has an unusual inverted pyramid design: 5 reels of 3, 4, 5, 4 and 3 resulting in a grid that has 5 symbols in the top three rows, three symbols in row 4, and only one symbol on the bottom row. There are four levels, with coin values ranging from .01 to .50, resulting in a maximum bet of 100.00.

Game Description
Wild Rockets has a fun firecracker theme; the symbols include various types of firecrackers, as well as standard Ten-Ace symbols. The game has a massive 720 ways to win, and basically any time three of the same symbols show up on the grid in an adjacent reel, the player wins. Wild symbols are represented by an icon of rockets on the word ‘wild’ and can substitute for anything but the Scatter. When they appear, they blow up the symbols above or below them, depending on the direction of the rocket. This changes the affected symbols into wild symbols, increasing the possibility of a win.

The Scatter symbols is a box of green, blue, and purple rockets in a box. Three to five symbols on the board will activate the free spins. Three Scatters equals two coins and ten free spins, four Scatters equals twenty coins and 20 free spins, and five Scatters equals two hundred coins and fifty free spins. Free spins are played at whatever bet level the player had chosen prior to receiving the free spins and cannot be changed. A top win can result in the player receiving 480,000 coins.

The game has a fun free version, which players can use to learn how to play, or even just waste a little time. It also has a variety of game settings that allow the player to change the sounds and graphic quality, and to create a keyboard shortcut out of the spacebar. Game directions are easily accessed by clicking on the question mark at the bottom of the game table.

Girls with Guns Frozen Dawn
by Microgaming

The Girls with Guns franchise available through Microgaming is one of the most popular series available through the company. It has proven that people love to play with guns and beautiful women. With that being said, anyone who is looking to bet anywhere from a small amount to a large sum can do so with Frozen Dawn by Microgaming Online Video Slots Game.

Game Description
It is a five reel, 243 pay line game. This might attract some more individuals while turn some off from the game. It all comes down to personal choice. Beyond just the number of pay lines, it is possible to bet anywhere from a penny to five cents per coin on each pay line. This in turn is going to allow someone to make a maximum bet of $22.50 per round. This helps keep maximum bets low. With some games of its size, it is possible to bet several hundred dollars per round when betting the max on every pay line. Instead, the jackpot is 600 coins.

As for bonus features, the game does not have a progressive jackpot, which fans of Microgaming are going to find as standard. There is also no multiplier feature either. However, there is the ability to win free spins thanks to the scatter icon. The player can also load a bonus round while playing the free spins with the game.

Wild Blood
by PlaynGo

The world of Video Slots is filled with many wonderful option for those that are looking to play slots on a regular basis. The emergence of online casinos has massively increased the demand for new and exciting slot games. One of the latest slot game to hit the market is Wild Blood by PlaynGo. This new and exciting slot game is built around an extremely exciting theme, and has key bonus features that will keep players coming back for more.

Game Description
Wild Blood is a traditional slot game, which is built around a five reel, fifteen payline structure. The theme of this game is vampires and you are sure to enjoy playing this game. The theme of this game is apparent based on the graphics of this game. The background of this game gives off an extremely spooky and scary aura. The game also expresses its theme via its’ icons. The icons in this game feature several different vampires. You are sure to enjoy playing this spooky vampire based game.

There are several bonus features that make this game really shine. One of the most interesting bonus features in the game is the Pick the Blood feature. This feature activates whenever you get three blood vial icons on the reels. When this happens you have the opportunity to select a vial and when either more prize money or free spins. Another important feature of this game is the expanding wild feature. The wild icon in this game can sub in for any other icon in the game, except for the scatter icon. When the wild icon appears and forms a winning combination, that wild becomes an expanding wild. Meaning that the wild will spread and potentially increase your winnings significantly. This bonus feature is extremely impressive, as it increases your opportunity to win. The bonus features really make this game shine and you are sure to love playing this game. Wild Blood is extremely well designed and you definitely need to check it out.

Enchanted Crystals
by PlaynGo

When it comes to playing free slots online, the most important feature is to not only enjoy the slots game, but to find one that has a rather small house edge. The house is always going to have an edge with the slots, but as many individuals have found out, if they play more often, they are more likely to strike it big to make up for the negative rounds. The Enchanted Crystals by PlaynGo Online Video Slots has a desirable betting percentage, as the house edge is just 3.28 percent. This shows there is a rather nice possibility of winning money. It is a larger online slot game, so that should always be considered. Beyond this though, there are some desirable features available on the game.

Game Description
For starters, the Enchanted Crystals by PlaynGo Online Video Slots is a 5 reel, 243 pay line game. This gives all sorts of winning potential to players who like this sort of game. It is possible to bet anywhere from 20 cents to $50 per pay line. With the higher betting amounts, there is also a larger max jackpot, which sits at 22,500 coins. This means, if someone were to win off of the max bet, they can walk away with $110,000. Not a bad lump sum of money for making a $50 bet.

Outside of the betting amount and reels, it is possible to win 12 additional bonus spins by seeing at least three of the scatter icons in one play. During the 12 bonus spins a 2x multiplier is enabled. Of course, if a player wins the jackpot of the Enchanted Crystals by PlaynGo Online Video Slots during the 2x multiplier, it doubles the output to $220,000. So, for someone who wants to play a game that only has a slight house edge and gives a nice way to win, the Enchanted Crystals by PlaynGo Online Video Slots is an excellent option for everyone.

Miss Midas
by Microgaming

Miss Midas is a new and exciting online slot by Microgaming which is built around the theme of the legendary King Midas. This exciting slot game, perfectly executes its theme, while still having amazing bonus features.

Game Description
The theme of Miss Midas is built around the legendary myth of King Midas. King Midas was supposed to be able to turn whatever he touched into gold. This was a very powerful myth for many people and you are sure to remember this wonderful theme. One of the best ways that the game expresses the theme is through its icons. Many of the icons in this game give off an aura of Greek mythology, and one of the most important icons in the game is one of Miss Midas herself. The background of the game also expresses the theme. Overall players should feel completely immersed in the theme of this exciting slot game.

One of the most important parts of any slot game is the bonus features. Bonus features often make or break a slot game, and the bonus features in Miss Midas are extremely well made. One of the most important features in Miss Midas is the Wild feature. The wild icon in this game is Miss Midas herself and when Miss Midas lands and wins you something, she has the special ability of turning the icons next to her into gold. This is an extremely cool and exciting bonus feature because it allows the player to rack up extremely large wins. Another extremely important bonus feature is the free spins feature.

This feature allows players to unlock a great deal of extra spins and possible win even more. Miss Midas also includes the SuperBet feature. This feature allows you to make extremely high bets and potentially win a great deal more than you would playing normally. The bonus features in this game, along with the high quality theme, make this a game worth checking out today.

Battlestar Galactica
by Microgaming

Battlestar Galactica, a sci-fi production and online slot, remains one of the most well-liked Microgaming slots. Glen Larson developed it firstly. Elementarily, it is based on a television series tale that commenced in mid-1978. Over time, the tale has been retold in diverse board games, comics, video games, novels, and now, Battlestar Galactica. The online slot presents players with 243 pathways to victory. It is devoid of pay-lines. Instead, players place own bets on having matching emblems, or symbols, on bordering reels. The players find the slot rather intricate but get pleasure from its great sounds along with graphics.

Game Description
Battlestar Galactica supports coins with diverse sizes, ranging between $0.2 and $0.01. In any given spin, a player can bet at most ten coins. The ceiling bet has been capped at $300. The players most likely to draw marked pleasure from the game are the ones preferring assortments of average sized and rather recurrent wins. When playing the slot, players’ eyes are fixed on the ultimate 6,000-coin payout.

It appears that its developers at Microgaming took various prompts from games that allow individuals to head up own levels while playing. Every level discloses a fresh video panorama, or scene. The disclosure ensures that the game is exceedingly entertaining. Players adopt a Run form, or mode, or a Flight form when engaging in the game. Notably, the Run form has emblems that transform other reel-borne emblems, completing fruitful combinations. In the Flight form, every emblem can turn wild arbitrarily.

Either of the forms provides five gratis spins when the extra round is underway. The spins allow players to tear wilds when the round of Flight form gratis spins is underway. As well, all through the Run form, every winning permutation pays rightwards and leftwards, allowing players more openings to seize winnings. All people enjoy Battlestar Galactica regardless of whether they have modest civilian competencies or admiral skills. One progresses through the ranks over time.

Thrill Spin
by NetEnt

The free games offered by NetEnt all are of topnotch quality. One game in particular has become one of the most praised games that is offered by this site. This game is called the Thrill Spin. This is a 5 reel game that includes 15 playlines. Every slot machine offered by this site has a particular theme. The theme included in the Thrill Spin slot machine game is an amusement park theme that entrances the users. This carnival park theme is both simple and very enticing towards users. One of the best features offered by this game are the free spin options. This game offers up to 15 free spins which can increase the overall jackpot.

Game Description
The amusement park themed slot machine game has been raved about by users. This game offers up to 15 free spins that are triggered by the scatter symbols. The wild symbol too optimizes the potential for earning money. A user, with the help of this roller coaster symbol, can double the potential earnings.

This slot machine keeps all users completely entertained, especially through the graphic symbols that are used. Some of the symbols include a haunted house as well has a man holding balloons. This eloquently keeps up with the carnival theme.

One of the most positive things about playing this game is the bonus features that are offered that increase the value of the potential earnings by doubling the amount. Hands down that coolest part of playing this game are the graphics. These graphics are topnotch that enhance the overall experience of playing the game.

The only downside to playing this game is that though the potential of hitting the jackpot is high, often enough the money count is not that high in the jackpot. If the user truly wants to make big money, the bonus features will be needed. Despite this, if a user likes a simple yet fun game, then this is the perfect game to take part in.

by NetEnt

This is a brand new five-reel slot with massive 243 different ways to win set in a way that they cannot be adjusted. Its bet levels are a way in which players adjust the number of coins in the video slot which runs from one to ten. It is operated by pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

Game Description
The biggest attraction to this game is the free spins which is triggered by three or more golden wreath symbols which are designed to reflect the battlefield of gladiators. The free spins raises the suspense of the players as every win is tripled with a x3 multiplier with the best battler winning up to 25 additional spins in the free spins mode.

With bet levels running from one to ten, the players can bet according to the coin value with the available coin values being 1 cents, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents. The minimum bet at 243 win ways is 0.25 euros being the addition of bet level 1 and the coin value of 1 cent. On the other hand, the maximum bet at 243 win ways is 125 euros being the sum of bet level 10 and coin value of 50 cents.

The game has the wild symbols which appear on reels 2 and 4 making them attractive as they can replace other symbols hence completing a winning combination and thus providing extra winnings. Free spins round is activated when the player gets 3 or more symbols on random places on the reels as the free games continues running from the left most reel to the right one. The paytable button when pressed reveals an overview of all the winning symbol combinations and their payouts.
This game is said to be among the best video slot especially the powerful imagery and the accompanying sounds which make the players want more victory experience hence wanting more and more. It is not a game for the faint hearted though.

Hot Ink
by Microgaming

Hot Ink by Microgaming offers 1024 total different ways to win. The video game uses a four by five reel grid and players can obtain jackpots when symbols line up correctly from left to right. The game provides a chance to win free spins and to participate in a bonus game in which bonus wins are multiplied by the total bet staked. A special re-spin feature permits players to spin only one reel individually when placing additional bets.

Game Description
This game features a tattoo parlour theme, with a tattoo artist and two women called “Luci” and “Angel”. Two fish function as a scatter symbol and the “Hot Ink” logo acts as a wild symbol, substituting to any other symbol except scatter. The icons animate suddenly when wins occur in an excellent visual display.

People who play online slots free will enjoy this game, which offers 20 free spins with all wins doubled whenever three or more scatter symbols appear on the screen. A bonus game also provides a chance to win ten free spins with a doubled multiplier.

The game menu outlines a variety of detailed ways to win. The Luci and Angel icons each pay 705 coins when five of the same symbols line up across an active payline. These two icons can be combined in a “mixed pay” mode to pay 500 coins for five across an enabled pay line. Other symbols in the pokie offer different amount: five tattoo chairs pay 300 coins, five open tattoo parlour doors pay 200 coins, and five of the fish pay 100 coins. Under certain conditions, with all pay lines activated, the fish icons during free spins pay 100,000 coins. As few as three identical icons will pay lesser jackpots, so Hot Ink provides a number of ways to win.

The impressive animation of the visual imagery during winning combinations helps enliven the game. This pokie offers a lot of fun and excitement.

by Microgaming

The new real money slots offered by Microgaming are all so innovative with creative themes and story-lines that are tied through the symbols and through the audio and visual effects. Octopays in particular is a great and new game that has been turning heads. This new slot game, instead of being traditional, revolves around the wild symbol as well as free spins. This 5 reel game offers 243 ways to win. One of the coolest things about this new game is that it has a mysterious and fun undersea theme. This is a new version of what Microgaming wants to offer which is a cut down version of their other games.

Game Description
Octopays is an underwater themed game offered by Microgaming. This new game is a 5 reel game and is a trimmed version of what they have offered in the past. The reputation of Microgaming continues to be extremely respected regarding their fantastic use of graphics and animation.

What this new game does not offer are a scatter symbol, a jackpot, or any type of bonus features. What the game does feature are the free spins as well as the wild symbols. The symbol that represents the free spins is the kraken, a very sea oriented mystical creature.

The Wild symbols are represented by the baby octopus. The wild symbol is secondary to the free spin symbol, however it does still play a very important role in winning the game. This wild symbol can be triggered on reel 2 or 4. This cool new feature shows the innovation that went along with making this online slot machine. The free spins were designed to be the center of this game. With the free spins, the payout of this game can be up to 290,000 coins. In addition to the kraken and the octopi symbols holding a very important role, the moray eel is also very important. This creature decides the multiplier for each spin.

Lady of Fortune
Lady of Fortune is a 5 reel online slots game. It is played with up to 15 lines activated in numerical order and allows you to bet up to 5 coins per line. Symbols are rotated in the grid to form combinations along each individual line. A win occurs when having the same symbols of a kind on a line.

Game Description
The theme of the game is luck as the symbols are items considered lucky, i.e. shooting stars, horseshoes, dice, etc. The graphics and animation are simple yet visually appealing and compliment the gameplay, which holds a fun, casual atmosphere. The namesake Lady of Fortune is a bonus symbol and getting three bonus symbols will bring up the Pick-a-Prize bonus which allows you to choose one of the bonus symbols to reveal your prize. Along with the Lady of Fortune there are four different wild symbols which are bonus multipliers of 2, 3, 4 and 5. A wild symbol takes the place of another reel symbol and will pay out the prize multiplied by the number on the wild symbol.

Once the player has won their coins they have the option of trying to multiply their winnings by going to the Gamble section. The Gamble section gives you a chance to double or quadruple your winnings up to five times per gamble. Alternatively, if a player chooses not to use the Gamble option they can just collect their winnings and continue playing normally.

There is also an Auto Play feature which allows the player to play automatically in increments of 10 up to 50 total rounds. During this time the game will also automatically collect the winnings for the player. The positive feature of this option is that there are options to stop auto play if the player wins which allows them to play the Gamble option if desired, as well as the options of stopping after receiving a bonus round or if their winnings increase or decrease by an amount chosen by the player.

By NetEnt

Starburst is an online pokie produced by NetEnt. As the name suggests, Starburst boasts a highly illuminated and glittery arcade style theme that is sure to captivate the attention of any serious online gambler. With 3 rows and 5 reels, there is a total of 15 symbols that appear and are randomized each spin. Coins are earned when particular symbols are put into winning combinations. These combinations can be achieved horizontally or vertically. Regardless of any pokie a player has used before, after trying Starburst, they will definitely be coming back for more.

Game Description
With purple and yellow diamonds, blue squares as well as several other gem-like symbols, NetEnt has definitely created a unique experience with Starburst unlike other free casino slot games. Enchanting music plays in the background as players will be spell-bound by the colors and effects of this game. The reels are displayed amongst a captivating purple canvas. The display of Starburst is something truly unique and to be appreciated.

Although there is not a progressive jackpot, players will not be at a loss for potential earnings with this online pokie. With 5 reels, 10 active paylines and maximum coins of 100, Starburst boasts a 2,500 coins jackpot as well as a $2,500 cash jackpot. The maximum amount of betting a player can do per spin is $100.00 while the minimum amount is $.01.

One of the most unique as well as popular features of Starburst is its interesting spin on the classic Wild feature. Instead of simply acting like a normal Wild, the Starburst Wild, as the call it, does so much more. It appears only on the reels 2, 3 and 4, but when it does, it expands take up the whole entire reel. Better yet, not only does the Starburst wild expand the whole reel, but it also unlocks a respin each time it appears. Players can earn up to 5 respins, no more.

Hunt for Gold
If you ever desire to play slots for fun then Hunt for Gold is the game you are seeking. The Hunt for Gold is an exciting jackpot slots game that will entertain you for hours to come. It is a triple jackpot slots game that allows players to play incredibly low bets. Hunt for Gold a video slot that is 5 reel and contains 5 paylines. Players enjoy the video slots and they love the change to win at three different jackpots. The Hunt for Gold has a unique pirate theme they is enhanced and can be seen while playing slots.

Game Description
There are various symbols that will be seen throughout the game including the number seven, grapes, cherries, various fruit icons, and bells. Throughout the game the player will see other symbols. Sometimes the symbols or icons will be scattered. Scattered icons are indicated by a chest symbol. If a player receives five chest symbols anywhere on the reel, then the player will get s bonus. This is called the Dynamite Bonus which allows players to open four chest by using sticks of dynamite. The bonuses will includes up to ten times the bet or more.

There is a second scattered symbol that will lead the player to another bonus round. This symbol is golden rings. When a player gets three or more golden rings then the player will get to go Tasty Jackpot, Dream Chance Jackpot, or Luxury Jackpot. The Jackpot rounds have money wheels. If a player lands on the correct soot on the money wheel then the player wins the jackpot. If a player does well enough they can move up to other Jackpots during the bonus rounds. Experienced players know that sometimes it is not easy to land the prizes. The prizes are exceptional so some players can’t resisting being high. It is known by many that the triple progressive jackpot can be difficult to win. Take your try at all the wonderful prizes.

Mystique Grove Slot Game
By Microgaming
The Mystique Grove video slot from Microgaming has a one bonus feature which is not really something that this company frequently creates. In most cases, Microgaming offers more bonus features, but even so, the Mystique Grove game is certainly worth taking a look at.

Game Description
Mystique Grove actually comes with more than 200 ways to win; so that makes it quite interesting. The graphics are fun and interesting to watch, and this eye candy can keep you playing for a while, especially when you are a novice player. The symbols are fashioned after a mystical theme, with a magical forest and every other creature that might be in this type of fantasy setting. By the same token, the sounds are also themed to the game play, which makes for a more interesting approach compared to the more conventional slot game and mystical and the payouts are pretty good too.

When scatter symbols come up on the reels the bonus round triggers and you can pick the colorful flowers to collect prizes. If you happen to get a prize that lays under the flower, the game adds it to the feature win. However, if you get a “Collect” under a flower your feature is over. Despite the sole bonus feature there are 5 kind of wins here which can lead to a nice pay out. It’s this that can compensate for the slight routine feel to the game.

The Play
Players can test or play a free game for a time before they decide to add money to the pot. To explore the trees, the fantastic being and the interesting mushrooms, you’ll need to first make your bet. These icons, +/-, modify the coin value you use, which can range from 0.01 to 1. Once you’ve placed your bet you can click the “Spin” button and “Bet Max” if you want. If you want to continue playing at the same bet amount for a preset number of times you can choose the “Expert” setting and then “Autoplay.”

Icy Wonders
By NetEnt

Icy Wonders is a winter-themed online pokie produced and created by Netent. Players will be familiar with the layout but also interested in the unique design that Icy Wonders has in comparison to other free games. The game features a standard 3 reel with 5 column slot layout giving players 15 symbols to spin randomly. The winners earn coins based when the symbols land in winning combinations. These winning combinations can be achieved vertically or horizontally.

Game Description
The minimum bet that a player can make each spin is €0.01 while the maximum tops out at €60 per spin. This allows players a large range of possible betting options depending on how lucky the are feeling at the moment. Players also have the option to put the game on autoplay which is another feature that gives players a more customized experience. With the autoplay feature, players have the option of choosing from 10, 25, 50, 75 or 100 automatic spins. All of these automatic spins come complete with a preset total bet.

One of the most popular features of Icy Wonders is the wild feature. This bonus feature is represented by the symbol of a whale and provides players with a great opportunity to win some major coins. This symbol has the amazing capability of replacing all other symbols in the game. Unfortunately, the only exceptions to this rule include the scatter, bonus and jackpot icons. All players will be more than happy to find out that 5 or more of these symbols can win them up to 7500 coins. Another amazing feature offered in Icy Wonders is the free spin features that are unlocked when 3, 4 or 5 scatter icons appear on the reel. The scatter icons are represented by an Eskimo woman. This symbol can unlock up to 30 free spins and a 3x multiplier. A fun bonus game can be unlocked by getting 3 or more penguins on the reels.

Piggy Riches Offered
by NetEnt

When looking for the best games online, the pig theme is hands down the best theme to be created by NetEnt. NetEnt has created a brand new and innovative game called Piggy Riches which is about rich piggies who decide to have fun. These little piggies have decided to share all their riches with the users of the game through the bonus features and high rate of wins. When playing this game, the user can get up to 28 free spins which can increase the chance of winning a larger bet. This game is a 5 reel game with 15 paylines that captivate every single user who decides to play this game.

Game Description
The theme of this new and innovative game can easily be guessed to be a pig themed slot machine game. These rich piggies have decided that they want to share their winnings to each of the users through this 5 reel game. This game does have the traditional symbols such as the wild symbols as well as the scatter symbols.

Mr. Piggy, in this instance represents the wild symbol which can replace any other symbol to create a winning combination. The only symbol that Mr. Piggy cannot replace is the scatter symbol, which in this game is played by the Lady Piggy. The benefit of triggering the scatter symbol is that it triggers the free spin bonus feature. This increases the jackpot for the user. This game offers up to 28 free spins that give the user of this slot machine a huge chance of winning.

This slot machine is one of the best slot machines to play because, although it is a classic slot machine game, the graphics are stunningly real. Everything seems real in this game from the graphics to the animation to even the sound. Every player has a chance to win this game although it is unlikely that the payoff will be high unless the bonus features are triggered.

by NetEnt
Thunderfist Video slots game by Net Entertainment comprises of a ninja subject and is an extremely hilarious game. This game is played in 243 win directions rather than win lines. Due to this, a player is able to get many winning opportunities.

Game Description
The game has a theoretic payoff percentage of 96.7%.Thunderfist is a video slots type of casino game and features 3 rows, 243 win ways and 5 different reels. The video slots also have Free Spins, Multiplier as well as stacked Wilds.

The Thunderfist casino game comprises of win ways but not win lines. It has 243 win ways in total, which gives a player great chances of winning. An interesting additional feature is that, once a player presses one symbol whilst playing the game, it comes to life. This game has Stacked Wilds as well as Free Spins for even additional wins.

The Stacked Wild icons appear on every reel. These Stacked Wilds comprises of 1, 2, or 3 icons. Once a player gets a Stacked Wild of 3 icons, it is going to cover the whole reel and therefore raise their chances of winning. This is because they are able to substitute for every symbol apart from scatters. This way, they complete the symbol combinations thus increase a player’s winning possibilities. Stacked Wilds might also show up all through the Free Spins function.

The Scatter Symbols trigger Free Spins. Once a player gets 3 scatters, they will receive 10 Free Spins; 4 scatters will give them 15 Free Spins, and 5 scatters will net them 20 Free Spins. All through the Free Spins function a player’s winnings are multiplied with a random multiplier. This might fall between 2X and 5X. The Free Spins are going to be played using the same stake, which was used when the Free Spins were triggered.
The Thunderfist free slot game is played using a collection of 243 win ways. A player is able to set the stake level as well as coin value by themselves when playing this game.

Space Wars
By NetEnt

Space Wars is a video slots game played online. Symbols appear on five reels with four visible rows each. Players win when the same symbol appears in three or more adjacent columns. Matching symbols do not need to appear in the same row. Instead, they must fit one of several designated alignment patterns. It is possible to win with more than one pattern on a single spin.

Game Description
Space Wars is a science-fiction themed game. The background is decorated with stars and nebulae, and the game features an exciting orchestral soundtrack. For symbols, the app uses a series of colorful cartoon aliens. The aliens are said to be fighting for control of a powerful crystal, which also appears as a symbol in the game. After matching three or more symbols, the winning characters appear in a “cloning pod” to the right of the grid. The player then receives a free re-spin, in which the cloned character has an increased likelihood of appearing. After a large enough win, the player is shown a short video featuring one of the characters.

Bets and earnings are measured in virtual coins, which can be exchanged for currency. Players also have the option of playing for free without the potential to receive payment. The game features an autoplay mode, which allows players to play several spins with a single click. Autoplay can be set to deactivate when a player wins or loses a specific amount.

There are several factors which determine the player’s reward for a win. Each character has its own coin value. The crystal is the rarest and most valuable symbol in the game. As more of a pattern is completed, the player’s reward increases. There is a wild symbol, which only appears in the second and fourth reels. The wild symbol can substitute for any other symbol in the game. Only one type of character can be counted for each win. If more than one winning combination is possible, only the combination with the highest payout will be counted.

Wild Water
by NetEnt
Wild Water is a video Slots game and among many other casino games by NetEnt developed on the basis of surfers/1960s theme. This game has 3 bonus modes comprising of 2 cash bonus options where a player is able to win a maximum of 200 times their stake. Nevertheless, this game precisely involves Free Spins mode where a player is able to get a maximum of 60 free spins as well as receive expanding wilds, which enables the player to get wild reels.

Game Description
Wild Water is an average variance NetEnt slots machine game, which has 5 reels plus 20 pay lines. This game can be played from as low as 20p to as high as 100 Sterling ponds. Its design is based on a theme of 60s beach since a player sees surfers, hippie vacationer van as well as palm trees. The background music is a bit suggestive of Beach Boys since the music played is somehow cheesy.

The game has stacked surfer icons that show up in base game and 5 surfers are used. A player is able to activate 2 cash bonus options in base game using the 5 surfer icons. One is also able to win 20X their stake while in Surf’s Up Bonus mode once any set of 5 surfer icons covers 5 reels.

Nevertheless, Surf Team Bonus facet is highly lucrative since a player is able to win a whopping 200X their stake- they need to obtain all 5 distinct stacked surfer icons so as to cover all the 5 reels. This will not be activated too often as expected although some players trigger it 3 times during their session playing Wild Water.

The greatest bonus option is Free Spins option-a player is able to trigger this feature once they obtain at least 3 Surfer scatter icons any place on reels (it is one surfer icon). 3 icons will award a player with 15 free spins, 4 icons with 30 free spins while 5 icons reward a lavish 60 free spins.

Football Star
by Microgaming

Football Star free slots online game is filled with many intriguing features. The Football Star logo itself is a wild symbol. The symbol can be used as a replacement for the other symbols in the game to form winning combinations. It has five reels that will allow more chances to win the online slot game. The striking wild feature will emerge occasionally in the game. A Football Star will appear and strike a strong shot at one of the five reels and then turn the whole reel wild. All the winnings symbols will burst out in a circular fire that will explode and then the symbol will disappear. Then other symbols will appear after the reels roll. This will create many possibilities for a repeated win on the very same spin.

Game Description
The Football Star slot machine symbols consist of five Football Star player images in an action move. The passing player, heading player, defending player, and shooting player. The football player will animate for a more interesting and entertaining game. The images of the referee, a red football jersey, a pair of football shoes and a football stadium also appear in this fun filled football online slot game. The football image is a scattered symbol. Football Star has the feel and theme of a real football game.

The Football Star game is a thrilling experience for slot lovers as well as those who have an admiration and love of the game. The slot machine features are outstanding and it includes 243 ways to win the game. It also has a multiplier trail. Players who can get 3 matching symbols from left to right will be able to earn a payout. The various pays that a player can earn are listed in the paytable of the slot game. This will allow the player to easily view the paytable by just simply clicking on the View Pays button. Players will feel the roaring excitement of the game.

by NetEnt
Dracula by NetEnt is one of their newest release online mighty slots games. It has five reels and four rows, with forty set paylines. Coin values start at .01 and max out at 1.00, with 20 levels, and a maximum bet of $200, this game has a higher max than most online slots. It also has Wild, Stacked Wild, Free Spins and Bat features.

Game Description
Dracula is based on Bram Stoker’s version, and has a dramatic, supernatural feel. The symbols include a Jack-Ace set, which pay the lowest amount. It also has Dracula, the Lady, an older lady, a gentleman and a young boy on the higher paying symbols. In a nice touch, each time you click the spin button bats explode from it.

The game includes both a wild symbol (a large red W), and a stacked wild feature, which can substitute for any other symbol. The stacked wild symbol has the highest payout in the game. Free spins are triggered when the Dracula appears fully stacked on reel 2, in combination with the Lady appearing fully stacked on reel 4. This gives the player a total of 10 free spins. Free spins are automatically played at the level the player bet when they received the free spin, and cannot be modified.

Dracula also has a random Bat feature, when activated bats land on the reels and turn them into a randomly selected symbol. This can be any of the existing symbols, including the Wild symbol. Players will see the bat feature coming when Dracula, on the left side of the board, suddenly starts raging and then explodes into a field of bats.
The autoplay allows players to set from 10 to 1000 plays, with manually set advanced features that stop the autoplay when certain criteria arise, such as a large win, or a large increase or decrease in cash. The game also has settings to mute the sound, lower the graphics quality, or change the spacebar into a keyboard shortcut.

Finer Reels of Life
by Microgaming

Finer Reels of Life gives you a glance into a life of luxury. This one of many free slot machines gives you a glance into a life that is filled with riches and lavishness. The wagers for this game are low which allows players to play the game longer. With bonuses, your low wager can turn into huge payouts if you are lucky.

Game Description
This 5 reel slot game was created by casino developer Micrograming. This video slot game has a whooping 243 pay lines. You can obtain a win if the specified symbols connect with each other in a line form. This base win will trigger a nice little payout but for the higher payout, you will need to reveal a special symbol. For example the Finer Reels of Life slot logo pays 1,500 and five diamonds renders a payout of 750 coins.

The Finer Reels of Life slot is also packed with bonuses, scatter symbols, wild symbols, and free spins. There are five bonus games that can be received through this slot. A finer feature is a bonus game that is activated by revealing three scatter symbols. The prize received for winning this bonus game will be a 5x multiplier and free spins in a certain round. All of the other bonus games have similar prizes and are played almost the same way. You are able to trigger bonus rounds an unlimited amount of times.


Finer Reels of Life is riddled with luxury items such as expensive chocolate, cigars, brandy, dinner cheese plates, champagne, and diamonds. All of these items are used to help give a feel of luxury. Though this is a luxury themed game you are able to bet low. Your wagers can range from .01 to 10 coins on each play. There is a 7.50 credit maximum wager for this game. There is a jackpot payout during the prime game that rewards players 7,500 coins. During the bonus features a player has the ability to cash in on a 1,800,000 jackpot coin payout.

Zeus’s Slots 777 Casino Deluxe
By the whiskers of Zeus, Vegas’s slot craze has taken over Olympus. Zeus, the God of the Sky gives you the best of Vegas style casino and slots games and slot machines completely FREE! Why would you want to travel to Los Vegas when we can bring Las Vegas to you? Have your very own Vegas casino experience by playing Zeus’s Slots 777 Casino Deluxe. You are able to win towering cash as bonus and make yourself a fortune in the free, fun Zeus Slots Casino of Olympus, which has bonus games. Experience the mystical, magical, powerful coins as Zeus rains them down, along with huge payouts. You can double your bet and beat the house with prizes and bonus games in our slots bonanza.

Game Description
Theme and Developer:
The theme of this game is Zeus’s Olympus Casino. All levels in the game have scenery of a casino machine and is virtually a real-life casino. The developer of this game is AppTempo, LLC. The company is the creators and developers of many other Slots Casino games and Geometry Warrior.

Game Play:
To play this game, all you do is spin the wheel. After that, you spin the bonus wheel, hit the jackpot and win a huge fortune. Then play it over and over again, it never gets boring! By the way, did we mention that this game is absolutely, 100% free? Download it today!

Special Features:
This game features 12 fun-filled slot casinos in 1 game. It also has HD Graphics and is absolutely free to play with no internet connection required. There is a bonus game included, which is “Guess what is in the magic box”. There is also an in house bank, just in case you go broke!

Recent Improvements/Updates:

There has recently been a bug fix in the app and 12 new and fun slots rooms available. You can unlock these slot rooms and get bonus credits every hour. There is also a exciting new High Roller game that has tons of astonishing challenges and jaw-dropping rewards. This High Roller game is called Riches of Cleopatra! Also, the slot machines now offer better payouts than they ever did before!

Party like a rock star and make all of your Los Vegas dreams come true. Download Zeus’s Slots 777 Casino Deluxe absolutely free today and live out your dreams of becoming a Slots King/Queen!

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