Drake Donates $1 Million After his Big Win on Stake.com

Drake Donates US$1 Million in Bitcoin from Stake.Com Win to the LJF Foundation

Drake, the platinum-winning hip-hop star, is once again working God’s Plan, pun intended. The star is throwing down big wagers on the roulette wheel, and he is giving back to the community and his fans just as much as he won. This time, he is doing it with none other than the Basketball star, LeBron James.

The Champagne Papi Wins It Big on Roulette Black 11 Bet

Drake, also known as Champagne Papi on Twitter, has made a huge donation over the weekend. He has donated well over one million dollars in Bitcoin. The donation was made to the LeBron James Family Foundation. It is a foundation that focuses on charitable efforts that aim to help underprivileged students, as well as other charitable initiatives. Drake has done that with collaboration and partnership with the biggest Bitcoin gambling platform, Stake.com. It is an online gambling house that allows for Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency wagers. Drake has been recently posting a lot of photos and images of his placing bets at his favorite games on this platform, even before announcing a partnership. The winning wager was on Black 11, and with the odds of such a bet when it hit, Champagne Papi racked in the dough.

Drake Donates Part of his Stake.com Winnings to the LJF Foundation

LeBron James was a part of it, too, joining the Canadian star in Toronto on Friday to help usher in this fantastic gesture, hitting up a fancy restaurant called harbor 60. However, it was not just these two megastars, as Drake had a big surprise for a specific high school basketball player from the Royal Crown Academy named Michael. He was on his way to college, and Drake decided to give him a proper sendoff by donating $100,000 to his mom and him.

Drake and his posse were able to catch this sweet, emotional moment on camera as well. It was reminiscent of what he did years ago when he was giving cash out to strangers, and it was just as emotional. It is an extremely touching story, and it is very good to see Drake turning his time gambling on Stake.com into a pay-it-forward gesture. This gesture did not only benefit him but the people and community around him as well.

Drake and Stake.com Casino – a Fruitful Partnership to Everyone

Drake has previously announced that he will team with Stake for a live betting event. All of the winnings from this streaming event will go to his fans. This Wednesday, the hip-hop star posted a video of him on Instagram showing off his biggest hit ever after placing the massive bet on Black 11 on the roulette table. He said in the video that anytime he is blessed; Drake believes that it is good karma and that he needs to transfer it to others. He said that he, along with the owner of Stake.com, Eddie Miroslav, will donate the money before this school year is done.

The artist said that he, along with Eddie from Stake, will dedicate a million dollars to the I Promise School. The I Promise School is a part of the charitable effort by the LeBron James Foundation.  LeBron James is the founder, the Lakers star, back in 2018, in his hometown in Ohio, Akron. Commenting on this donation, LeBron James expressed his gratitude, saying that his kids are going to go crazy. He added that this donation would surely help the program and help provide year-round resources and access to opportunities for inner-city families and students.


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