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It is urging them to develop strategies that will aid them in dealing with the unforeseen consequences of the no-deal Brexit.

Brexit or No-Deal Brexit is a hot topic in the United Kingdom, with the set date for Brexit at the end of this month. The implication of this affects all sorts of matters within the UK, and this includes horse racing. Therefore the Thoroughbred Industries Brexit group has issued a clear warning to the local industry. The notice stated that they should boost the plans to be able to fend off the negative impact of the no-deal Brexit on the industry. The warning comes less than 30 days to the planned United Kingdom exit from the European Union.

The Warning of the Thoroughbred Industries Group

According to the group, the companies that are active in the Irish and British racing industry are going to suffer from a great blow. They are going to get that significant blow if the UK government fails to come in agreement with the leaders of the EU. The exit of the United Kingdom is set to take place on the 31st of October. On the other, the political situation is still unpredictable and turbulent. Therefore, there are not any clear decisions regarding the matter.

For that same reason, the Thoroughbred Industries group is warning the leading key players in the industry. It is urging them to develop strategies that will aid them in dealing with the unforeseen consequences of the no-deal Brexit. The group also painted out some focus areas in its statement. They include special transportation requirements and permits, new tariffs on sales, and data sharing procedures between the UK and EU regulatory bodies.

What can happen if No-Brexit becomes a Reality?

The free movement of jockeys and their horses between France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom will not be permitted.  Before the Brexit, jockeys, and horses were free to go between these three counties without any special regime. According to reports, as per the current regulations, in 2017 alone, racehorses traveled between these countries’ borders over 26000 times. Therefore, in the case no-deal Brexit happens, the industry is going to suffer a great blow, which will inevitably impact the 15000 race meetings that take place across the United Kingdom.

At this moment, the racing industry in Britain heavily depends on the importation of Irish horses. It also depends significantly on the Irish Jockeys’ participation in the United Kingdom races. These are only some of the reasons why a no-deal Brexit can have catastrophic results on the horse racing sector in the United Kingdom.



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